[Top 15] Stardew Valley Most Useful Items Every Player Should Use

Most useful items in Stardew Valley
A variety of items to choose from in Stardew

Today we count down a wonderful top 15 most useful items in Stardew Valley that everyone should use! With a variety of fantastic items in Stardew Valley, it can sometimes be a little difficult to know just which ones are worth it. From special items, to monster drops, to everything you can ever imagine, Stardew Valley truly has it all. Today we hope to rectify all of the trouble you've ever had, starting off with a staple to any and all farms.

15. Chest


They can hold everything you need.

It may be a bit basic, but nonetheless it will be one of the most important items you build and use in the game. It's a starter item that can be built quickly and easily after a little farm cleanup. You truly cannot get anywhere in farm life without this staple of an item.

With a simple inventory of 50 pieces of wood, you as the player will be able to craft this handy item. You can begin your career of storing all the earthly goods required for your single-player or multiplayer runs with up to 36 open slots per chest. If you're looking for another handy bit of organization, you can color code your chests, making life simple and beautiful.

Why Are Chests Great?

  • Hold all your items.
  • Easy to craft.
  • Items do not decompose in chests.

Chest Full Details:

  • Stores up to 36 items.
  • 50 wood to craft.
  • Can be returned to you by hitting with a tool.
  • Color changer for chest customization.

How To Get Chests?

  • Collect 50 pieces of wood.
  • Craft from the crafting menu with 50 wood.

14. Scarecrow


Guarenteed to scare all your crows.

Scarecrows in-game will, first and foremost, be your best friend. You may realize very early on that the crows in the game are life-sucking vessels, stealing and destroying all your precious crops and destroying the handy work done to your finely cultivated farm. It's painful and exhausting, but thankfully there are solutions to our problems.

You will be able to craft this item within the first level of farming with a quick craft of 50 wood, 1 coal, and 20 fiber. The job of the scarecrow is to do exactly that, protecting the 248 tiles surrounding your crops and effectively scaring away all pesky crows. If you are planning a noble career in farming in your in-game life, this is most definitely a staple for any and all players.

Why Are Scarecrows Great?

  • Scares away crows.
  • Easily craftable.
  • Easy to obtain recipe.

Scarecrow Full Details:

  • Scares away crows from eating your crops.
  • Obtained recipe early in-game.
  • Protects 248 tiles around it.
  • Rarecrows available.

How To Get a Scarecrow?

  • Reach farming level 1 to receive a recipe.
  • Obtain (50) wood, (1) coal, (20) fiber.
  • Craft through the crafting menu.

13. Keg


For all your brewing needs.

If you’re looking for an alternative career to follow that of Stardrop Saloon, this is most definitely the item for you. The keg may just be one of your biggest money makers in-game, making it an incredibly worthwhile and profitable item that I recommend any player make as soon as they can. Create the brewery of your dreams at the snap of your fingers with this wooden barrel of goodness.

Craft your keg upon reaching farming level 8 with 30 pieces of wood, 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar, and 1 oak resin. Upon crafting this beauty, the world will be in your hands. Craft all the wine, bear, and artisan goods of your choice with all the efforts of your farming escapades. It may take you a while to harvest your goods, but worry not; you’re guaranteed to turn a mighty profit with enough kegs and enough time.

Why Are Kegs Great?

  • Items from this produce good money.
  • Gift for completing tasks.
  • Recipe available for crafting.

Keg Full Details:

  • Artisan goods maker.
  • Level 8 farming recipe.
  • Creates wine, beer, juice, and more.
  • Gift for creating artisan goods bundles in the community center.

How To Get a Keg?

  • Create an Artisan bundle in the pantry.
  • Reach farming level 8 for recipes.
  • Collect (30) wood, (1) copper bar, (1) iron bar, and (1) oak resin to craft.
  • Craft in crafting menu.

12. Cherry Bombs

Cherry Bombs

Explosively fun items!

Blowing through the mines and caverns will be a breeze with these helpful items. If you’ve been playing for a while, I'm sure you're aware of just how tedious the mines can get. With so many rocks and, on good days, ores, it can be difficult to find those ladders down and it can be exhausting breaking away at all that stone. Thank goodness the cherry bombs may just solve the problem.

Obtained in a recipe upon reaching level 1 in mining, you can blast your way into glory with these simple items. You can quickly blow up enemies and materials with a bit of 4 copper ore and 1 coal, making all your trips a breeze in no time. Bombs may be the bigger, more destructive option under the same category, but with the simplicity of simply crafting your way around, I cannot deny the helpfulness of the cherry bomb.

Why Are Cherry Bombs Great?

  • Great for quickly blowing through mine trips.
  • Can be crafted.
  • Easy to obtain recipe.

