[Top 15] Persona 5 Best Personas

Persona 5 Best Personas
Joker out here looking like a Blink-182 album cover.

When it comes to playing Persona, it’s all about finding the right one for the job. Its weaknesses, its strengths, and its stats all really come together to play a role in how effective it is. There are almost 200 Personas available in the game that can be obtained in various ways. Obtaining them all to add them to the Persona Compendium in the Velvet Room is a feat in and of itself. Whether your goal is to grind your way through Mementos, make your way through the next palace, or to simply locate Personas you’re missing from your repertoire, here are some of the best Personas to make that job less arduous.


15. King Frost

The most royal of Hee-Hos!

Jack Frost is arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the Persona franchise with that marketable appearance of his. There’s a handful of Jacks in the Persona universe including Jack Frost, Pyro Jack (Jack-o’-Lantern in this game), and Black Frost. However, the most royal and luxurious of them all is King Frost, bearing a crown, sigil, and staff, prepared to leave a freeze over your foes they won’t soon forget!

He has a variety of ice-related capabilities including Bufudyne, Freeze Boost, and Ice Amp, making him fantastic against those with an ice weakness. Though he has few resistances, he doesn’t bear any weaknesses, making it that much harder to be downed. He also has a wide variety of fusion recipes, having over 100 different variations that can lead to a King Frost outcome!

Able to be obtained by level 61, King Frost is a good choice for those who still have some leveling or confidant maxing to do. Even if you don’t want to use the Persona as an active battle tactic, you can use the electric chair to turn him into King Frost Cape, a unisex armor piece which has a high ice damage reduction, 140 defense, and 16 evasion. You can also just have him in your Persona stock to help further the Emperor confidant and fellow party member, Yusuke Kitigawa.

Choose King Frost if…

  • It’s just a little too early in the game to fuse endgame Personas and you want a powerful ally
  • You want something with strong ice attacks like Bufudyne
  • You want something that won’t get you knocked down because it has no weaknesses

How to get King Frost: Reach level 61 and fuse Okuninushi and Regent for the cheapest and easiest outcome or negotiate with King Frost in battle.

King Frost details: “The king of snow who rules over an infinite number of Jack Frosts. He has the power to freeze the entire world, but is unaware of it due to his naÏve personality.” Strength: 38, Magic: 39, Endurance: 45, Agility: 33, Luck: 35


14. Black Frost

The most devilish of Hee-Hos...

Take everything that’s great about Jack Frost as a mascot and just make him look more devious and mischievous. A black and red color scheme, a set of fangs, and an overall evil appearance that takes away from the cuteness that can be found in Jack Frost. That’s how you get the uncanny, big yet little guy, Black Frost!

He, too, has a wide range of ice-related attacks hailing from the “Frost” family of Jacks such as Mabufudyne and the ultimate ice attack, Diamond Dust. He also possesses some strong physical and gun attacks in the form of Miracle Punch and One-Shot Kill. If that also wasn’t good enough, while he already naturally repels fire as a resistance, the Repel Fire skill is also added onto him at later levels, making him great for fusing with other Personas.

You can obtain him at level 67 after some prerequisites and is a good choice to invest in due to his incredible skills and stats. He possesses no weaknesses and repels/drains 40% of the different elemental and physical attacks in the game. And if that isn’t doing it for you, you can always use him to fill up your Persona compendium with some even stronger Personas later on.

Choose Black Frost if… 

  • It’s just a little too early in the game to fuse endgame Personas and you want a powerful ally
  • You want something with strong ice attacks like Mabufudyne and Diamond Dust 
  • You want something with plenty of resistances that repel, nullify, and absorb damage

How to get Black Frost: Complete the “One Who Bullies Bullies” request, obtain the Evil Snow Crystal key item, reach at least level 67, and fuse Jack Frost, Jack-o’-Lantern, and King Frost.

