Apex Legends Best Legends Revealed [Worst To Best]

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Choose your legend...after you learn about each!

Season 8! Who is great?

Season 8 brought us new guns and new stories. Most importantly, It brought us recent and vital changes to each of the legends. With these developments comes the question: Which legends are best this season? Well, get ready to jump because we’re diving in to figure that out!

Note: While this list ranks legends based on expert opinion and statistics, remember that what legends you’ll be good at may not always be whoever is number one. All legends are good in their own way. Take into account that your skill is more based on what abilities you like and your playstyle as a whole!

16. Rampart

"Knock 'em down, Get the crown!" 

Released in Season 6, this Shiela-wielding maniac has gotten the short end of the deal in almost every season. While popular upon her release, many players now realize that Rampart’s kit isn’t well suited for most situations.

Rampart has a kit meant for defensive and aggressive action during combat; however, with her tactical being so slow to cast (about 3 seconds to form fully), it’s hard to utilize her in this way. These amped covers are also too easy to destroy, with abilities like Fuse’s tactical being able to eliminate multiple covers at once. Youtuber and ranked player, The Gaming Merchant, said that “I would say that she still needs a lot of buffs. Her kit heavily relies on her tactical. Her ultimate is very situational.”

Rampart Pros: 

  • Magazine sizes in LMGs increased by 15% for Rampart
  • A properly placed Shield can put out insane amounts of damage before your opponent can react

Rampart Cons: 

  • Lowest win rate in the game
  • Amped Cover can be detrimental to team play as it is easy to block exits
  • Amped Cover are too easily destroyed by other legend’s tactical and ultimate abilities

15. Revenant

"I look forward to meeting you all, real close and personal."

This mechanical mercenary can be ruinous to an enemy team if in the right hands. However, with long cool downtimes on both his tactical and ultimate abilities, Revenant players could be left with nothing but a gun and their skills during combat.

Revenant’s Tactical is silence, which will prohibit enemy legends from using their abilities for 20 seconds. Revenant has two charges of this with a 25-second cooldown which is a very long time for a battle royal. His Ultimate ability is Death Totem which allows his squad to turn into shadows and attack the enemy without fear of dying. While these abilities are extraordinary in theory, their long cooldown times make it very hard to keep up with legends who have much shorter cooldown times during combat. Streamer and ranked Apex Player DJDaddyShark has said that Revenant’s Ultimate can be good for aggression but has other uses, such as reviving downed teammates safely in high-fire action or protecting your team from sniping. He warns you must be careful only to use it when needed because the cooldown time is lengthy.

Revenant Pros: 

  • Can climb walls and obstacles two times as high as other legends
  • Death totem allows for extra time and opportunities in a fight, especially when being third partied 
  • Able to cancel or shut down an enemy’s abilities with his passive

Revenant Cons: 

  • Poorly placed totems can be destroyed with ease, leaving your squad and yourself vulnerable 
  • A poorly aimed passive can give away the element of surprise
  • Revenant’s passive has a 25-second cooldown, so if you miss during a fight, you most likely won’t have time to try again

14. Mirage

"I'm speechless! Actually, I wrote a speech - you know what, forget it, let's just fight!" 

The king of the bamboozle, Mirage, is a very reliable legend and has been since his release in the first season. With that said, most people know how to counter Mirage play, and it’s becoming harder for Mirage to pull off a good bamboozle long enough to help in a team fight.

Mirage is all about doppelganger trickery, with his tactical and ultimate both being tied to making decoys confuse the enemy teams. However, in many combat scenarios, this legend lacks the utility needed to help team fights genuinely. Mirage is more of a legend that can swoop in and clean up, which takes good timing on the player’s part because if they wait too long, the enemy will have time to heal or knock down their teammates, leaving them to fight alone. Youtuber TimProVision says that Mirage can be hard to figure out, but he can be one of the most frustrating legends to deal with in a fight once you do.