Cherry Bombs Full Details:

  • Can explode rocks to receive gems and other materials.
  • Can be bought from the Dwarf or the traveling cart.
  • Radius of 3 diameter of 7 in its destruction.
  • Can be obtained from rock crab or duggy.
  • Recipe obtained at mining level 1.

How To Get Cherry Bombs?

  • Obtain recipe form mining level 1.
  • Obtain (4) copper ore and (1) coal.
  • Craft in the crafting menu.
  • Buy additionally from the dwarf or traveling cart on occasion.

11. Qi Gems

QI Gems

A currancy thats sure to help.

It may seem like a bit of an outdated currency, but trust me on this. The Qi gems are a gem in and of themselves, allowing access to some nice items and even a great way to earn yourself some extra gold. Introducing the beauty of the Qi gems.

These gems can be acquired in many ways, including, but not limited to, completing quests from Mr. Qi on Ginger Island. With the abundance of gems you're sure to make, you can quickly turn a profit by buying galaxy souls and reselling them for 5,000g each. With a hefty list of some great items you can purchase on top of that, it's hard to not see the usefulness of the Qi gems.

Why Are Qi Gems Great?

  • Can be used to buy other special items.
  • Monster drops.
  • Can convert gems to gold.

Qi gem Full Details:

  • Obtained by completing challenges from Mr. Qi.
  • Obtained from selling golden walnuts and monster drops.
  • Displayed above wallet in skills tab.
  • Buys a variety of great items.
  • Can buy galaxy souls to sell for 5,000 gold each.

How To Get Qi Gems?

  • Complete quests in Mr. Qi’s walnut room.
  • Obtain by selling golden walnuts.
  • Obtained from monsters in dangerous mines and Skull Cavern.

10. Bouquet


Perfect for any fitting partner

If you're at all interested in the romance aspect of the game, this is absolutely a must have. Not only is this item required if you plan on going any further than friends, it's just a fantastic way to officially make things official with the NPC of your choice. The bouquet is a beauty and she’s here to stay everyone.

For a small purchase of 200g, you can buy a bouquet from Pierre's General Store. This small and simple item will officially change the status of your single love interest to boyfriend/girlfriend, the next beautiful step in your long lasting relationship. Though it is not available to resell through Pierre himself, thankfully you are able to resell for a measly 100g via the shipping box if need be. This is seriously a necessary gem to check out to add to your already great game.

Why Are Bouquets Great?

  • Changes status with romantic interest to boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Purchasable for 200g.
  • Gives 25 friendship points upon receival.

Bouquet Full Details:

  • Can be bought from Pierre’s store for 200g.
  • Allows you to be in a relationship with a single NPC.
  • Cannot give to non-single NPC.
  • Cannot resell to Pierre.
  • Sells for 100g via shipping box.

How To Get Bouquets?

  • Purchase from Pierre's General Store for 200g.

9. Golden Pumpkin

Golden Pumpkin

The one and only golden pumpkin!

The infamous golden pumpkin is a necessary addition to any list. You can obtain this mystical beauty by simply entering the Spirits Eve maze. It's small, it's simple, and it's golden!

The usability of this item isn't much to be honest, but with it being a free item, it is so incredibly worth it. Its main selling point is the fact that this pumpkin is a universally loved item. This means that you are able to give it to any NPC of your choice for an instant friendship boost, no matter who it may be. If you are more likely to want to sell it, you can do so for a small fee of 2,500 g. It is my humble belief that you cannot go wrong with this sweet and, best of all, free item.

Why Are Golden Pumpkins Great?

  • They are universally loved gifts.
  • Gift for completing spirits eve maze.
  • Sold for 2,500g.

Golden Pumpkin Full Details:

  • Can be gifted to anybody.
  • Can be tailored into a witch hat at the sewing machine.
  • Special items that can be obtained via Halloween festival.
  • Can be sold through a shipping bin.

How To Get a Golden Pumpkin?

  • Obtain each year through the Spirit’s Eve Festival.
  • Can be found occasionally through artifact troves.

8. Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

Pop the question!

Have you ever dreamed of marrying your co-op partner? Well luckily, this item will make that possible! Much like the base item of the mermaid's pendant in regular single-player, this item allows you to marry the co-op player of your dreams. It's the perfect item for any couple looking to tie the knot in their favorite game, in-game wedding included.

You can obtain the recipe for this item through the traveling cart for 500g and craft it for 5 iridium bars and 1 prismatic shard. Though it may be very difficult to obtain the needed materials to craft this item, if you find yourself in the realm of possibility for doing so, it could be a life changer. Upon crafting, you receive the achievement for "craft master," adding to the already extensive list of reasons why this item is a must-have for any of your co-op runs.

Why Are Wedding Rings Great?

  • Can be used to propose in multiplayer games.
  • Craftable.
  • Can be sold to adventurers guild.