Black Frost details: “A Jack Frost that yearned for evil. This powerful demon is born when a cute Jack Frost remembers its nature as a demon.” Strength: 44, Magic: 46, Endurance: 41, Agility: 42, Luck: 35


13. Siegfried

You needed SPF 200, man.

King Frost and Black Frost were cutesie in nature in comparison to this next Persona. Siegfried is a beast with loads of potential if you’re willing to put in the work. With his trusty sword and medieval-esque garb, he will run through your foes in one fell swoop!

Siegfried is a very simple Persona and, with the exception of a few enemies with resistances or reflections to physical attacks, is an easy first choice when it comes to battling against various forms of shadows. What he lacks in his own resistances and defenses, he makes up for in various strong skills, such as Megaton Raid and Vorpal Blade. If you’re also wanting to beef up your arsenal of skills, he also obtains Auto-Mataru which automatically casts Matarukaja on the party at the beginning of battle and Charge so as to further strengthen your heavy hitting attacks.

To clarify, in case it wasn’t already a well-known fact, if you cast Charge or Concentrate and then add an attack buff, such as Tarukaja or a Muscle Drink, the damage multiplier stacks and you will further decimate foes. Should you wish to use Siegfried in other ways, one such way is to use him on the electric chair and he will grant you the Vorpal Blade skill card. Add this to any heavy hitter and you will soon find out that you will be unstoppable.

Choose Siegfried if… 

  • You want heavy hitting skills like Megaton Raid or Vorpal Blade
  • You want to use him as fusion material to steal his skills and apply them to a new Persona
  • You want to use him as electric chair material to receive his Vorpal Blade skill card

How to get Siegfried: Reach level 69 (nice) and fuse Valkyrie and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome or negotiate with him in battle.

Siegfried details: “The German name of the epic hero in the poem, ‘The Nibelungenlied.’ The dragon Fafnir’s blood made him invincible, but a single leaf on his back resulted in a weak spot.” Strength: 51, Magic: 37, Endurance: 47, Agility: 48, Luck: 31


12. Raphael

Is your power level over 9000?

As is the case with many Persona games, in the latter half of the game towards the climax, we start to get into Judeo-Christian lore with a variety of Personas taken from biblical texts. Raphael is an archangel with Judaistic roots, though has made appearances in some other religions. He is a powerful adversary, to be sure, but equally as useful a Persona to be wielded.

Raphael has an especially powerful skill known as Heat Riser which increases the attack, defense, and agility of one ally for 3 turns. It can give the pinch hitters in your party the extra “oof” they need in a flash. And though he has a few other skills that are handy, should you want to level him, but want to utilize some of the other Personas in your arsenal for whatever reason, he possesses the Growth 3 ability, allowing him to gain full EXP from battles even while inactive.

One of the things with using buff spells or items like Charge and -Kaja abilities is that there is no need to stay on the same Persona. By this point, you may very well have other Personas which are stronger than Raphael and that’s perfectly acceptable. If you use his Heat Riser ability as well as Charge and then decide to utilize one of your other Persona’s abilities, that is probably for the best!

Choose Raphael if… 

  • You want the ultimate Persona of the Lovers arcana, Ishtar 
  • You want a Persona that is useful as a buff dealer 
  • You want a Persona with fairly balanced stats

How to get Raphael: Reach level 78 and fuse Parvati and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome

Raphael details: “One of the four major archangels, his name means ‘healer.’ He recites the history of the fallen angels and the creation of Adam and Eve.” Strength: 57, Magic: 45, Endurance: 49, Agility: 55, Luck: 35


11. Gabriel

Are we gonna frolick through the flowers or slice & dice?

The interesting thing with this next Persona is how it is, by level, a weaker Persona. Gabriel is yet another archangel from Judeo-Christian biblical lore. Despite possessing a lower rank to that of Raphael, she holds many helpful abilities as well as has stats on par with that of her brother.

