[Top 10] Factorio Best Blueprints

Factorio Best Blueprints

Factorio is a manufacturing optimization game, developed by Wube Software, where you are stranded on an unknown planet. Your goal is to work your way up from almost nothing and launch a satellite into orbit while doing your best at not getting eaten alive by the inhabitants of the planet. This list will go through some of the must have blueprints and blueprint books from the community:

10. Smelter Layout

A nicely balanced furnace layout to turn iron ore into iron plates and then instantly into steel

Mining the raw materials is not that hard compared to smelting them, with the "Smelting Book" Blueprint Book, you will have access to all the basic and advanced smelting setups to build up the backbone of your factory!

  • The Book includes blueprints to Iron/Copper plates, Stone bricks and even Steel production
  • You will have the perfect, easily upgradable setup for all 3 levels of furnaces
  • Includes plans for Yellow/Red/Blue belts and Beacons too


9. Tileable Science Production

A not very efficient nor tileable but functional red science factory

We all know that Science Production is the most important part of the game to progress through the tech tree and unlock more and more upgrades to reach our final goal. With "Tileable Science Production" you can have an early to mid game setup to supply all your research!

  • Modular design letting you to easily expand the production
  • Each tile can output 0.75 science packs per second if you have enough input for them (1.5/s for Red and Green)
  • Easily visible and marked input and output points


8. Wall and Turret Layout

The 3 types of turrents firing probably at some biters

By this point you must have had your fair share of attacks by the natives of this planet. You must protect yourself and your factory from the biters, which you can do easily by using "Wall Book" and some of your drones!

  • Modular blueprints to make expansions fast and easily
  • Options for both Laser and Normal Turrets and Flame Throwers
  • Includes prints with Artillery and also Rails


7. Tileable Railways Book

Several lines or rails segmented and filled with trains

Manually building your long railways quickly becomes a repetitive task. The best option to ease the monotonous process is “10 Books Full of Rails”.

  • Easily tileable and understandable blueprints.
  • Blueprints come equipped with signals and everything you could ever need.
  • Easily pastable and buildable with portable roboport.


6. Power Book

Early game steam engine setup

Having a solid supply of electricity is necessary to complete your goals. With “Power Book” you will not have to worry about power any longer in your games.

  • Power Book will guide you through the early, mid and late game.
  • Has all types of power production.


5. All Circuit Books

Production lines for all 3 types of circuits

Circuits are the most annoying but most often needed parts in production. With “Circuit Book” you will be able to supply your whole factory with enough circuits from all colors!

  • Easily readable and understandable in/outputs.
  • Balanced production for all 3 types of circuits.
  • Compatible with other blueprints from the same creator.


4. Mall Layout

Mall setup

Handcrafting everything in the game is a very slow and boring task. “MALL” is an early to late game crafting facility that will automatically craft everything that you could ever need in the game.

  • You no longer need to handcraft anything.
  • Equipped with roboports, so your logistics and construction drones can easily access any parts of the Mall.
  • Contains every buildable structure you could need.
  • Categorised and split into different sections.


3. Your Own Blueprints

Galaxy brai​n

Blueprints listed so far are all blueprints that you can create yourself by playing the game.

  • By creating and using your own blueprints makes you learn the game and actually master it
  • You will have a greater understanding of your own blueprints and what you can use them for
  • You might not create the perfect blueprint, but you will enjoy the process a lot more


2. Belt balancers

An 8 to 8 blue belt balancer

In my opinion this is the most useful Blueprint Book I have ever used. “Complete Belt Series” is a must have in every blueprint library. I can guarantee that at some point you will have a scenario where you will need to turn 8 randomly filled belts into 7 equally filled belts, or to any amount into a different amount. With this book, you can!

  • Has blueprints to turn 1 belt into 8 and 8 into 1 and everything in between.
  • Has a part 2 for red and a part 3 for blue belts.
  • Even if you don’t get the other parts, you can still just use the upgrade tool on the yellow ones.


1. Nilaus' Base in a Book

Episode one of Nilaus's Base-in-A-Book Youtube series

Nilaus is one of the greatest factorio content creators. In his youtube series called “Base-in-a-Book” he creates amazing blueprints and uploads them into a blueprint book available for everyone.

  • Has blueprints for nearly everything in the game.
  • Constantly being updated and will be up to date always.
  • Has a youtube tutorial series that you can use as a guide if you don’t understand something.


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