Destiny 2 Best Warlock Subclass [All Warlock Subclasses From Weakest To Strongest]

Destiny 2 Best Warlock Classes
Destiny 2 Best Warlock Classes

What is the Best Warlock Subclass in Destiny 2?


The most crucial decision in Destiny 2 is selecting your class. The game offers three classes to pick from. These classes are titans, warlocks, and hunters. In Destiny 2, Warlocks are an extremely versatile class. They provide the ideal balance of offense and defense. You must select the subclass that best fits your build and keeps you and your fireteam alive during fights. But which is the Destiny 2 best Warlock subclass?

After you've decided on a class, you can choose from various subclasses inside that class.  Today, we will go over all four subclasses of warlock in detail, as well as their best aspects, so that you can make a proper choice about the subclasses. We will also examine the subclasses' strengths and weaknesses in both PvP and PvE activities and see what is the best subclass for warlocks.


4. Stormcaller (Arc)

Stormcaller is about ability uptime, allowing you to spam grenades and melee skills by generating a lot of Ionic Trace. Arc is the weakest Warlock subclass to use in end-game PvE content. Other warlock supers are incredibly effective at ad clearing and dealing massive boss damage. Arc's only evident advantage is improved team support via arc souls and significantly faster ability cooldown.


Stormcaller Aspects

Electrostatic Mind

This feature allows players to leave Ionic Traces after killing foes with the Arc ability or on blinded and jolted enemies. When you take these traces, you gain 12.5% ability energy, allowing you to charge your abilities instantly. Nearly every Stormcaller build should use this aspect.

Arc Soul 

This aspect allows you to cast a rift to form an Arc Soul turret to support you and other fireteam members in the fight. Allies who pass through the rift will receive an Arc Soul as well. This turret fires in short bursts and causes minor damage, but it's enough to eliminate red bars in PvE and change your weapon's TTK in PvP when allies are nearby, the rift charges faster.

Lightning Surge 

Lightning Surge gives you a sliding melee that transforms you into a Storm Grenade capable of one-tapping Guardians in PvP if you're in a tight location. This aspect is more of a personal choice and can technically be replaced with the Arc Soul aspect.

What’s it best for?

  • Stormcaller is not a subclass for challenging content in the end game. To fully benefit from the quick ability regeneration, you can use it for Gambit or strikes while you are around teammates.
  • For PvP, there are better options than Stormcaller. Except for its One-Tap Slide Melee action, there is nothing that may be used to dominate in PvP.

Stormcaller Full Details

Stormcaller Rating: 80/100


3. Voidwalker (Void)

Warlocks' Void subclass is incredibly powerful. It is the subclass that is most closely related to the Warlock identity. Many excellent adjustments were implemented in Void 3.0, turning this subclass into a powerhouse for Warlock mains. Voidwalkers help their team by using powerful grenades and debuff tools. All Voidwalkers have access to Devour, the most significant perk for Void 3.0 in PvE.

Voidwalker Aspects

Child of the Old Gods

When they cast rift, warlocks are given a pocket tether by the Child of the Old Gods.When you damage a target, the orb follows you, tying you for a short time. Tethered enemies are weakened and grant HP or ability energy. This ability is insanely strong in both PvP and PvE.

Feed the Void

Feed the Void grants Devour when a Void ability is killed. A Fragment also grants Devour, however, this Aspect grants two Fragment slots versus Chaos Accelerant's one, making it much easier to assemble a Voidwalker build.

Chaos Accelerant

Chaos Accelerant increases the effectiveness of the various Void grenades. Overcharged grenades become accessible to the Voidwalker, allowing you to add a short wind-up animation to your grenades. This benefits Vortex grenade the most, increasing their damage, size, and duration.

What’s it best for?