Wedding Ring Full details:

  • Recipe can be purchased from the traveling cart for 500g.
  • Equitable with no extra benefits.
  • Allows you to marry another player in multiplayer.
  • Can sell to the Adventurers Guild for 1,000g.
  • In multiplayer, it must be crafted to achieve craft master achievement.

How To Get a Wedding Ring?

  • Obtain a recipe through the traveling cart with 500g.
  • Craft with (5) iridium bars and (1) prismatic shard.
  • Craft through the crafting menu.

7. Skull Key

Skull Key

Unlock the secrets of the Skull Caverns.

The next logical step in all your cave-dwelling adventures comes down to the skull key. Upon completing the mines at level 120, you too can receive the literal key to your future as an adventurer. This item is a must-have if you're looking for any sort of progression outside of the farm, as it allows you access to the infamous and difficult Skull Cavern. Though it may be daunting at first, this is definitely a staple in all of your playthroughs.

Why Is Skull Key Great?

  • Used to access the Skull Caverns.
  • Unlocks arcade games.
  • Given from the mines.

Skull Key Full Details: 

  • Obtained from level 120 of the mines.
  • Unlocks junimo kart arcade game at the Stardrop Saloon.
  • Can be found in the wallet portion of the skills tab.

How To Get A Skull Key?

  • Obtain from level 120 of the mines.

6. Slime Egg

Slime Egg

Slime eggs have always been important!

Through many of my early playthroughs through the valley, I never quite realized the importance of collecting my slimes. You may also be in the same position, or maybe I am alone in my thoughts; either way, it is hard to deny the power of the slime. More importantly, it is hard to deny the subsequent follow-up of the slime eggs.

With the help of a slime press, you can simply craft 100 slime eggs. With additional options to find slime eggs from rare slime drops and treasure rooms scattered throughout the Skull Caverns, you will have a multitude of options for selling and making a profit. There are a variety of colors for the eggs, leaving you with many different scales of just how much these slimes are worth. You truly cannot go wrong with the slime egg.

Why Are Slime Eggs Great?

  • Sells for large prices depending on type of egg.
  • Can be found in various ways.
  • Can be created through the slime press.

Slime Egg Full details:

  • Rare drops from slimes.
  • Can be obtained with 100 slime put into a slime press.
  • Can be found in Skull Cavern treasure rooms.
  • Sold at different prices depending on color.
  • Can turn into a slime in a slime incubator.
  • Chance of slime dropping an egg when slain.

How To Get A Slime Egg?

  • Obtain 100 slime.
  • Process 100 slime through a slime press.
  • Can be obtained through rare drops from slimes.
  • Can be obtained through Skull Cavern treasure rooms.

5. Dwarvish Translation Guide

Dwarvish Guide

The translation of the ages.

The dwarvish translation guide is truly a staple of any playthrough. With so many characters in the game, it may be hard to remember the guys in the mines or the volcano dungeon; don't be fooled, though; you're going to want to. With the ability to speak to those fun characters, a world of opportunity is about to open up before you.

Upon receiving all four dwarf scrolls and donating them to the museum, you will receive the gift of the dwarvishtranslation guide. This beast of an item will then unlock your ability to read and understand dwarvish in game, allowing you to talk to the various dwarves in the valley and read any dwarvish language you may stumble upon. As well as that, you will now be able to shop from the dwarfs' store in the mines, giving you some access to useful mining items. With benefits such as these, this is an item you truly don't want to miss out on.

Why Is Dwarvish Translation Guide Great?

  • Obtainable donation item.
  • Allows players to talk to dwarves.
  • Allows you to read the gravestone in the graveyard.

Dwarvish Translation Guide Full Details:

  • Obtained by donating all dwarf scrolls to the museum.
  • Allows you to understand dwarf language.
  • Unlocks ability to talk to town mines and volcano dungeon dwarfs.
  • Opens the Dwarfs store for helpful items in the mines.

How To Get The Dwarvish Translation Guide

  • Collect all 4 dwarvish scrolls.
  • Donate scrolls to the museum.

4. Mermaid’s Pendant

Mermaids Pendant

Take the next step with your choice NPC.

The mermaid pendant is up again in the next set of NPC bonding, this time for marriage. If you're ready to take the next step in your relationship, this is just the item for you. Spend that extra bit of money for a wonderful way to progress the game!

For an admittedly steep price of 5,000g, you can marry the partner of your dreams. To do so, you must meet the old mariner on rainy days between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Upon completion, it's as simple as popping the question and then off you go into the beautiful world of Stardew marriage.

Why Is The Mermaid’s Pendant Great?

  • Allows you to propose to an NPC.
  • Purchasable from the old mariner on rainy days.
  • Can acquire during winter with a rain totem.