Mirage Pros:

  • Become invisible when you are reviving or respawning a teammate while downed
  • Ability to summon five clones that mimic your abilities, making it hard to find the real you in close and mid-range combat
  • Destroyed clones will reveal the enemy’s distance from your location

Mirage Cons: 

  • Unable to add any utility to a fight with his passive or ultimate ability
  • Passive and Ultimate abilities are very situational
  • Invisibility during a team revive will flicker before turning entirely invisible, giving enemy’s a small amount of time to find you

13. Bangalore

"No such thing as auto-aim, ladies."

Seasoned soldier, Bangalore is known for smoking out an area before pushing in on a smoke-blind team. Unfortunately, this is also consequential for Bangalore and her team as well. 

Bangalore has an intensely aggressive kit meant for forceful engagements and successful third parties. However, without a digital threat equipped or a Bloodhound in her squad, Bangalore’s squad will also be at a loss in her smoke grenade’s AOE’s. Youtuber ITemp Plays suggested that Bangalore changes could include Bangalore being able to see enemies while aiming down your gun’s sights. He suggested this change could make her easy to play without just hoping for a digital threat at some point in the game.

Bangalore Pros:

  • Ability to move twice as fast for 2 seconds once seen by an enemy
  •  Smoke Launcher (tactical) blinds enemies, and if hit with it, enemies will take a small amount of HP
  • Bangalore has a very versatile kit that is good in many situations

Bangalore Cons:

  • Smoke Launcher (tactical) is detrimental to teammates as it blocks their vision in fights 
  • Ultimate and passive is not powerful enough on their own to get kills 
  • Rolling Thunder (ultimate) is detrimental to teammates as it can force them out of close-range engagements and harm their vision and mobility

12. Loba

"I've fought nightmares all my life; none of you scare me." 

Loba is a master thief and an expert on the battlefield. She has her ups and downs, just like every other legend on this list.

For starters, Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, is meant to be used to both engage and disengage from fights, but it’s hard to use and highly glitchy. Loba players have clipped through maps after using this tactical; they’ve had the bracelet return to them after landing it on solid ground. The Gaming Merchant says that Loba’s “tactical is completely broken. You try to throw it around sometimes, and you don’t even teleport. It’s really unreliable as an ability. I think they need to think about changing that in some way because it’s buggy. It’s really, really buggy.”

On the other side of that, Loba’s Ultimate is extremely useful in the early game. You start a match with 50% already charged, and it’s suitable for collecting loot in early and mid-game but falls off near the end of the game, leaving Loba players with really no abilities during the end game.

Loba Pros: 

  • Ability to get loot quickly for your teammates and yourself in one area 
  • Ability to see purple and gold tier items from a mid-range distance
  • Loba starts a match with her ultimate 50% charged

Loba Cons:

  • Burglar’s Best Friend (tactical) is glitchy and hard to land. Sometimes it will return to you, and you’ll be stuck in combat
  • While Loba’s loot collection and finding ability is helpful in general, it is not beneficial in combat 
  • Enemy teams can see a short blue trail from stolen loot to a Loba’s Black Market ultimate, so it can be easy for them to sneak up and ambush her team while they're looting

11. Fuse

"Let Old Man Fusey show you ankle-biters how we did it back in the day." 

Bringing it to you old school is Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy. His kit can be well used in mid-range and long-range engagements as you’re able to toss grenades farther and more accurately. However, his ultimate may be more detrimental than helpful to his team.

This explosive legend has a built-in grenade as his tactical is exceptional for engaging and third partying already injured enemies. It can do a good amount of damage, as can his passive, where he can put out several grenades much quicker than the average legend. However, his ultimate as it is can be the make or break to a team. The Gaming Merchant has commented on this, explaining that the ring of fire can be easily walked through by enemies for the first few seconds without really prohibiting them. He goes on to say that even if you do get them in the ring, it’s too hard to see through without a digital threat to do any real damage gun-wise.

Fuse Pros: 

  • Able to aim grenades more accurately and at a longer distance
  • Able to carry more grenades than the average legend
  • Able to capture enemies in a wall of flames 

Fuse Cons:

  • Unable to see enemies through your wall of flames
  • Not a lot of utility in close-range engagements
  • Ultimate has a delay and is easy to avoid

10. Wattson

"I never say die. I fight until it...hertz!"