  • The Voidwalker is the perfect solo PvE class and an excellent PvP subclass for aggressive play. The devour enhances both PvP and PvE gameplay.
  • You can use this subclass in end-game PvE and PvP activities like raids, grandmaster nightfalls, and Trials of Osiris to dominate your enemies.
  • With Void 3.0, you have an incredible choice of builds to choose from and play according to your combat style.

Voidwalker Full Details

Voidewalker Rating: 85/100


2. Dawnblade (Solar)

Solar 3.0 for Warlocks elicited mixed reactions, although Warlocks remain incredibly powerful in this category. Warlocks can not only be powerful damage dealers in this subclass if the correct gear and weapons are matched together, but they can also be great supports for their fireteams thanks to the Well of Radiance. Dawnblade Warlocks can use the skies to aid allies and reach enemies more quickly.

Dawnblade Aspects

Icarus Dash

Icarus Dash is the most powerful PvP Aspect a Dawnblade can use. You gain a Hunter dodge that can only be used midair every four seconds, giving you a modest boost in momentum. When Heat Rises is active, your dodge uses are multiplied by two.

Touch of Flame

Touch of Flame improves your Solar grenades in a variety of ways. You have two Fragment slots, unlike the Voidwalker's Chaos Accelerant Aspect, and you don't have to overcharge your grenades. Fusion Grenades detonate twice, ensuring an Ignite equipped with Ember of Ashes. This makes Starfire Protocol unbelievably powerful for endgame PvE content.

Heat Rises

Warlocks can receive the Heat Rises perk by consuming their grenade, allowing them to float and use weapons while suspended. Consuming the grenade heals the player and any surrounding allies. Kills in the air create melee energy and lengthen the duration of Heat Rises.

What’s it best for?

  • Dawnblade is by far the ultimate support subclass of warlocks. Cure, radiant, and restoration abilities make it the strongest PvE subclass in the game. 
  • The incredible movement abilities and easy-to-use super make it the most used subclass of warlocks in PvP. Icarus dash and heat rises are the best PvP aspects of the warlock.
  • Usage of dawnblade is more inclined towards PvP than PvE, although it is a good choice for PvE-challenging content.

Dawnblade Full Details

Dawnblade Rating: 90/100


1. Shadebinder (Stasis)

Stasis has changed the game for every class. Shadebinder's capacity to instantly freeze and explode foes makes him ideal for any situation. Stasis thrives more in controlling rather than clearing ads and champions. Stasis rates so high on our list because it allows a fireteam to keep dangerous targets frozen indefinitely. It's one of the greatest subclasses to play in almost every Grandmaster Nightfall and other end-game PvE content.

Shadebinder Aspects

Bleak Watcher

Bleak Watcher transforms your grenade into an ice turret that fires tracking projectiles that delay anything they encounter. You can toss as many Bleak Watchers as you like as long as you can recharge your grenade.

Iceflare Bolts.

When you freeze someone, Iceflare Bolts generate little Coldsnap Grenades, allowing you to freeze an entire room of enemies with a well-placed Penumbral Blast or Coldsnap.


Frostpulse is primarily a PvP Aspect that freezes anything close when you cast your rift.

That sounds unimpressive, but this transforms your Rift into a potent counter to rushing enemies. Just cast a rift if you sense someone apeing you and freeze him to death. Easy right?

Glacial Harvest

Glacial Harvest is the worst of the Stasis Shard Aspects. Freezing a target generates many Stasis Shards; more challenging enemies generate more shards. These shards function similarly to Elemental Wells. In PvE, this reduces the aspect's synergy with Elemental Shards and Elemental Wells.

What’s it best for?

  • Shadebinder is the ultimate crowd-control subclass for warlocks. You can efficiently complete grandmaster nightfalls and other hard-end-game PvE content with the correct build.
  • The super of this subclass lacks damage but it is more about team support to freeze the ads while the other teammates wipe the waves.
  • Although the movement options are limited in shadebinder, it is still viable in PvP, as it can cancel any super by freezing them.

Shadebinder Full Details

Shadebinder Rating: 95/100


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