Gabriel out of the gate with no leveling involved possesses the abilities Mabufudyne and Maziodyne. Personas that hold multiple elemental attacks are fairly rare as most Personas have an affinity and tend to stick to that affinity. Besides that, if you run into a powerful enemy, Gabriel possesses a lot of evasion-related abilities such as Touch n’ Go, Evade Curse, and Ali Dance, making you a slippery adversary to shadows who wish to do you harm.

Gabriel possesses no weaknesses and not very many resistances, but in the resistances she does possess, she nullifies Psychic attacks and absorbs Bless attacks. Keep in mind, however, that if you hold a Persona with an absorption to Bless or Curse skills, they will not absorb, but merely nullify Mudo and Hama related skills. Also, don’t be afraid to use her on the Electric Chair as you will receive a Mabufudyne skill card which will come in handy when crafting your next go to Persona.

Choose Gabriel if…

  • You want strong elemental attacks that hurt all enemies for various situations 
  • You want to prioritize evasion over strength and defense
  • You want to be immune to one hit Bless skills and harder to kill via one hit Curse skills

How to get Gabriel: Reach level 77 and fuse Seiryu and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Gabriel details: “One of the four major archangels. She is also the only female angel at this rank. Her name comes from the Sumerian word for ‘governor.’ She is the angel who told Mary of her pregnancy.” Strength: 43, Magic: 51, Endurance: 48, Agility: 54, Luck: 42


10. Michael

You did javelin in high school and can't get over your glory days, huh?

Michael is a big, bad fighting machine and is at the top of the angelic food chain. A warrior at heart, anybody who gets in his way is a goner. Between his stats, abilities, and lack of weaknesses, Michael is a great bet for those who want to walk away from a battle with minimal damage.

Where Raphael has Heat Riser, which can buff stats for one ally for 3 turns, Michael has Debilitate which debuffs the stats of one foe for 3 turns. He also has an arsenal of abilities that deal heavy to colossal damage, many of which hit all enemies too. And if that wasn’t enough, top that all off with a resistance to gun damage, repulsion to Bless skills, and a nullification to Curse skills.

Something useful is to have buff and debuff skills all in one place and, with Michael already possessing Debilitate, it’s a no-brainer to have him inherit Heat Riser from Raphael. If utilizing this style of ability organization, in this particular instance, the best way to move forward approaching a battle is to use Debilitate, so that the foe is less effective to all your party members, to then use Heat Riser on yourself so that you are more effective against foes, and then use Sword Dance, an ability Michael possesses that deals colossal physical damage to one foe with a high critical rate. Unless the foe possesses a resistance to physical attacks, even a normal foe that doesn’t possess anything of merit in relation to physical attacks is bound to not only be knocked down by the critical hit, but also lose a large portion of HP, making it an especially winning strategy against bosses.

Choose Michael if… 

  • You like inflicting not just small amounts of pain, but huge amounts of pain to many enemies in a short period of time 
  • You’re close to endgame and want to get closer to completing your angel Persona collection 
  • You’re strategic and you like bulk debuffing before unleashing a full frontal assault

How to get Michael: Reach confidant rank 5, reach level 87, and then fuse Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel in an advanced fusion.

Michael details: “One of the four major archangels, he is at the top of the angelic hierarchy. He carries a long spear that can cut through anything, and his name means ‘one who is like God.’” Strength: 57, Magic: 54, Endurance: 55, Agility: 56, Luck:46 


9. Ishtar

Goddess of Love... Giant horns... Sus?

When battling in Persona, Joker tends to be your heavy hitter being the protagonist with the wild card ability. You gather Personas through means of fusion and negotiating, and more often than not you’re trying to find Personas with incredible offensive abilities. But let’s not disregard a spotless defense or support, as is the case with Ishtar, goddess of love, war, and fertility.