This pun-filled electrical engineer was made for de-FENCE-ive play. Able to drop electrical fences and stop incoming artillery with her ultimate, Wattson is suitable for fortifying yourself into a building, but what about actual engagement.

While Wattson’s tactical fence ability and her Interception Pylon are fitting in some regards, they are not an excellent kit for combating enemies head-on. She’s the type of legend that you must be ready to commit to setting up to play or snipe in a defensive area. A popular Redditor, darkstirling,  brought up changes that could be made to help Wattson even more, such as: being able to pick up her Interception pylon in an exchange early for a bit of extra percentage on the next ultimate drop, as well as her passive restoring two shields every 5 seconds when not taking damage.

Wattson Pros: 

  • Able to defend an area extraordinarily well 
  • Able to shield teammates against other legends abilities and ultimates
  • One of the highest win rates in the game

Wattson Cons:

  • A lack of combat engagement abilities
  • Limited to only two fences before having to wait on her cooldown
  • Fences are easily destroyed or blocked by tactical abilities, such as Gibraltar’s shield dome 

9. Crypto

"I'm not a pawn. I'm here to break the game."

Hate not knowing where enemy teams or their traps are when entering a new area of the map? Crypto is a good reconnaissance legend that can use his drone to see enemies, pick up teammate banners, and blast your enemies for a small amount of damage.

Crypto is a high-skill legend that requires a good knowledge of positioning and timing. IN the right hands, this tech-wiz can do a lot of good for his team.

His drone is beneficial in various situations but can be quickly shot down if you stop moving it for even just a second. The drone is also loud and can be heard from a fair distance away, including the ultimate. Youtuber, Dasz had this to say about the ultimate, “It takes 3 seconds to charge up, so be mindful of that as everyone will try their best to shoot it.”

Crypto Pros:

  • Able to scout out a location for his team to prevent ambushes and third-party accidents. 
  • Able to pick up your teammates’ banners without physically having to do so 
  • Able to destroy traps, slow players, and damage shield with the ultimate ability

Crypto Cons:

  • Crypto is unable to move while his drone is deployed
  • The drone is easily shot down if it stops moving
  • If destroyed, the drone has a very long cooldown, leaving Crypto with no abilities for the time being

8. Pathfinder

"Losing isn't fun; that's why I don't do it!"

The Outland’s friendliest robot, Pathfinder, has been around since Season 1 and has been known as one of the best mobility champions until recently. 

Pathfinder has had a rough go when it comes to season progression as he has been nerfed time and time again. Even when he’s not being nerfed directly, he’s being nerfed. His identity has been taken from him repeatedly by Respawn, who has given his passive to both Crypto and Bloodhound. Pathfinder has a grapple ability that is both good for getting into and out of combat when needed. He also has a good zip line for getting his team somewhere quickly, whether it be into the ring faster or to get the high ground in a fight. iTemp Plays said that his cooldowns are brutally long, and his hitbox is a bit bigger than some of the other legends his size.

Pathfinder Pros:

  • Able to pull low health enemies towards you in fights with your grapple
  • Able to use your grapple and zipline to get in and out of fights easily
  • Decent mobility to get away when losing a fight

Pathfinder Cons:

  • Essentially no unique passive ability
  • Bigger hitbox than some other legends
  • Long cooldown times may put you at a disadvantage 

7. Bloodhound

"Have you prepared for your end? I have."

Another reliable legend that’s useful in many situations is Bloodhound. This expert tracker can help their squad locate enemies and is even able to hunt them down based on areas they were at thirty seconds ago.

Bloodhound can reveal enemies and traps to their squad for a short amount of time. This alone can cause panic to the enemies while giving your team the slight edge to push in before the other team can pull themselves together for a fight. Bloodhound’s ultimate will outline enemies for them in red, making it easier for Bloodhound in gunfights. Youtuber TheThak has said that if you are struggling to gain RP in ranked games, you should try out Bloodhound. 

Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, is effortless to spot by the enemy team if they are paying attention. If you are not careful, it may lead them right to you. Their ultimate is also very loud and may draw unwanted attention too early if their time using it is off even remotely. Be mindful of these downsides while playing. 

