[Top 10] Garry's Mod Best Games To Play

Garry's Mod Best Game Modes To Play
Chaotic Game Modes

#1. Prop Hunt

How to play Prop Hunt.

Gmod Prop Hunt is the most known and subscribed-to game mode, and for good reason.  Created by “Kowalski7cc” and with over 6 million subscribers, its popularity speaks volumes about its fun gameplay.

This game mode consists of the principles of “Hide’n’Seek”. Players will disguise themselves as props while hunters try to find and eliminate them. This became a viral concept and provides players with lots of replayability due to custom maps and its engaging play style, ensuring your experience is always different each time you play. 

Prop hunt is easy to understand and can be picked up by anyone, making it enjoyable for both casual and veteran players. With its strong community, you will make many memories and develop many friendships. Everything Prop Hunt has to offer has solidified its spot as the top game mode in Garry’s Mod.


#2. Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)

TTT review.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is considered one of the best game modes in Garry’s Mod and is very iconic in the community.

TTT consists of strategy and deception, testing your wit and intuition. You will be divided into three teams: Innocents, Detectives, and Traitors. Traitors are disguised as the innocent, using deception to eliminate the innocent. Depending on what side you’re on, you’ll have to work with other players to try and give your team the win, sort of like Among Us... but better.

This game became so popular due to all the different aspects it brings, while still being easy to understand. Not only that, but the social dynamic it provides, basically encourages fun and strategic communication. We would highly recommend you give this a try if you haven't already.


#3. Darkrp

Learn how to play DarkRP.

Third on the list, but top 1 in my heart, we have DarkRp. This game mode is extremely popular in the community and can bring the best… or worst out of players.

It revolves around role-playing. Players can choose different roles, such as law enforcement, criminals, business owners, and MANY others depending on the server. With a plethora of maps and mods available. DarkRp offers endless possibilities for immersive roleplaying.

DarkRp gives you the complete freedom to live out your fantasies and is the ultimate communication encourager. This game mode became so popular because of its chaotic community and the countless friends and unforgettable memories to be made.


#4. Murder

Gameplay of Murder.

Another game mode that is reminiscent of the popular game “Among Us” is Garry’s mod Murder. An entertaining game mode that requires strategy and perception is a great choice for players who love the chaotic and strategic atmosphere of Garry’s mod.

How Murder works is players will try to identify the murderer among them, all while the murderer is trying to eliminate them, without getting caught.

This game mode appeals to many players because of its simple yet suspenseful gameplay, making it highly engaging for all players. The unpredictability of each round and Gmod’s crazy player base makes this game mode so intriguing.


#5. Deathrun

Friends playing Death Run.

Do you want to play against your friends like a ninja warrior? Well, this game mode provides that for you. Death Run offers players to go through challenging obstacle courses with deadly traps. While playing this game mode, you must rely on your quick reflexes and intuition to survive.

In this iconic game mode, players will be separated into two teams, generally called the Runners and Death. Throughout the course, traps are set by ‌Death players that the Runners must navigate through. Death players can activate traps at various points to eliminate the runners. The main objective is for the runners to reach the end of the course without getting killed.

Death Run became so appealing because of its fast-paced and competitive gameplay. Running through obstacles and evading traps is what makes it so addictive. Collaborating with your team to overcome challenges and outsmart your opponents is one of the reasons why this game mode rose to popularity.


#6. Sandbox

Fun with friends in Sandbox.

Sandbox is quite literally a playground for players to team up and experiment and express their creativity. If you’re the type of person who wants to create amazing things with other players, this game mode is just for you. Two or more minds are better than one, so express the limitless possibilities of your imagination along with your fellow players.

There are no specific objections to the Sandbox game mode. Players are free to create whatever they imagine. You can have a wide range of tools, props, and other assets to help you construct the ultimate creation of your choosing.

If you like building structures, elaborate machines, or simply goofing with your friends where anything is possible, this is the perfect game mode for you.


#7. Starwars RP

Gameplay of Starwars RP.

Living out your Star Wars fantasy is now a reality with Garry’s Mod StarWars RP. Choose your faction as either Jedi, Sith, or Bounty Hunter and rise through the ranks. Known for its serious roleplaying servers, this game mode provides an immersive experience for all Star Wars enthusiasts.

StarWars RP allows you to align yourself with your preferred faction. You can expect a militant, but oddly chaotic RP experience and actually feel like you’re progressing within your environment.

This RP experience stands out for its exhilarating interactions between factions. It has a multitude of ‌roleplaying opportunities and strong community support. As a soldier, you will go on dangerous missions, be a part of epic lightsaber fights, and much more.



In-depth review of GRUST.

Combining the best of both worlds, with Gmod’s creativity and Rust's intense survivability.  In this game mode, players will find themselves traveling within dangerous and unforgiving environments. Forging alliances and gathering materials are essential for survival. For this mode, you must be willing to stake your claim within the brutal world that is known as Grust.

Just like Rust, this game mode gives players to opportunity to build and defend their base. All while facing the challenges from the harsh environment and other players. The goal is to survive in an always-changing world, making concise and strategic decisions and forming alliances along the way.

The appeal of this game mode is the intense PVP interactions and the fulfillment of building and fortifying your base that keeps players entertained for hours on end. Grust may seem redundant initially, but once you play it, you'll realize the difference from the original and come to enjoy it as its own game mode.


#9. Zombie Survival

Survival guide for Zombie Survival, time stamps in the video.

Zombie Survival is one of the best game modes that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It offers intense gameplay, and cooperative mechanics that will keep your heart pumping throughout playing.

In this popular game mode, players must work together to fight off waves of zombies. Selecting strategic positions and fortifying them, gathering resources, and cooperating with your team is the best way to survive as long as possible against the relentless hordes of zombies.

With each round, the difficulty increases, keeping‌ players locked into their screens fighting and struggling against the undead. Overcoming all the challenges that await you and your friends gives and sense of satisfaction and is one of the main reasons why it became so popular.


#10. Build to Survive

Gameplay of Build to Survive, video starts at 0:20.

Lastly, on this list, one of the first game modes I’ve played with my friends is Build to Survive. This game mode offers a unique style of gameplay; it challenges players to build fortified shelters within a fixed amount of time to withstand harsh environmental threats.

Whether it’s natural disasters, hostile mobs, or even other players, your survivability is fully dependent on you; Making this a great choice for players to test their limits and abilities.

Build to Survive provides an intense style of logic-based gameplay. The goal is to be the last man standing, outperforming your opponents and even making alliances. In this game mode where everything goes, there is no wonder why it’s a top choice for a lot of Gmod players.

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