Apex Legends: How To Play Horizon Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Horizon Effectively

Horizon is one of the most used legends in the game for good reason, her abilities are insane. This legend can seemingly do it all, even after numerous nerfs over the years. Despite this, players still seem to get her wrong and mess up a lot. That's why you need to know how to play her as effectively as possible. To do that, you must understand her abilities.

First of all, Horizon is a Skirmisher Legend, meaning she can see where care packages are going to drop and see what loot is inside of them. This is great for grabbing a Mythic item or upgrading your shield, but it's not as useful as other passives.

Her own Passive thought is on a different level. Horizon’s passive removes all fall stun you can get in Apex. This means that if you fall from a very high place, you won't be stunned so you can carry on moving forward with no slowdown. Horizon can also automatically slide if she crouches as she touches the ground.

Next is her tactical, which plays heavily into her passive ability. Horizon can throw out a gravity lift, which lifts anyone who lands on it into the air. Whilst in this lift, Horizon and others can still shoot but with a strafe penalty. 

Horizon doesn't have this penalty though, meaning she can strafe pretty quickly whilst shooting on her lift. You can also heal and reload on this lift, so it's great for securing that heal whilst moving around.

Finally, we have her ultimate ability, the most powerful part of this spacewalker’s kit. Horizon can throw out her robot NEWT, who opens up a black hole where it lands. This black hole will pull in all enemies in its radius, but leave you and your team standing normally. 

Players in a ten-meter radius are pulled in for 12 seconds in total. This is great for moving enemies into one place, taking them out of cover or just lining them up for an easy kill.

Enemies are also highlighted by NEWT whilst inside of the Black Hole, meaning Horizon can see exactly how many enemies she caught in her little trap.

Horizon might be an extremely powerful legend with her movement ability, fantastic passive and fight-winning ultimate, but she does have some problems. Horizon really needs a legend on her team to get her around the map. 

Similarly to Loba, her tactical might be good movement, but it's not for moving around the map. Octane and Pathfinder would be perfect to pair with her though, as they can get her from point A to B pretty quickly.

Now that you know how amazing Horizon is, let's discuss how to take her to the next level and play her as effectively as possible.


How To Play Horizon Effectively:


15. Use your lift on enemies to knock them out

One tip that every horizon player needs to know is that you can knock enemies off of positions with her ultimate. The gravity lift goes through walls and ceilings, meaning if someone has high ground, get underneath them and place that lift down. Watch them fly.


14. The lift can block doors

The lift can also be used to block doors as enemies will be sent up into the sky rather than walking straight through it. This is similar to an Octane pad as it prioritises the ability rather than just going through that door. Use this in situations where you just want to keep that enemy out of or in the building.


13. Lift entering tech

When it comes to blocking doors, there is a technique anyone can do to get through them. Horizon players should know this as it allows them to create a one-way door for those who know the technique. 

All this technique requires is for you to walk through the lift, get off of it and then enter it again. Upon your second entry, you won't be sent upwards, meaning you can just walk through the door and surprise the enemy.


12. Her ultimate counters Seer’s

Seer is still in the meta, even after a lot of changes and, a whole rework, so we need a way to counter him. Luckily for Horizon players, she can counter him quite easily as her Black Hole will take Seer’s ultimate with it, moving it around so you can easily destroy it.

This might be a bug in the game, but we don't know if it's ever going to get fixed.


11. Throw your ultimate before you revive

Horizon’s ultimate is a massive deterrent for enemies. It causes a lot of visual clutter and of course, sucks them in. This makes it the perfect cover for reviving. Throw this down near where you are reviving to stop enemies from pushing and messing with their vision.


10. Use high damage per shot weapons

It's safe to say that Horizon isn't super accurate on her Gravity Lift anymore, so you are going to miss shots no matter how good you are. One way to get the most out of this is to use high damage per shot weapons so when you do land those crucial bullets, enemies are going to take a lot of damage.

If you want to play like this, use the Flatline or the Wingman as it's perfect for Horizon’s game plan.


9. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


8. Crouch when dropping in

When dropping in from the drop ship, remember to crouch as you hit the floor. Thanks to Horizon’s passive you will enter a boosted slide, meaning you will carry momentum and move pretty fast. This is great for getting to loot quicker or getting away from a load of enemies who landed next to you.


7. Use your lift on downed teammates

The lift is fantastic for getting high ground and repositioning, but you can also use it to move your allies around. If an ally is downed in a bad spot, throw that gravity lift onto them and tell them to move towards you. They will be able to land next to you for an easy revival.


6. The lift can escape AOE abilities

The lift can be used to escape some pretty high-impact abilities within Apex. More specifically, it allows you to run large AOE type abilities such as Bangalore, Gibraltar and Caustic’s ultimates. You can use the lift against them as they won't expect a Scottish woman flying at them once they ultimate.


5. Falling is faster than dropping

When coming in from the drop ship or falling from a redeploy balloon, make sure to hit a wall instead of landing on the ground. This is because it will get you to the floor faster, and because of her tactical, horizon isn't affected by fall stun. This allows her to get to loot quicker or reposition away from enemies after landing.


4. Use Thermites with the Ultimate

With a recent patch to Horizon, grenades now damage her ultimate. This makes it less effective to just throw  a load of grenades into the black hole, but the thermite is still useful. Throw the thermite in the path the enemies will be sucked into. This means they will be burnt on their way in and way out if they decide to leave.


3. Single Shot guns

Horizon has a lot of bloom when falling out of her gravity lift to stop you from just beaming enemies with ease. The thing is though, single shot guns aren't affected by this, so the Wingman, G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater instantly become worth it to run on Horizon.


2. Take your lift with your teammates

One massive tip that really makes Horizon insanely effective is taking your gravity lift with your teammates. This will catch enemies off guard as an entire team landing on them out of nowhere or contesting their position is scary. Also, pushing as a team means there are more targets for your enemies to shoot and you have more firepower to take them down.


1. Movement Techniques

Movement Techniques are a huge part of Apex Legends, no matter how much movement you have access to on your legend. Make sure to get good at tap strafing, super glides and wall bounces as they will take your gameplay to the next level and allow you to play your legend as effectively as possible.

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