Bloodhound Pros:

  • Able to reveal enemies and traps to your team before entering a fight
  • Able to hunt enemies down for your team
  • Able to see enemies despite smoke or long-distance with ultimate

Bloodhound Cons: 

  • Enemies can see the area your passive ability came from
  • Ultimate is loud when active, so timing is vital to using it
  • Clues left by your passive may be difficult to track if there has been a lot of activity in an area

6. Caustic

"I don't relish the title. I relish the kill." 

Caustic is considered one of the best defensive legends in Season 8. Able to place gas traps that can trick and damage the enemy or drop a grenade covering a large area with gas, Caustic makes enemy squads afraid to enter a location, giving his team a considerable advantage during a fight.

Caustic can place up to six gas canisters around corners, in buildings, or anywhere he wants. Once enemies are moving through his gas, he is able to see them outlined. This makes combat for Caustic very advantageous in buildings or enclosed areas. Dazs has said that “The only way to counter Caustic is to, well, play Caustic.”

Other Caustics can see inside your gas because it does not blind them as it does other legends. Other Caustics also have the same passive that you do, with damage being reduced by 15%, and bullets do not slow them. These can lead to a pure battle of actual skill or just who has the better equipment at the time of the fight.

Caustic Pros:

  •  Able to defend enclosed areas or buildings extremely well
  • Able to throw gas canisters and ults through windows where his team is barricaded
  • Able to see enemies who have crossed through your gas

Caustic Cons:

  • Bigger hitbox than most other legends
  • Gas traps are easily destroyed by enemies if seen in time
  • Canisters take about three seconds to deploy in full 

5. Lifeline

"I'd watch out for my squad if I were you."

Look out, Ajay Che is coming into spot number 5 on this list. The ‘Combat Medic’ Lifeline has a beautiful set of abilities that have been reworked in the later seasons to fit both a passive and aggressive playstyle.

Lifeline can revive teammates using her healing drone, D.O.C., to deploy a shield while reviving them. This leaves Lifeline free to defend or heal herself during battle. She can release D.O.C. as her tactical ability to get some free healing before, during, or after combat. Her ultimate is also fruitful as it drops a care package down wherever she wants it to drop and has defensive gear inside.

However, while deploying D.O.C. to revive teammates, Lifeline is slowed for a short amount of time and left defenseless for 2 to 3 seconds, meaning that timing and placement for revives is essential to her kit. While valuable early game, her care package becomes extremely risky to place the longer the game goes on as it can be seen by everyone while dropping from the sky. DJDaddyShark is a Lifeline main and has stated that using her revive ability is all about shield placement as you don’t want it clipping through walls or facing the wrong way. Otherwise, your teammate will be in worse condition than when you stepped in to help.

Lifeline Pros: 

  • Able to perform teammate revives hands-free
  • Able to give free health to her teammates with her tactical
  • Able to provide free gear to her teammates with her ultimate
  • Smaller hitbox than most other champions

Lifeline Cons: 

  • Lifeline is slowed and defenseless for a few seconds while started the reviving process
  • Lifeline’s care package can give away her squad’s location
  • Incoming damage is increased by 5% when hitting Lifeline

4. Octane

"By the time you see me coming, I'll be gone and you'll be dead." 

Many Apex players hopped aboard the Octrain this season, and it’s really easy to see why. Octane has been shown time and time again to be an excellent mobility and repositioning legend in Season 8.

This speedster has a favorable kit that is based on his health and mobility options. Octane can restore health over time when not taking damage, and he can increase his run speed by 40% with his tactical and soar high in the air with his launchpad ultimate. Youtuber Pufferfish667 has said that Octane’s new buffed LaunchPad will do a lot for your team “whether it be jumping into a fight, evading, running away. It does a lot.”

Octane Pros: 

  • Able to increase run speed to 40% and reduce slows during tactical
  • Able to regain health when not taking damage
  • Able to be used to reposition himself and his team fairly easily

Octane Cons: 

  • Unable to use tactical when low on health in combat
  • Unable to heal while being shot at during combat

3. Gibraltar

"Hey, try and move me! It'll be fun!"