Ishtar technically bears only one weakness in the form of wind magic, however also bears the ability Absorb Wind which turns her weakness into an HP farming tool. Other abilities for healing include Mediarahan, which fully restores the party’s HP, Samarecarm, which revives one ally with full HP, and Salvation, which fully restores the party’s HP and cures ailments with the exception of unique status effects. And if your worry is that these abilities will be intense SP drainers, have no fear because Ishtar also comes with the ability Spell Master which halves the SP needed for magic skills.

If you know that you’re going into a battle with Joker being your main healing guy because he has someone like Ishtar, don’t waste time bringing in other healers like Morgana, Ann, or Makoto. Focus on Joker being used for healing, bring in your other heavy hitters like Ryuji and Yusuke, and watch how your battles go more smoothly with a balanced party. For that matter, scale the battle: obviously if you go headfirst into a battle and you come to the realization that it’s going to be tougher than you thought, maybe you should keep Joker on Ishtar, even if it means that the battle might go slower because at least you’ll come out of the battle less hurt.

Choose Ishtar if… 

  • You desire to have a strong defense in the form of healing 
  • You want to utilize those spells at a lower SP cost using Spell Master 
  • You want to brag that you waifu’d Ann

How to get Ishtar: Reach the Lovers confidant to max, reach level 85, and fuse Raphael and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Ishtar details: “The revered goddess of war and love in ancient Mesopotamia. She seduced many men to their doom. When Gilgamesh, the hero, spurned her, she murdered his best friend, Enkidu.” Strength: 48, Magic: 59, Endurance: 49, Agility: 58, Luck: 48


8. Kohryu

The Hierophant is indicative of a sharp figure, but come on, this is just ridiculous!

The rewarding thing about confidants is not only do you finish off a side story or top off a connection that you’ve been associating yourself with, resolving their struggles to completion, but you get an ultimate Persona for the major arcana they are associated with too. Sojiro Sakura is the father figure of Persona 5, taking care of Joker while he is on probation for the coming year. Kohryu is the perfect Persona to encapsulate the wisdom and strength that that character brings to the table.

During earlier levels of the game, elemental attacks tend to focus or revolve around the four main ones, Agi, Garu, Bufu, and Zio. Kohryu, very similarly to other late game Personas, introduces powerful psychic magic skills in the form of Mapsiodyne and Psycho Force. He also, like the previous Persona on this list, has Spell Master making SP skills less costly, which also makes utilizing his skill Concentrate a much more fruitful endeavor.

Passive skills are useful in that either before, during, or after the battle, they will take into effect the stipulations that they describe at no cost to the user. This means that utilizing Kohryu’s ability, Life Aid, is a no-brainer. If you’re in battle using other Personas, if possible, it would be wise to at least finish off the battle using Kohryu as Life Aid restores 8% of HP and SP after the completion of a battle.

Choose Kohryu if… 

  • You are in need of powerful Psychic abilities that late game shadows tend to have weaknesses to 
  • You need Spell Master to offset the cost associated with using powerful Psychic abilities 
  • You want an easy way to restore Joker’s HP and SP without having to use items or magic skills

How to get Kohryu: Reach the Hierophant confidant to max, reach level 76, and fuse Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, and Genbu.

Kohryu details: “Known as the Gold Dragon, it rules over the Ssu-Ling, celestial creatures of Chinese lore. It is located at the center of the four beasts.” Strength: 43, Magic: 51, Endurance: 50, Agility: 53, Luck: 38


7. Chi You

A weapon for every situation!

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought Gilgamesh of the Final Fantasy series somehow stumbled upon this list. A powerful ally, Chi You possesses weapons galore of his very own machinations. Ironically, as much as you’d look at him and think that his specialty would be physical attacks, the contrary is the fact of the matter.

Chi You starts off with Gigantomachia, a skill that deals colossal damage to all foes and is a very strong start to his repertoire. Things continue going well in the realm of his abilities, though in an odd direction, as his skillset, much like Kohryu’s, is primarily Psychic-focused. He possesses the aforementioned Psycho Force ability as well as the Psychic Blast ability which also deals a ton of damage, but to multiple foes rather than just one.