Mermaid’s Pendant Full Details:

  • Purchasable for 5,000g.
  • Must have finished construction on the first farmhouse upgrade.
  • Reached 10 hearts with NPC and gave them a bouquet at 8 hearts.
  • Will be for sale from the old mariner on rainy days between 6am-7pm.

How To Get  The Mermaid’s Pendant?

  • Wait for a rainy day.
  • On rainy days,  speak to the old mariner on the beach past the bridge.
  • Purchase for 5,000g.

3. Iridium Sprinkler

Iridium Sprinkler

Make farming a breeze!

When I say that the iridium sprinkler is going to save your life, I mean it. By far the fastest time saver for your backbreaking labor and a valuable investment for all players. This is an item that I implore you not to miss if you value your time.

You have a few options for obtaining these beasts. You can, if you're more in the mood to spend, buy these sprinklers from Krobus’ shop every Friday, or alternatively craft them for 1 gold bar, 1 iridium bar, and 1 battery pack upon getting the recipe at level 1. With an automatic watering system for 5x5 tiles, you're bound to finish your farming deeds with ease and a significant level of joy.

Why Is The Iridium Sprinkler Great?

  • Water 24 surrounding tiles automatically.
  • Recipe unlocked through skills.
  • Craftable.

Iridium Sprinkler Full Details:

  • Waters 5x5 tiles every morning.
  • Purchasable from Krobus for 10,000g every friday.
  • May sometimes be found in Skull Cavern treasure rooms.
  • Craftable with (1) gold bar, (1) iridium bar, and (1) battery pack.
  • Recipe acquired at farming level 9.

How To Get Iridium Sprinklers?

  • Reach level 9 farming to acquire the recipe.
  • Acquire (1) gold bar, (1) iridium bar, and (1) battery pack.
  • Craft in the crafting menu.
  • Also Available for purchase from Krobus for 10,000g.

2. Stardrop


The holy fruit of the valley.

The stardrops are one of my favorite in-game items to date and for good reason. With multiple options for obtaining it, amazing perks, and a permanent increase in essential stats, it's hard to deny just how amazing and necessary such an item is. It may take awhile to collect them all, but either way, it's sure to change the trajectory of your game forever.

With 7 total stardrops in-game, you're left with a total of 34 extra maximum energy points per stardrop upon consumption. In total, if you manage to find all 7, you will be left with a permanent max energy increase, leaving you at 508 points of energy. And yes, I did say permanent. If you intend to do anything other than the basics in the game, this is a must-have for you. So, do yourselves a favor and go collect those stardrops.

Why Is The Stardrop Great?

  • Permanently increases maximum energy.
  • 7 obtainable drops.
  • Various ways to obtain.

Stardrop Full Details:

  • Increases max energy by 34 points per stardrop.
  • Upon consumption of all stardrops, you will have received a total of 508 max energy.
  • All energy changes are permanent.
  • Can be found in various places.

How To Get A Stardrop?

  • Sold at stardew fair.
  • Obtained from floor 100 of the mines via treasure chest.
  • Obtained from spouse or roommate upon reaching 12.5 hearts.
  • Sold by Krobus for 20,000g.
  • Sold by Old Master Cannoli by giving him a sweet gem berry.
  • Given by Willy after achieving master angler achievement.
  • Reward for donating all items to the museum.

1.Prismatic Shard

Prismatic Shard

In all her shining, glimmering glamour!

The most infamous, the rarest, and the most beautiful of them all. The prismatic shard stands tall in all her rare shining glory, making an incredibly necessary item. There are lots of perks to having this thing, many of which include the justified bragging rights of finding such an item. That being said, it does have some practical uses too. 

This item is not only universally applicable, but it is also something you can donate to the museum. My personal favorite part of this thing, though? After finding one and traveling to the desert, you can obtain the all-powerful galaxy sword in just a few steps. Seriously, this thing is a beast and will make your life so much easier if you manage to stumble across it. So go ahead gamer boys and gamer girls alike, go on that mighty journey for the prismatic shard!        

Why Is the Prismatic Shard Great?

  • Used to obtain the galaxy sword.
  • Universally loved gift.
  • Great to donate to the museum if you find an extra.

Prismatic Shard Full Details: 

  • Various ways to find.
  • One of the rarest in-game items.
  • Many uses including obtaining the galaxy sword.
  • Able to donate to the museum.
  • 2,000g sell price.
  • 2,600g sell price with geologist profession.

How To Get A Prismatic Shard?

  • Via mining.
  • Through fishing treasure chests.
  • Through treasure rooms in the Skull Caverns.
  • Through the Statue Of True Perfection.

I sincerely hope that this list provides some light relief from the depths of Stardew's treasures.  Upon starting the game for me, it took forever to find what worked justright to make my life a little easier.  With so many great items, it's honestly a little difficult to go wrong with what you choose. That being said, this list showcases some of the best. A great tool for all old and new players alike.

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