Apex Legends: How To Play Gibraltar Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Gibraltar Effectively

Gibraltar, the old meta demon, is still a force to be reckoned with if you're up against the right player. Gibby has never been the easiest character to play, as there is so much that goes into making him tick.

He is a Support Legend nowadays with the recent classification changes, meaning Gibby is there to revive your team, respawn you and get your banner crafted if you get fully killed. He is a really fun Legend, but players need some tips before they can get better.

Gibraltar is a Support Legend meaning he has access to a few very specific abilities in a match that make him fantastic. First of all, Gibby can open a secret compartment in Support loot bins around the map, giving him more healing items for his team. 

Another great thing the Support class now allows your team to do is craft teammates' banners if they are fully killed. Thanks to a recent patch, now just by having Gibby on your team, someone can craft a banner when needed on your team. This is insane for public lobbies and of course the ranked environment.

Gibby’s passive abilities are up first as they are a core part of his game plan. First of all, Gibby is a pretty large guy. His hitbox is downright massive, meaning he will get shot as he can't avoid shots naturally. To alleviate this, Apex has given him the fortified passive, making him take less damage. This ability is already insane and paired with his main passive, Jesus it's nuts.

Speaking of his main passive, Gibby has access to an arm shield. When you aim down sights such as Gibraltar, an arm shield covers your screen. This covers most of Gibby’s head when people are shooting him and gives Gibby even more tanking power. You can peak more areas and have a much lower downside than other Legends, it's insane.

The next thing to discuss Gibby is his ultimate, as it's pretty okay. Gibby can throw down a grenade which calls down an air strike with a huge radius at its location. This does okay damage but is mainly there to get people off of you. The thing is though, it pairs beautifully with his tactical, which is the bread and butter of his kit.

Gibby’s tactical is his dome shield, a shield that he can throw down for cover. This shield has no health, cannot be destroyed aside from a Mad Maggie ball and a Crypto Ultimate, and provides crazy close-range fighting capabilities which I will discuss later.

Gibby is a great Legend, but he isn't as good as he used to be. This is because they changed his final ability. Inside his dome shield, Gibraltar can revive his teammates quicker. 

A special animation plays and Gibby gets them back on their feet. Before, you could even heal quicker here. To cover that loss, lifeline is a great Legend to pair with Gibby as you can heal the team whilst he revives them.

Now you know how great Gibby is, let's discuss how to play him better.


How to Play Gibraltar Effectively:


15. Only use your Dome Shield when you need it


Because of how powerful Gibraltar’s Dome Shield is and its awful cooldown, only use it when you need it. This isn't an ability you can just throw out at random, really think about when you need to stop damage or fight inside of it.


14. Peak when you want


Because of how powerful the pairing of Fortified and the Arm Shield is, you can peak when you want as Gibraltar. Pairing this up with a sniper rifle or a longer-range gun is an insane option for high-damage games.


13. Use your arm shield to block shots


Your arm shield is more than just cover, even if you have no ammo or don't want to shoot just yet, aim down sights to block shots. It's a great idea early on and can let you get out of some sticky situations as Gibby turns into a bullet sponge.


12. Turn off your arm shield when you need to


One interesting thing about Gibby’s arm shield is that you can turn it off. Remember, this thing can break, and sometimes it's just a waste to use it. Therefore, turn it off when you think it's a waste, and save it for the next close fight.


11. Make sure to carry more medical supplies for your team


At the end of the day, Gibby is a Support Legend, so act like it. Make sure to pick up those medical supplies people leave behind as you can give the team some more if the sanctity of your bubble is in a fight.


10. Stick with your team

Gibby might be a great Legend to push fights with, but just make sure you are with your team if you do so. His abilities are so powerful in a coordinated team, so use them to your advantage. Stick with your team to truly get the most out of Gibby.


9. Throw the dome down in a team fight


The best way to use your dome is to throw it down in a fight. When you feel cornered, or someone is about to push, throw down the shield to block damage or engage in a very interesting dance of shots.


8. Learn how to play around the dome


Speaking of dance, that's really what it feels like when you've mastered fighting inside of the dome. Peaking in and out, timing shots and punishing your opponent for over-extending. It's a great thing to learn and separates the decent Gibby players from the best.


7. Fight in the dome with a shotgun


The best gun to use in a dome fight has to be a shotgun. Other guns work, but nothing is better than getting that tasty one-shot with a peacekeeper. If you want to learn the Gibby Dance, get a peacekeeper in your inventory, and thank me later.


6. Loadout options


Gibby isn't all about dome fights though, as you still need a good setup for other situations. Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


5. Use his ultimate in a massive fight


Though his ultimate is on a long cooldown, it's best used in a massive fight. If you have a few teams around you engaged in combat, throw that grenade down. You most likely won't get any kills or knocks, but it stops people from doing anything for a bit. Giving you a heal reset and allowing you to prepare for what's next.


4. Throw it down to run away as well


Another way to use your ultimate is to run away. Because of how powerful the ultimate can be in the open, throw it down and get running. It provides great cover and no one's gonna run through that just to kill you.


3. Sit in your dome to bait enemies


If you've mastered the dome dance, then this is the final step. Just by throwing down the Dome, a fight will usually initiate. People don't like Gibby when he just throws down the bubble as if they want to kill him. That's why you bait them with it. Throw it down, and wait for the rats to swarm.


2. You are a tank, act like it.


Gibby is a Support, but also a tank in every situation. You are the one who should be taking shots and fighting. Keep playing with your team and anchor them. The bubble should be a sign of “stay here and fight”, so get used to fighting for your team like a loyal knight.


1. Being outside of the Dome is as effective as being inside of it.


Finally, one thing many Gibby players forget about is being outside of their bubble once it's down. Now, you should still play in and out of the thing, but playing outside is even more fun. You can bait enemies even more with this, as they will push up looking for an easy kill. Dance in the bubble, but just remember being outside is still effective.

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