[Top 10] osu! Best Mouse Players

osu! Best Mouse Players
Ninerik, goated mouse player


If you are an osu player, chances are that you probably use a drawing tablet for osu. In fact, most of the top players you know probably use a drawing tablet to climb up the ranks. But how about those that use a mouse? Today, we will be looking at the top 10 osu! mouse players.

10th. Doomsday

And what a better way to start off this list but with one of the oldest players in the game. Doomsday is a player from the UK who started way back in July 2008, just short of under a year after the game came out. Despite being in the game for over 10 years, he is still actively hosting and helping out with tournaments, streaming the game, and overall being a wholesome and welcome presence in the community. He is also a talented player as well, considering he reached rank #1 back in the day. Given his age, he’s got a lot of stamina and is skilled at older maps, which often have a very low Approach Rate (AR) or awkwardly mind-boggling patterns. While he isn’t fully caught up with the meta of today, he has served as an inspiration to many players.

Doomsday’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/TyronWetton


9th. Flyingtuna

Next up is a player who most of you are probably familiar with, but not for their days as a mouse player. Flyingtuna is a South Korean player who started playing back in November 2016. On his profile, his days as a mouse player was where he played the game the most, reaching up to 6k+ plays at one point. I remember watching one of his plays during that time, which was his Full Combo (FC) on “Eyes Half Closed” [Remap] difficulty with Hidden and Double time (HDDT), and just being amazed with how skilled he was with a mouse. His snappy aim, quick reaction time, and consistency throughout the score made me realize there was something special about this player, especially during a time where there weren’t too many mouse players to rival the meta. Despite switching to a tablet playstyle later in his career, he still showed a lot of potential as a mouse player. Apart from snappy and fast aim, he also showed a lot of potential as a tech player, being able to hit long and weirdly shaped sliders that are present in a lot of tech maps.  He may be remembered for his time as a tech player for most people, but I certainly will cherish his time as a mouse player and I respect his decision to move on.

Flyingtuna’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/FlyingTunaOsu


8th. azr8

A truly perfect score, azr8's SS on Get Jinxed with HDDT

Now here’s a player who some of you may remember back in 2017, and was probably one of the scariest players of his time. azr8, or azerite,  is a Lithuanian player who started playing in April 2013. His history in osu is a bit controversial to say the least, with him gaining multiple restrictions in the past and being a point of discussion for many members of the community. Despite this however, he eventually got his account back and blew up from 2017 to 2018. He is mostly known for his consistency as an HDDT player, being able to constantly set scores every day back when he was active in the game. His ability to hit really tricky jump sections and do so with high accuracy made him a threat to anyone who was planning to keep a #1 rank on a map. A score that perfectly highlights his dominance is his SS on “Get Jinxed” with HDDT, a play that I’m quite sure will never be taken down from #1. This was set at his peak as a “score sniper”, where he showed his ability to hit fast-paced widescreen jumps which usually would be a problem even for tablet players. Even if azr8 is mostly retired from the game at this point, the fact that he dominated the game during a time when Angelmegumin (The previous best mouse player at that time) switched to tablet showed how threatening mouse players can still be.

azr8’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/azeriteosu


7th. Ekoro

Ekoro's EZHDFL score on Neuronecia, an amazing achievement

Up next is what some of you could consider one of osu’s most interesting players. Ekoro is a French player who, just like Doomsday, is quite old considering he started playing in March 2010. He isn’t as active in the community like Doomsday, but he certainly is a presence most people are familiar with, despite not being one of the game’s most high ranked players. Furthermore, he also is a popular mapper, who is most known for mapping “Everything will Freeze”. As a player, Ekoro is quite interesting, since he can play most maps quite well. What makes him stand out as a player is his ability to read incredibly hard patterns quite easily, almost as if he is a drum machine programmed to play any beat. Not to mention, despite being a mouse player he is capable of controlling his aim quite well, being able to hit any awkwardly mapped pattern that comes his way. A play that best showcases his skills is his EZHDFL FC on Neuronecia, a map with fairly awkward patterns but coupled with mods that makes it hard to read… well anything. Not only was he able to FC a map that is already difficult on its own, but he was able to do it with a mod that makes the circles appear almost all at once, a mod that hides the circle before you have to click it, and a mod that only shows a small portion of the map. At this point, Ekoro should’ve just played the whole map blindfolded. Ekoro may not be the most relevant player in a meta that prioritizes aggressive play styles such as speed and fast aim, but he sure is one of the best in his area of play. Solid proof that you don’t have to follow the meta as a mouse player to be one of the best.

