Apex Legends: How To Play Wraith Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Wraith Effectively

Wraith is one of the most picked legends in the game for a reason. Yes, she is used by sweaty gamers who want to act like professionals, but her kit is quite good. Wraith can be used in various ways, but to play her effectively, there are a few things to understand.

Wraith is a Skirmisher legend, meaning she can see where care packages are going to land on her map and also scan them to see what's inside.

Whilst she doesn't get any bonus like Pathfinder, being able to see what loot is nearby is fantastic for any player. This is especially good for sweaty players who want that Kraber or L-STAR as quickly as possible.

Her actual passive is sadly quite bad, but can be useful in some situations. Due to her connections to the void and the multiple reality versions of herself running around, Wraith has access to a third eye of sorts.

Her passive gives her small callouts when people either aim down sites are her, scope in around her team or even get shot at. These callouts are pretty loud and are noted by your team, but they don't help too much.

Now let's get into her main abilities and the reason people love her so much. First of all, is her tactical ability. This is the bread and butter of Wraith’s kit and the main reason people pick her in the first place. Her tactical allow her to phase out after a short charge-up. 

In this state not only is Wraith invisible aside from a trail, she is invulnerable. Wraith cannot attack those around here in this state but can move around as normal. This ability is fantastic for aggressive plays or just getting away from a tough battle.

Finally, we have Wraith’s ultimate, the ability that makes her fantastic for ranked play. With her ultimate, Wraith can place a two-way portal. She places one on the initial cast and then places another when either the ability runs out or she cancels it herself. 

Whilst in this portal, she and anyone who goes through it are invulnerable but cannot move. They are forced to move to the other end of the portal. Whilst casting the portal, you also slowly increase in speed depending on how long you have left in the ability.

Wraith is a perfect solo legend for anyone who wants to play the game, but she does have some weaknesses. Sometimes you get caught off guard and need to move around the map. Yes, Wraith can do this with her ultimate, but another movement legend is preferred. Run Wraith with an Octane and Pathfinder for a sweaty movement set up in ranked or casual play.

Now that you know what Wraith can do, let's see how to play her to an even higher standard.


How to Play Wraith Effectively


15. Don't rely on her passive

As I've noted, Wraith’s passive isn't that good. Sometimes it can be helpful, but try not to rely on it for callouts. Watch for snipers yourself in the natural locations for them to be, and also just play smartly around cover so you don't need to wait for that voice in your head to say something.


14. Pointing out traps

One thing her passive tends to do quite well is pointing out traps you are about to run into. Whether it's Wattson fences or Caustic traps, the voice in your head should say something if you are near one. The only time this passive is somewhat useful.


13. Move whilst phasing

When Wraith hits her phase, she gets a small movement penalty, so one of the ways to avoid getting shot is to keep moving and in weird patterns. Don't just run in a straight line as that will get you killed more often than not. Play smartly and move around.


12. Crouch spam whilst phasing

Another way you can move around whilst phasing is to crouch spam. This will change your hitbox constantly and stop people from getting free shots on you. Use this whilst moving for optimal effect and hopefully, you can get that phase safer in the future.


11. You lose debuffs in your phase

A great thing about her phase other than its safety and movement speed, is that it cleanses all debuffs. Whether you are stunned from a Wattson fence, coughing from Caustic gas or blinded by a Maggie Ball, this will get rid of it all. This is fantastic for putting pressure on enemies who think they have the upper hand.


10. Play off-angles

Because of her movement power and overall safety thanks to her abilities, you can play off angles quite well with a legend like Wraith. Go away from your team for a short amount of time to get weird angles on your enemies or even to get a knock.


9. Play aggro on your own

In the same vein as taking off angles, Wraith can push on her own to a point. If you initiate a fight with someone from another team, just remember you can back up or push forward easily and safely thanks to her abilities.


8. Stick near your team at least

Don't underestimate the power of teammates though, as despite Wraith being good at splitting off from her team, you still want to play around them somewhat. Whether it's pushing with them or being around them so you can fall back towards them. Teammates are crucial to success, especially in ranked.


7. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


6. 45m threshold

The 45m threshold relates to Wraith’s tactical, as that's how far you can travel within it. Keep this in mind and get a grasp of how far that is so you can back up to your team if you need to. This is great to understand, especially if you are taking risky angles away from your team.


5. Use your tactical to wait outside your ultimate

One of the safest ways and most efficient ways to use her tactical and ultimate together is to wait outside your portal whilst phasing. If you wait until your phase ends, you can instantly go through your portal to safety or a better position.


4. Ultimate baits

Wraith’s ultimate seems to attract players like a moth to a flame, they always want to go through it. Even though you will most likely use her ultimate for pushing or safety, you can use it as a strap. Whether that's putting the end off of the map or leading an enemy into a caustic trap-filled room.


3. Put the ultimate in a safe space

If you want to get the most out of your ultimate and use it as safely as possible, place the starting end in a safe spot. This means you can place the other end wherever you want and still have a nice area to fall back on. This is especially true if you want to be aggressive with your ultimate and take some space from the enemy team.


2. You are the leader of the team

One thing people forget about Wraith is that she is the leader of a team. Despite being great at playing away from her team and pushing on her own, Wraith is the leader. She is the one who initiates team fights, she is the one who should get the first pick, and she is the one who can get her team away if needed. She is the puppet master of most teams, and you need to remember that especially if you play ranked a lot.


1. Movement Techniques

This one is pretty basic, but something that takes Wraith to another level. Learning all the movement techniques in the game like super glides, wall bounces and tap strafes are key to playing Wraith as effectively as possible. 

You can move so much fast and use these in conjunction with her abilities to maximum effect. If you want to play Wraith, get used to the movement and you will be a beast in combat.

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