[Top 10] GoW Ragnarok Best Accessories (And How To Get Them)

Kratos feeling a good pump from wearing one of the best armor sets.

There’s a large assortment of accessories with different abilities to find and use in God of War Ragnarok. As such, there’s so many builds you can create by combining different accessories such as relics, ronds, grips, armor, etc. These are ten of the best accessories that you can get your hands on.

10. Rond of Purification (Best for mid-game and end-game)

The potency of status effects such as frost and poison has been greatly increased in God of War Ragnarok compared to God of War 2018. Kratos is significantly slowed down and more vulnerable when enemy status effects overwhelm him. This is why the Rond of Purification is a great accessory to dig up as soon as possible.

Exactly how it sounds, the Rond of Purification is an attachment to your shield that can purify any status (frost, poison, burn, bifrost) that Kratos is afflicted with the Contagion Discharge perk. This perk allows any successful shield strike to cleanse any status effect and deal the elemental damage back to the enemy. This shield attachment also boosts strength and defense stats.

How to get Rond of Purification:

The location of the Rond of Purification is in a Legendary Chest in the Well of Urd in Midgard.


9. Huldra Project #9 (Best for end-game)

In the ending of God of War 2018, Mimir is left alone with Brok and Sindri for quite some time while Kratos and Atreus explore Jotunheim. So much so that innovative dwarfs take enough measurements of “head” to create a special contraption that allows Mystic Gateway realm travel.

Huldra Project #9 is a relic modification that uses Mimir as a Bifrost attack. This beam of Bifrost attack is so powerful that it’s able to stun even the most powerful enemies, such as Gna, while dealing massive alot of Bifrost damage. 

How to get Huldra Project #9:

This relic can only be bought at the Dwarven Shop after completing the main storyline.


8. Lundra’s Lost Armor Set (Best for mid-game and end-game)

Lundra’s Lost Armor is one of the best armor sets you can pick up early in the game that’ll last long into the end-game. The Prey Upon Poison perk of the bracers and belt piece provide up to 40% extra melee damage against poisoned enemies. The highlight of this set is Lundra’s Lost Cuirass that possesses the Vanir Poison perk. 

The Vanir Poison has a high Luck chance of poisoning enemies and lowering their power level whenever Kratos parries, blocks or deals barehanded attacks. Along with the large amount of Luck this armor set provides, this deadly combination of perks will constantly activate to easily destroy enemies. This armor set gives a boost to Strength, Defense, Runic, and Luck.

How to get Lundra’s Lost Armor:

Lundra’s Lost Armor set can be found while completing “The Mysterious Orb” favor in Vanaheim.


7. Radiance Set (Best for mid-game and end-game)

If evading attacks at the very last second is an easy task for you then the Radiance Armor set is the perfect armor you’ll want to get now. Each piece of the Radiance set gives a boost to Strength, Defense, Runic and Luck stats. 

The Shoulder Straps of Radiance possess a moderate Luck Chance to grant a blessing of Runic on any last-second evade. The true highlight of this set are the Gauntlets of Radiance and Belt of Radiance. Both possess the Realm Shift ability, which temporarily slows down time up to 1.75 seconds when both armor pieces are equipped. A moment to freely deal damage on an enemy frozen in time is always handy, especially against the tough enemies and optional Berserker bosses.

How to get Radiance Armor:

Each piece of the Radiance Armor Set can be found while completing the "Secret of the Sands" Favor in Alfheim.


6. Hilt of Tyrfing (Best for mid-game to end-game)

Players with a high risk/high reward playstyle will most likely enjoy the Hilt of Tyrfing. This relic sacrifices a portion of Kratos’s health and deals a powerful area-of-effect damage burst based on the amount of health sacrificed. Because of this loss of health, this relic pairs very nicely with the Valour rage skill that replenishes health. This is also one of the fastest charging relics with a cooldown as short as 25 seconds, depending on upgrade level and Cooldown stat level.

How to get Hilt of Tyrfing:

You must obtain the Nar’s Cup from Blatonn, the Alpha Wulver miniboss in The Abandoned Village of Vanaheim, in order to craft this relic. Blatonn is quite a difficult enemy so be well prepared to face this highly aggressive Wulver. Once you defeat it, exchange the Nar’s Cup and 7500 Hacksilver in the workshop to obtain the Hilt of Tyrfing relic.


5. Grip of the Nine Realms (Best for mid-game to end-game)

The Leviathan Axe is already an incredibly powerful weapon and the Grip of the Nine Realms attachment makes it even stronger. This accessory gives a passive boost to the Runic, Cooldown, and Luck stats with the active ability Momentous Shift. When the user activates Glacial Permafrost, the Momentous Shift triggers a Realm Shift to slow down time for a few seconds. 

Since Glacial Permafrost enhances the speed and power of the axe for a short period, Momentous Shift is the perfect opportunity to begin a devastating combo. 

How to get Grip of the NIne Realms:

The Grip of the Nine Realms is earned by defeating Hjalti the Stolid in Alfheim.


4. Motsognir’s Call (Best for end-game)

The Motsognir’s Call is excellent when engaging too many enemies at once or battling tough foes. This relic produces a powerful area-of-effect shockwave that deals massive stun damage to any surrounding enemies. This provides plenty of time for follow-up attacks to quickly finish off weak enemies or safely spam runic attacks on sturdier opponents.

How to get Motsognir’s Call:

This relic can be found on the top floor of the Aesir Prison Wreckage in Niflheim after the completion of the main storyline.


3.Hilt of Skofnung (Best for end-game)

You acquire the Hilt of Skofnung during the main story mission of The Word of Fate but only as a way to activate Berserker gravestones. Next, you must defeat all of the Berserkers and King Hrolt, the Berserker King. 

Once that difficult task is done, you’ll be able to harness the true power of the Hilt of Skofnung which summons the powerful Berserker spirits to help you in battle. This relic is very useful when fighting a mob of enemies, especially in the Crucible Trials, or if you want to quickly melt down a miniboss with alot of health.


2. Berserker Cuirass (Best for end-game)

The greatest armor in the game will obviously be from the strongest enemies that you face - the Berserkers. Overall, the entire Berserker armor set is very strong but the Berserker Cuirass on it’s own is a heavy-hitting piece of armor. The Berserker Cuirass is one of the only chest plates that increases every combat stat: Strength, Defense, Runic, Vitality, Cooldown, Luck.

Its Soulless Warrior perk greatly increases the melee damage that Kratos deals but also increases the damage that he receives. When combined with certain relics and skills, you can kill the toughest enemies such as Gna and King Hrolt in under a minute.

How to get Berserker Cuirass:

The Berserker Cuirass is earned by defeating the Berserker Trio in The Barrens of Alfheim. This one of the hardest bossfights in the game but the reward is well worth it.


1. Hilt of Hofud (Best for mid-game and end-game)

What could be more powerful than distorting space and time to slow down your enemies? The Hilt of Hofud does exactly that, which makes it the perfect tool for offensive and defensive purposes. Slow down time to safely unleash a deadly combination of attacks or to escape a near fatal situation with plenty of time to heal. 

How to get Hilt of Hofud:

The HIlt of Hofud is acquired by defeating Heimdall in the Creatures of Prophecy main quest.

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