Ekoro’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/doremypuyotet


6th. FGSky

FGsky's score on Guess Who is Back with HDDTHRFL

Continuing the trend of unique players, here’s another player who is not only unique but also a record breaker. FGSky is a Moroccan player who started playing the game in November 2012. His setup is something many people talked about in the past, considering his one liveplay where he played using a laptop keyboard and a pillow for a mouse pad. This setup however didn’t stop FGSky from proving himself to be a record breaker, with his determination to play maps hundreds or even thousands of times to set a good score. He is famously known for setting scores with HDDTHRFL, which would require him to not only develop incredibly precision and quick reaction times to hit these maps, but also memorize these maps in order to FC them. For many, this would seem like an impossible task. For FGSky, this is just another small step to achieving greatness.One of his most popular plays, an FC on JUSTadICE [Extreme] difficulty with HDDTHRFL, saw him playing the map upwards of 4,000 times to get the score. While he didn’t get an FC (Or good accuracy for that matter), he did end up breaking the PP record at that time, with it being 1,260pp. While nowadays, his setup has improved and he hasn’t been pumping out plays like this one, he will always be remembered for his perseverance to break records and serves as proof that you don’t need the best setup to be incredible at the game.

FGSky’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/fgskyyy


5th. im a fancy lad

im a fancy lad's fire play on Burnt Rice with HDHR

Next up is a lad who I’m sure most of you are familiar with. im a fancy lad is a player from the US who started playing in September 2014. It wasn’t until 2020 however where he broke into the mainstream as being one of the game’s best tournament players and a threat in that year’s osu! world cup. What makes im a fancy lad such a dominant player is his wide skillset in the game. From fast, high bpm maps to wub style tech maps and finger control, this lad is capable of more than just being fancy. To top it all off, he is also incredibly consistent, being able to set FCs and high combo scores in even the hardest maps of any tournament. His skills are best shown in his tournament performances, where he was a part of the USA team for the osu! world cup from 2020 to 2023, getting 3 championships for his country in the process and becoming the captain at some point. His solo career is also commendable, with his FC on burnt rice with HDHR being the first one in the game. He may not be the fastest or the most relevant in terms of the current meta in the game, and other people may be gunning for his throne as one of osu’s best tournament players. But he is still a stand out mouse player, and one whose career has yet to end.

im a fancy lad’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/imafancylad


4th. Riviclia

Riviclia single-handedly destroying A Fool Moon's Night

Moving on from a fancy lad is a lad who I’d say has single handedly made himself the best player of his nature. Riviclia is a South Korean player who started playing in May 2012. While most players in this game often play with both a keyboard and a mouse or tablet, Riviclia is different as he mostly plays using only a mouse. Playing the game with only a mouse is a tough challenge, as it puts a lot of stress and tension on the hand that is doing both the clicking and the aiming. As a mouse-only player, you have to both click accurately to the beat while at the same time aim properly using only one hand, which would seem impossible to many players. Riviclia however makes it seem possible and has carved themself out as being one of osu’s most unique players in the process. His strength as a player is his ability to read maps using EZ, which is a mod that most players struggle with due to the circles being bigger and appearing way too early and all at once, making the screen cluttered and hard to read. Coupled with his ability to hit some of the widest jumps in the game, this shows Riviclia’s potential to “single handedly” set scores no one is able to do. One of his most well known plays is his pass on A Fool Moon’s Night [emilia] difficulty, which was one of if not the first passes on the map without touch screen. This map is filled to the brim with long widescreen jump patterns that look as if someone just randomly placed circles around the screen like an aim test. Despite many players struggling to pass it at the time, Riviclia braved the challenge and showed how well one can play even with just one hand. Currently, he isn’t as active in terms of osu! but he will always be remembered for how well he shocked the community with his plays.

