10 MORE Video Game Babes With Guns!

They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!
They'll capture your heart, then fill you with lead!

We’re back with more gunslinging video game babes!

What can we say? We adore video game babes with guns to bits. And there are so many lovely sharpshooting ladies in gaming that to do them all justice, we’d need more than one top 10 list. So here’s another!

We won’t be mentioning Lara Croft, Quiet, and Jill Valentine in this article anymore, as they were already included in the previous list, which you can check out here.

And when you’re done reading, remember that there are more pictures in the image gallery below!

10. Zoey, from Left 4 Dead


This college cutie was studying to become a filmmaker – until the zombie apocalypse turned the world inside out. It’s not everyday, though, that one’s addiction to horror movies ends up serving as educational material. Watching hundreds of hours of zombie flicks has given Zoey an edge over those who watch inconsequential nonsense like Glee and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

It also helps that her father was a cop who taught her how to shoot things that move in the face. Zoey’s a natural with guns, as anyone who’s a fan of Left 4 Dead can attest to. Hot!!



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