While magic skills can be a problem and a surefire way to receive a one way ticket to an early grave, physical attacks can also be tough to deal with, and this also includes gun skills. Thankfully, Chi You comes with resistances to both, making him a good choice when you’re in a fight against a shadow you know is dealing a slew of physical attacks. So you can either buff your defense and see what would normally do 100s in damage with no resistances go down to the 20s or you can wait for Chi You to achieve the Repel Phys skill, debuff your defense, and knock those attacks right back at someone their own size!

Choose Chi You if… 

  • You want a Persona with balanced stats that can take a punch
  • You want a Persona with strong Psychic magic skills 
  • You want a Persona with a strong physical attack and are needing to wipe out groups of enemies in one turn or less

How to get Chi You: Reach the Chariot confidant to max, reach level 86, and fuse Yoshitsune, Cu Chulainn, Thor, Hecatoncheires, and White Rider.

Chi You details: “A Chinese god of war, he is said to have invented many weapons. He and his followers rebelled against the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, but were ultimately defeated.” Strength: 54, Magic: 56, Endurance: 53, Agility: 52, Luck: 50


6. Mother Harlot

You should sue your plastic surgeon.

You have some Personas that have very good stats, but just look underwhelming. You have some Personas that look like something out of an art piece, but just aren’t gonna cut it in a battle. Mother Harlot is an example of a super cool looking Persona that can really bring the goods to the table in a pinch.

One of Mother Harlot’s biggest strengths is her affinity for ice magic with skills such as Mabufudyne and Ice Age. This affinity becomes even more handy with the use of Ice Amp, strengthening those skills by 50%. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can’t go wrong with Mamudoon, a Curse instant death magic skill.

When it comes to instant death magic, however, whether it’s Bless or Curse skills, you’re better off not using it. The only time it’s truly feasible is if the enemy that it’s being used on has a weakness to it. So if you want to use Mother Harlot’s Mamudoon skill, wait until you’ve a big group of enemies that all or mostly all fulfill that weakness requirement, and definitely utilize it because of Mother Harlot’s innate Mudo Boost ability, which increases the rate at which instant death skills by curse magic work.

Choose Mother Harlot if… 

  • You’re in need of heavy hitting ice magic that casts a wide net 
  • You’re in need of instant death curse magic and want it to be at its most effective 
  • You want your Persona to not only function well, but for it to also look badass

How to get Mother Harlot: Reach the Empress confidant to max, reach level 80, and fuse Titania and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Mother Harlot details: “The fiend known as the ‘Whore of Babylon,’ riding a beast with seven heads and ten horns, she carries a golden cup of abominations and the filth of her acts.” Strength: 55, Magic: 48, Endurance: 46, Agility: 49, Luck: 49 


5. Zaou Gongen

Touch me with the lights off and the chains on.

Mother Harlot is a great Persona when it comes to ice magic and possesses a high strength stat, but lacks in physical attacks. Chi You deals in Psychic magic, but, while strong, isn’t very practical as a go to Persona if you’re wanting to focus on striking weaknesses, as those who possess a weakness to Psychic magic are few and far between. Zaou Gongen, however, turns up the heat and doesn’t pull his punches.

He possesses God’s Hand which deals colossal physical damage to one enemy and is a powerful tool when paired with someone who has a high strength stat, which he just so happens to have. In terms of magic skills, he specializes in fire magic, using Maragidyne and Blazing Hell to scorch his foes. If that wasn’t enough, if you’ve run out of SP and are low on HP,Cripple strengthens gun attacks by 50%, making him a decent choice if you’re in a tight spot and want to skim away enemies’ HP as efficiently as you can.