A heavily shielded tank, Gibraltar is an instrumental champion in the Season 8 meta. Gibraltar is good both solo and for team play as his dome shield and ultimates are helpful in both regards. 

Gibraltar has an arm shield passive, meaning that while aiming down sights, a shield is deployed to block incoming fire aimed at Gibraltar. Add this in with his 15% damage reduction and the inability to slow him with bullets, and he is the best tank in the game by far.

Gibraltar’s tactical, Dome of Protection, blocked all incoming and outgoing attacks for an amount of time. It can block Wattson fences or gas from caustic if placed right but is also easily destroyed by certain ultimates, like Crypto’s. His Ultimate is handy for disengagements or to simply buy your team time to reposition or heal. Youtubers Tanker156 says that “Gibby is built for close-range combat, especially with the arm shield.”

Gibraltar Pros: 

  • Arm shield to take incoming shots and provide you more time to get your shots off
  • 25% faster revives while inside the dome shield
  • Fortified Tank ability allows you to take 15% less damage compared to other champions

Gibraltar Cons: 

  • Easy for enemies to kite you around your shield
  • Gibraltar’s ultimate can be hard to use if you are bad at timing or strategy
  • One of the biggest hitboxes in the game

2. Wraith

"Pain...Death...Nothing phases me."

Known as the Interdimensional Skirmisher, Wraith is a high damage avoidant legend. She’s able to entirely ignore damage with her tactical and help her team reposition with her ultimate, making her very useful in most situations.

Wraith can hear voices that alert her to every kind of danger, which is especially very effective close to end-game as many people have at least one sniper on their squad once you hit the top 5. Wraith can travel through the ‘void’ with her tactical, negating and avoiding all incoming damage. Her ultimate allows her to create a portal from one location to another that anyone can travel.

Many seasoned players know that Wraith had been nerfed, making her hitbox a tiny bit bigger than past seasons. Youtubers and Platinum Apex Player, GriZzyy said that the nerf was hardly noticeable and said that Wraith “is still a viable legend in ranked play and in public games as well.”

Wraith Pros:

  • Able to avoid incoming damage and maneuver around it totally with her tactical
  • Able to reposition her squad with ease when using her ultimate
  • Able to sense danger from snipers, traps, or just as she’s being aimed at
  • Good legend for up-close skirmishes and strafing

Wraith Cons: 

  • Unable to open doors or travel across grappling hooks while using her ultimate ability
  • 3 second prep time when using your tactical ability leaving you open to damage during this time. 

1. Horizon

"Violence for Science! Oh! Quite the catchphrase, that!"

Coming to us in Season 7 was the one and only Horizon. When she came out, a lot of players underestimated her or simply did not use this legend. However, in the newest season, she is being heavily used in ranked and public play and has one of the highest pick rates in both areas. Horizon’s kit is straightforward to use and very easy to pull off on a basic level, but it also has enough skill behind her to have good ranked plays once you get very good with her.

Her passive reduces the impact of falls, leaving you less vulnerable to attacks while landing. Her tactical ability, Gravity Lift, allows her to lift herself and other players upward and is good to use while scouting, moving forward a tiny burst, or even for sniping in some cases. Her ultimate is a black hole that will pull any player towards its center and outline them in red for Horizon. In a recent video, the Gaming Merchant said that Horizon and “throw her ult and completely just destroy a squad.” 

Horizon Pros: 

  • Reduced impact while landing from long falls
  • Able to make a temporary high ground and easy getaway option for her team with her tactical
  • Able to take control of a situation on enclosed areas such as buildings with her ultimate

Horizon Cons: 

  • Her Ultimate pulls everyone inside, including her squad, so a misplaced ultimate could result in her team losing
  • Her tactical is very easy to see, and while dropping from this ability, a legend is easy to shoot at and snipe


So that’s it! Our mostly opinion-based rankings for Apex Legends in Season 8 ranked from worst to best. Don’t be too upset if you see your favorite legend at the top of this list as rankings change every season, and these rankings won’t matter if you’re genuinely good at who you play. Different legends are fitting for different playstyles. So, grab your favorite legend, grab your socks, and get ready to jump with your new knowledge of each legend!

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