[Top 5] Apex Legends Most Used Legends

Apex Legends Most Used Legends
See how the legends stack up against each other after ten seasons!

With ten seasons and eighteen legends available, Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royales available. Here are the top five legends you can use to take your squad to the winner's circle!

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder gives his signature "thumbs up" from the legends selection screen!

In addition to his optimism and robotic charm, Pathfinder’s recon skills and ability to maneuver around the map quickly have maintained his spot as one of the most used legends. His abilities mostly revolve around zip lines and grappling hooks, which can be used to rotate in and out of fights quickly. His tactical Grappling Hook can be used to launch across distances or grapple out of a sticky situation. The ultimate ability Zipline Gun creates a zipline for the whole team to use up to 100 meters, which can be especially useful when the team needs to stay in the ring longer and take damage. Pathfinder’s charming personality and support of his teammates will likely keep him as one of the most used legends for a long time.

What's Great About Pathfinder:

  • Very mobile and can cover a lot of distance
  • Can scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring and reduce ability cooldowns
  • Assist entire team in rotations and recon

4. Wraith

Wraith uses a finisher to throw an enemy into the void!

Wraith has been one of the most picked legends since the game’s introduction. Her abilities allow her to get out of tough fights without taking damage and even portal her team across the map. Apex Legends requires players always to pay and the best reposition, so Wraith’s abilities are useful all through the match. Her tactical ability Into the Void makes her invulnerable and gives a speed increase for four seconds, which is more than enough time to escape a fight that’s gotten out of hand. Wraith is an excellent choice for aggressive players who like to push fights without waiting on all the information.

What's Great About Wraith:

  • Can use the portal to flank enemies or assist teammates
  • Invulnerable to damage when in the void or taking a portal
  • Voices of the Void passive lets the team know when an enemy team is watching

3. Bloodhound

Bloodhound's raven, Artur, returns from surveilling the swamps.

Bloodhound is a great recon legend and great for new and veteran players alike. The tactical scan is beneficial for the whole team because it highlights the enemy’s exact location. Finally, Bloodhound’s ultimate ability is one of the best in the game and embodies the technological tracker name. When the ultimate is activated, the screen goes grayscale except for enemies and clues they left, which are all highlighted bright red. If Bloodhound knocks an enemy while using their ultimate, it extends the ability even longer. Bloodhound is focused on getting information about enemies and what their next moves may be, which always serve a team well in Apex legends.  

What's Great About Bloodhound:

  • Ultimate rewards aggressive playstyle
  • Can track enemies and relay information to teammates
  • Recon trait allows scanning of beacon surveys to reveal the next circle

2. Octane

Octane uses a bouncy pad to jump into battle wielding a Wingman!

Octane is known in the arena as the high-speed daredevil. Since he is usually seen in a flash as he sprints by, it seems an appropriate nickname. Octane’s ability set is pretty straightforward and focuses on speed and distance. This is particularly effective for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle or need to quickly cover a lot of ground. His ultimate ability provides a jump pad the whole team can use to get to a higher vantage point or drop in on an unexpecting team with guns blazing. Finally, Octane is the only legend to regenerate health constantly. Every time Octane uses his tactical stim, it takes away 20 health, so health regeneration is essential. It can also benefit players who don’t like to carry a lot of syringes with them.

What's Great About Octane:

  • Regenerates health over time
  • Fastest legend in the game
  • One second cooldown on tactical Stim
  • Jump pad ultimate ability has a one-minute cooldown

1. Gibraltar

Explosions falling behind him, Gibraltar jumps into a battle stance and is ready to fight!

Gibraltar has been one of the most picked legends for so long because he is an absolute tank. Everything about him is built to take a ton of damage and stay in a fight for a long time. He is equipped with a gun shield that can be used to peek around corners or absorb damage in a close-up fight. Because of his massive size, he also has a 15% damage reduction, allowing him to take even more damage than the average legend. His tactical keeps his teammates in the fight as a huge dome protects them from damage and decreases the time it takes to heal. Finally, his ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game, with a concentrated mortar strike confusing and damaging players with huge hits. Gibraltar is a stellar choice for defensive players who like to help the team and deal a lot of damage from mid-range.

What's Great About Gibraltar:

  • A ton of bonus hit points and a 15% hit reduction
  • Dome tactical offers protection and a healing boost
  • Ultimate causes teams to rotate or be damaged
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