Apex Legends Best Kills Ever

Apex Legends Best Kills

Best Kills Ever:

Ever wonder what the Apex Legends world record is for kills? Well, then check out these insane kill streaks by some of the best players out there. Do you think you have a chance?

15. Maydeelol – 32 kills


Rasmus "maydeelol" Zettergren is a Swedish player that is currently playing for Triumph. The greatest thing about this killstreak is that he achieved it on his main account, which was already at a high level. So although he ‘only’ got 32 kills this is still insane. Because getting kills on a smurf account is easy. On a high-level account though… Not so easy!

14. Denzaay – 32 kills


Denis "Denzaay" Brendstrup is a Polish player who is currently playing for SJP2. Holding 3 places in the top 15 has to be enough to make this absolutely epic. More awesomeness coming up below!

13. Denzaay – 33 kills


Denis "Denzaay" Brendstrup is a Polish player who is currently playing for SJP2. This killstreak is part of the top 15 in the world, and he managed this even though he would literally go into a fight without reloading his weapons. Reloading in the middle of a fight is a disadvantage. Winning a 1v3 without reloading before the time is pretty good I would say!

12. dizzy – 33 kills


Coby "dizzy" Meadows is an American player, formerly playing for NRG Esports. His Wingman plays in this match are incredible. And then there are those random moments like a no-scope kill with a Longbow that adds a touch of randomness to the calculated skill displayed in this killstreak.

11. MrSimple – 34 kills


There was no player data available for MrSimple. BUT his killstreak was still crazy. His PK one-shots at the start definitely had something to do with him reaching 35 kills. And the fact that he did it with Lifeline and not a go-to legend like Pathfinder or Wraith is pretty nice.

10. Denzaay – 35 kills


Denis "Denzaay" Brendstrup is a Polish player who is currently playing for SJP2. What really makes this killstreak shine is the Longbow quick-scopes. Oh, and the fact that they happen to be headshots at least 25% of the time. I mean, imagine, would you pick up a LONGBOW as your primary? Unless you’re INSANE. (double meaning intended, you’ll figure it out!)

9. FuTuRe – 35 kills


Jaylen "FuTuRe" Gammage is an American player who recently played for Team Singularity NA. The best thing about this is the Tripletake CQB (that’s close-quarter-battle for the uninformed). The triple take absolutely shreds, but it’s no good if you miss, which he obviously is not in the habit of doing!

8. nOOK – 36 kills


Joshua "nOOK" Nice is a British player who recently played for Team Villainous. Ok. So forget about the fact that this was done on a level 4 smurf account. It doesn’t matter. The fact that he took down 5 players within 27 seconds is INSANE. That puts this killstreak right up there with the great ones. 

7. exeratio – 36 kills


I was unable to find any data on this player, other than his Gamertag. Nonetheless, this killstreak was epic. It made the top 8 worldwide and those flying Wingman headshots are insane. 

He hits a Wingman headshot mid-grapple over another player. Oh, and if you’re thinking of jump-strafing, don’t. In the millisecond for which you hang at the apex of your jump: headshot, dead.

6. Hardecki – 36 kills


Konstantin "Hardecki" Kozlov is a Russian player who most recently played for Winstrike.

There are two insane things about this killstreak. One, he landed in the hottest spot on the map ALONE and survived. Two, his tracking was insane. You’d almost think he was using a bot… I mean, he hit a guy for over 100 damage while dropping off a building. Yikes.

5. row – 36 kills


Romain "row" Dalyis a French player currently playing for COOLER Esport. Other than the fact that he scored 36 kills, the great thing about this killstreak is the way he used his grenades to control the battlefield. No third teammate? No problem. His grenades did the missing guy’s work!

4. Mendokusaii – 36 kills


Lucas "Mendo" Håkansson is a Swedish player who plays for Team Liquid. The way he uses the different levels of cover to turn around the most awkward situation in this match is insane. 

There is no way he’d have made this killstreak if he hadn’t timed his movement from 1 level to the next perfectly to his advantage. He’d have been dead during his second fight. Not so bad. After all, some of us never even make it through the first one! Oh, and of course, he pulled it off SOLO. How long do you survive with a full squad?

3. Slempy – 37 kills


Nikita "Slempy" Makogon is a Russian-Estonian player who most recently played for Athaim. The greatest thing about this guy’s killstreak is the way he takes on the enemy players. His tracking and strafing are perfectly matched. None of the jump scare reactions you have when an enemy pop’s up! Don’t lie, you do occasionally fall out of your chair with fright, am I right?

2. Phardon – 37 kills


I could not find Phardon’s player details, but what clearly makes this kill streak epic is the perfectly calculated attacks and the amazing prioritization of targets according to the threat level. And let’s be honest. The average player will probably end up spraying bullets all over the place when faced with multiple targets, right?

1. Badoli – 39 kills


Oliver ‘Badoli’ Kurtuldu is a Danish player and he most recently played for Fnatic EU. What makes this kill streak awesome is the sheer number of people he eliminated. Out of 55 players in the lobby, he ripped through 39. Although he was on a smurf account and didn’t require much skill to be better than everybody, the fact that he managed to get 39 players before they all killed each other says something for his movement skills! 

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