For that matter, if you are low on HP, whether you’re actively using this Persona or not, equip this Persona as soon as you can. If you have no way to heal, Zaou Gongen possesses the ability Enduring Soul, which will allow you to take a fatal hit and survive it, restoring your HP to full in the process. It’s a good little way to cheat looming death if you’re between a rock and a hard place.

Choose Zaou Gongen if… 

  • You want a strong, hard-hitting Persona with good physical and gun capabilities 
  • You have no healing items and want an easy way to heal, even on the brink of death 
  • You’re in need of heavy hitting fire magic that casts a wide net

How to get Zaou Gongen: Reach the Strength confidant to max, reach level 80, and fuse Siegfried and Queen’s Necklace for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Zaou Gongen details: “Repeller of evil found at Kinpusen by En-no-Ozunu. Believed to be a fusion of Buddha, Guanyin, and Maitreya, he is a god who originated from Japan rather than the Buddhavacana.” Strength: 57, Magic: 45, Endurance: 50, Agility: 56, Luck: 39


4. Odin

Buddy, it's like 5 degrees in Midgard, get some clothes on.

Anyone who has played Persona 3 knows the effectiveness of thunder magic, especially using the fusion spell Thunder Call which has a high chance of inflicting shock and deals severe thunder damage to all enemies. That spell called for the player to have Thor and Take-Mikazuchi in their Persona stock for it to be performed. In Persona 5, however, you have all the thunder you could ask for all in one place, and that place is known as Odin.

(Please note that the above image is not representative of Odin’s innate inheritances or starting abilities in Persona 5) Odin has many things which make him a coveted ally in your repertoire. He possesses the Thunder Reign and Wild Thunder abilities, which deal severe thunder damage to one foe and all foes, respectively, as well as the Elec Amp ability which strengthens electric attacks by 50%. He also has the Concentrate ability, furthering the effectiveness of his magic skills by 2.5x.

One of the best things about Odin is his repulsion of both Bless and Curse skills. If you want a surefire way to handle instant death skills, equip him. You not only will not have to deal with the agonizing hair pulling that is getting instant killed for not being prepared, but you may even cause the enemy trying to screw you over to get screwed over by him/herself!

Choose Odin if… 

  • You want heavy hitting electric attacks that are laser-focused or cast a wide net 
  • You want a physical attack that damages a foe multiple times 
  • You’re sick of instantly dying to Bless and Curse skills

How to get Odin: Reach the Emperor confidant to max, reach level 82, and fuse Oberon and Regent for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Odin details: “The father of all gods in Norse legend. He willingly sacrificed one eye to gain wisdom. In preparation for Ragnarok, he gathers souls of fallen warriors to his hall, Valhalla.” Strength: 53, Magic: 52, Endurance: 54, Agility: 52, Luck: 42


3. Satan

You're one ugly mother, no doubt about it.

There are many gods, angels, and mythical beings you can get in Persona 5. Some are from Norse mythology, some are from Greek mythology, and some are Judeo-Christian biblical in nature. But you sit there and you tell me that summoning Satan isn’t the most goth, most awesome thing you’ve ever heard of.

One of the most impressive things about Satan isn’t how iconic he is as an entity, however, but moreso, in the context of Persona itself, his awesome ice skills Diamond Dust and Ice Age which cause severe ice damage to one foe and all foes, respectively. If elemental skills aren’t cutting it for you though and physical skills are also not hitting like they’re supposed to, try Black Viper, a spell that deals severe almighty damage to one foe. And if you’re in a tight squeeze, with few or no healing items to your name, Regenerate 3 and Invigorate 3 will restore some of your HP and SP per turn, making Satan a handy choice when you’re down on your luck.

Satan is already impressive himself with all the things he has to offer as a Persona. If you want to make more use out of him, however, you can use him on the Electric Chair and receive a male armor piece which not only has high defense and evasion stats, but also possesses a high magic damage reduction. That being said, don’t sleep on this Persona as an active member in your stock, so consider hitting the compendium and buying him again even after you use him for his item, especially if you have the cash.

