Apex Legends: How To Play Ash Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Ash Effectively

Despite her many downsides, Ash is easily one of the most fun Legends to play in the game. Though she isn't the best, she still has some properties that can make her a threat in the Apex Games. The trick with her though, is to play her as effectively as possible.

Ash is an Assault Legend, meaning she can open Assault bins around the map to gain more attachments for her and her team’s weapons, it also allows her to carry more ammo in each backpack slot. This makes her invaluable on a team, as she can carry ammo for others and even get their guns kitted quicker. 

At a basic level, Ash should be pushing every fight she can find. At the end of the day, she is a Legend who can push a fight out of the blue or even escape in an instant. Playing her optimally is the name of the game though, otherwise you might just get yourself killed. 

Ash’s tactical ability allows her to throw a shuriken that moves very quickly in whatever direction she fires it. When this hits an opponent or some terrain like a wall or the ground, it chains whoever is in the area to the ground. 

This means they cannot escape its small area, leaving them open for a free kill, or easy grenade damage. This ability is super important to Ash’s game plan as she can throw it so quickly, meaning it will catch people off guard. Enemies seriously won't see it coming after her recent buffs.

Ash’s passive ability gives her the power to find where enemies are after they kill someone. If Ash goes up to a death box, she can use her passive on it. She pulls out her pilot’s knife and scans where the killers of those players are right now on the map. 

Though it's not as invaluable as it used to be, It's still super important in high-engagement lobbies. If you want to keep pushing fights, Ash might be the Legend for you. Ash works incredibly well when you are the only informational Legend on the squad, as you can use her tracking to its fullest.

Finally, Ash’s ultimate ability is what makes her so fun. With the press of a button, Ash pulls out her sword and cuts into the very fabric of space and time to teleport across the map. She can target a certain area in this ability and move straight towards it. Now, it's not instant, but just like a wraith in her portal, you cannot be shot. 

Ash will create a one-way slice, allowing people to come through it, but not go back. This is fantastic for pushing fights with your team as you can get the high ground out of nowhere. On the other hand, you can also use this for escape as your entire team can just get the hell out of there in an instant.

All of these abilities make Ash an insanely fun Legend, but not one of the best. She has some downsides, so playing her as smart as possible is the way to get better at this Assault Legend. Another way to make her better is by pairing her up with other Legends that complement her. 

I think adding another mobile Legend to her team is a great idea because boosting her already great movement abilities is fantastic for pushing fights and escaping easier. Characters like Octane or Pathfinder are a good shout.

Now you know how to play Ash, let's discuss how to play her better.


How to Play Ash Effectively:


15. Use your tactical as much as possible.


The cooldown on Ash’s tactical is super short, meaning you should use it as much as possible. It moves insanely fast across the battlefield, so throw it out at enemies whenever you feel like it. Don't feel like you should save it for the best situation, just throw that thing out and hope for the best.


14. Use it after your ultimate lands to catch enemies.


One of the best tactics with Ash’s ultimate is the idea of throwing down your tactic as soon as you reach the end of your portal. This will trap any enemies who come through after you, basically giving you a free kill. It's super easy to do as well, just look at the ground and press the ability, you got this.


13. Remember to carry grenades.


When someone is snared by your tactical, shooting isn't always an option. You might have trapped them in a weird location, so make sure to carry grenades to throw at them. This will either kill them or do some insane damage.


12. Mark death boxes.


It might sound basic, but many Ash players just don't do it. As soon as you see a death box you can get to, make sure to mark it. This will tell you the location of the killers, and even tell you if they've already been killed. It's a great ability, especially if you don't have a recon Legend on your team to scan those beacons.


11. You can mark the same team multiple times.


If you find an entire dead squad, make sure to mark each death box to see where the enemy team is. You can mark the same squad multiple times so if they've moved a decent amount since you've scanned the first box, mark the next one to see their location.


10. If your tactical lands on a mobile Legend they still can't escape.


Ash’s tactical tethers people to the floor, but even Legends like Valkyrie and Pathfinder cannot get out of it with their abilities. They are as stuck as the rest of them, so maybe prioritise those Legends in a fight to make sure their team cannot escape.


9. You are a rush-down Legend, so act like it.


Ash is a Legend who wants to be pushing fights as much as possible, it's kinda her thing. You have all the tools in your arsenal to push fights and get out safely, so do it. Play with your team and get into fights, it's the best way to play her in public lobbies. Not to mention it's what makes her super fun.


8. Use your ultimate as much as you like.


Because of her ultimate and its cooldown, it's probably best to just use it whenever you want. Whether it's to get across no man’s land, push a fight or just move around the map quicker. It's all worth it. Yeah, it's loud, but you want a fight so cmon, just do it.


7. Push fights with your ultimate.


Her ultimate is fantastic for getting into a fight and destroying enemies. You can take the high ground in an instant, get in the enemy’s face or just get into a better position to clear them out. Get in, clean up and move on to the next fight.


6. Run away with your ultimate.


Though it's great at pushing fights, the ultimate is also equally great at getting out of them. If you or your team needs to make a hasty escape, then use your ultimate to get out of there. Just remember, if you push in with your ultimate, you won't be able to push out with it.


5. Bait enemies with your ultimate.


Another cool Ash strategy to become a better player is baiting with her ultimate. It's a super loud ability, and people will probably just wanna go through the cool portal. This can be used to your advantage as leading enemies to a Wattson, Caustic or Rampart trap is easy. Enemies will walk into your portal, and die on the other side.


4. Pick the right weapon loadout.


Just like every other Legend in the game, Ash needs a good setup for her game plan to work. I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


3. Your hitbox is pretty small.


Ash’s hitbox is actually kind of weird as she's pretty small with thin spindly legs. This means she can be hard to hit for some players. Use this to your advantage with movement techniques. Wall bounce, slide or just jump in a fight to avoid shots. Your hitbox will amplify the upsides of these techniques as it's so tiny.


2. Footsteps are loud for some reason.


If you are someone who owns Ash’s Heirloom, then listen up. Though it was said to be fixed in a recent patch, sometimes her footsteps are insanely loud with it equipped. Just be mindful of this when hiding or ratting in ranked lobbies. Enemies can hear you from a mile away.


1. Use your tactical on doors.


Finally, the best way to play Ash effectively is by using the door trick. Similar to Wattson, sitting on a door with Ash is a great idea when being pushed. If you wait for enemies to push to the door, set up your tactical next to it and run away. They will run through the door and get snared. It's hard to get down, but if you learn it, it's one of the best tools in your arsenal for sure.


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