Riviclia’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/riviclia


3rd. ceptin

ceptin's legendary pass on If You Can't Hang with HDDT

The first time I saw ceptin’s scores on osu was a magical moment for me. At that time, I felt like using mouse hindered me back as a player, and I didn’t know whether I could succeed using this playstyle. But the moment I clicked on one of his videos and saw him decimating a map with HDDT when most other players couldn’t even come close to trying, that’s when I truly realized that mouse is a preference, not a hindrance. ceptin, or also known as “i suck”, is an American player who started playing the game in September 2013. While he has faced some accusations of cheating in the past, this didn’t stop him from carving his name as one of the game’s best for pass players. There are two things that make ceptin an incredible player. The first is his ability to hit some of the fastest and most wide jumps in the game, being able to hit them and somehow pass even with bad accuracy. The second is his speed, where he is able to shred through high BPM streams without breaking a sweat. These skills helped carve him out as being one of the game’s greatest for pass players, being able to set HDDT scores on “highscore” and “if you can’t hang” long before some of the highest ranked players attempted a pass on these maps. If ever you feel like you can’t hang with some of the game’s best players with just a mouse, watch some of his scores and you’ll come to realize that you don’t suck, you are destined to be one of the best.

ceptin’s Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/@ceptin9940?si=y_tGYKqPisn5R2EZ


2nd. firebat92

Angelmegumin's legendary score on Euphoria in 2016

As an osu player, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “Mouse can everything”. While nowadays people probably believe this to be true, I would say that the player that helped make this believable is none other than the legend himself, firebat92. firebat92, Angelsim, or Angelmegumin is a South Korean player who started playing osu in July 2012. When he was starting out in osu, he wanted a tablet but unfortunately couldn’t afford one at the time but wondered if he could be just like the greatest of his time using a mouse. If I could go back in time and answer his question, I would say that it's possible and he’s the one who will prove it. Often, firebat92 is compared to Cookiezi, the game’s greatest osu player, due to how similar his playstyle is. From the way he aims all the way to his skillset being one of widescreen aim and spaced streams, it isn’t surprising that he got the nickname of “Cookiezi but with mouse”. What sets him apart from Cookiezi however is his ability to consistently set HDDT scores, which helped him climb the ranks and eventually hitting #1 with a mouse. A score that would help best show how good he was at the time is his pass on Euphoria all the way back in 2016, one that best showcased his skills in both aim and streams. He also has a history of performing well in the osu! world cup, with him getting 3rd place in 2016 and 2nd place in 2019 with the South Korean team. His longest standing legacy however is the fact that he is possibly the last mouse player to reach rank #1 all the way back in 2016, a feat that hasn’t been matched yet by any other mouse player to this day. While firebat92 himself has switched to tablet over the years and even mentioned his preference for this playstyle at one point, many would remember him as not only one of osu’s best players of his time, but as an inspiration to mouse players worldwide.

firebat92’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/AngeLMegum1n


1st. ninerik

Ninerik showing you the future through the Valley of the Damned with HDDT

To end this list, let’s look at the future of mouse players, and one who I’d say can serve as an inspiration for players today. ninerik is a Norwegian player who started playing in July 2017, making him the youngest player in this entire list. Despite his age however, he is also currently the highest ranked player on this list, with him currently being ranked #4 in the world. What makes ninerik a standout on this list is how well he has pushed the limits of what’s possible for a mouse player in osu today. He is currently one of the game’s best speed players, being able to hit almost 300+ BPM  streams with ease and setting some of the highest pp speed scores in the game. Coupled with his ability to hit high speed jumps really well, he makes for a threat in the rankings and hopefully the #1 ranked player in the game. His biggest standout recently is his HDDT score on Valley of the Damned, which despite his choke is still an impressive speed score with 4 minutes of pure 300 BPM terror. His ability to consistently hit the streams in the map and have the stamina to survive for that long makes him a threat to mrekk, and a speed demon in his own right. He is also skilled in tournament play, with him recently winning two tournaments in one weekend: Corsace Open 2023 and Conyoh Cup West Division 2023. He may not be the #1 ranked player at the moment, but he is certainly the future for mouse players and osu in general.

ninerik’s Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/ninerik_


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