Choose Satan if… 

  • You want to use heavy hitting ice attacks that cast a wide net 
  • You are going up against something with many weaknesses and could use an almighty ability 
  • You want to brag that you can summon Satan

How to get Satan: Reach the Judgement confidant to max, reach level 92, and fuse Abaddon and Stone of Scone for the cheapest and easiest outcome.

Satan details: “The Judeo-Christian prince of darkness, he is known for his role as the snake that tempted Adam and Eve in Eden. It is also said that he was sent by God to test man’s piety.” Strength: 62, Magic: 59, Endurance: 55, Agility: 52, Luck: 55


2. Lucifer

Almost as ugly as the last guy, but hey, at least you look less like a clusterf*ck of tentacles and tendrils.

While it’s cool to say you’ve called upon Satan for the clout, calling upon Lucifer is just as awesome sounding. And I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t Satan and Lucifer the same person?” Well, yes, in many instances, but Persona gives us a very critical distinction including differing the strengths each possess as Personas.

Satan has Diamond Dust and Ice Age which both deal ice damage, Lucifer has Gigantomachia and Blazing Hell which deal physical and fire damage, respectively. Satan has Black Viper which deals severe almighty damage to one foe, Lucifer has Morning Star which deals the same to all foes. Other things that make Lucifer the superior choice as well are the Heat Riser, Absorb Phys, and Spell Master abilities, which help to increase stats, make him easier to use from a cost standpoint, and give him a resistance where he would normally have none.

Another instance in which using the Electric Chair is helpful, if you use Lucifer on it, you receive the Tyrant Pistol. With this pistol, Joker receives +10 to his magic stat as well as gets a really sick gun. Combine this with Lucifer’s already impressive magic skills and you will finish battles with intense ease.

Choose Lucifer if… 

  • You want strong attacks that hold variety, giving you a diverse way to utilize the Persona 
  • You want a strong gun for Joker that you can pair with his magic abilities 
  • You want to brag that you’ve almost finished the Persona Compendium

How to get Lucifer: Reach the Star confidant to max, reach level 93, and fuse Satan, Metatron, Michael, Trumpeter, Ananta, and Anubis.

Lucifer details: “A fallen Judeo-Christian angel, he led a rebellion with an army of angels against God and lost. He waits in Hell for his chance to challenge God once more and strike Him down.” Strength: 61, Magic: 59, Endurance: 59, Agility: 56, Luck: 51


1. Satanael

Are those horns a part of your mask or...?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than Satan or Lucifer, this last one is really set to blow them out of the water. This Persona, in particular, is the last Persona in the game and should be everyone’s first choice for best Persona in the game. From Heaven thrown towards Hell, we have Satanael, the second son.

Being the ultimate Persona of the Fool arcana and the protagonist, of course Satanael is going to come with his perks. He has many abilities that deal severe damage, those being Megidolaon, Riot Gun, and Cosmic Flare. Let’s also talk about how he has the most resistances of any Persona in the entire game, resisting almost every type of attack, with the exception of Bless and Curse, which he nullifies and absorbs, respectively.

The best advice that can be given is to have fun with it. By this point, you’ve already experienced all this game has to offer, most likely. Now all that awaits is to see if you can level this guy up to max and just create a damage outputting machine, through his own strengths, through buffs, and other damage boosting outlets.

Choose Satanael if… 

You want to prove that you’re the big boss man in the room 

You want to look like you’re the big boss man in the room 

You want to feel like you’re the big boss man in the room

How to get Satanael: Finish the game and start a New Game+, then fuse Lucifer, Satan, Michael, Ishtar, Anzu, and Arséne.

Satanael details: “An archangel who is said to be the form of Satan before he fell from Heaven. The second son of God, he rebelled against Him for freedom and bestowed free will and chaos upon humanity.” Strength: 63, Magic: 60, Endurance: 57, Agility: 56, Luck: 56


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