[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Builds

Best combat builds in Stardew Valley
Ultimate power can be yours... but at what cost?

While much of Stardew Valley can take place far away from the mines, safe and snug on your farm, at some point the sword (or club) will be the necessary path forward. Whether delving into the mines to gather resources, or taking on baddies to complete quests, you never want to enter the depths unprepared.

Your first build will be a rusty sword from Marlon, and if you’ve gotten lucky fishing, maybe a small glow ring or magnet ring. As you progress though, you’ll unlock and discover new weapons, and eventually the ability to customize them to create the ultimate tools for whatever job is at hand. How do you know which combination to choose? Read on adventurer, and prepare to arm yourself. After all, it’s dangerous to go alone.

5. The Pocket Full of Rocks

Slimes and bats in SKull Cavern
Quick dispatch of mobs combined with exploding enemies makes quick work of mining

This build is a good all-around mixture when you’re trying to mine and don’t want to end up in Harvey’s clinic with your backpack and wallet emptied. A combination of speed, magnetism, defense, and good old fashion explosives, this build will have your pockets brimming with bling and your health holding strong.

Use this build if:

  • You’re mining for supplies
  • You’re trying to move and gather quickly (such as Robin’s resource rush)
  • To deal with enemies that get right up in your personal bubble, like serpents or royal serpents
  • Special effects help keep the mummies off your back… permanently

Build Components:

  • Profession: Fighter (10% damage increase and additional 15 HP)
  • Specialty: Brute (15% damage increase and additional 25 HP)
  • Ring #1- Combined iridium band and napalm ring for glow, magnetism, a 10% attack increase, and exploding enemies
  • Ring #2- Combined iridium band and crab shell ring for more glow, more magnetism, an additional 10% attack bonus along a +5 defense
  • Weapon- Infinity dagger (50-70 damage, +1 speed, +3 defense, +4 critical hit chance, +5 weight)
  • Add ons: One ruby for 10% damage increase, one emerald for +2 speed, one amethyst for +1 weight
  • Enchantment: Crusader for 50% more damage to mummies, skeletons, ghosts, and void spirits. Also causes mummies to stay dead
  • For an extra boost pair with the lucky lunch (+3 luck), a miner’s treat (+3 mining and increased magnetism), and a cup of coffee for +1 speed

4.Quick and the Dead

Serpent in Skull Cavern
Serpents come on fast and can overwhelm players. Deal with them quickly and move on with your day

This build is for those that know what they want. Especially if what they want is a lot of dead mobs, and when they want it is right now. Speed boosts and attack bonuses make quick work of enemies, and of map exploration.

Use this build if:

  • You want to make it through spaces quickly
  • you want to increase your chances of dealing with enemies only once
  • You vampire soul wants to take a little of what these mobs stole back

Build Components:

  • Profession: Scout (50% extra chance to deal critical strikes)
  • Specialty: Desperado (deal double critical damage)
  • Ring #1- Combined Savage ring and ring of thorns for 3 second +2 speed boost after slaying a monster, and mobs take equal damage to the unmitigated damage to player
  • Ring #2- Combined Ruby and Napalm rings for 10% damage increase and exploding enemies
  • Weapon: Infinity Blade (80-100 damage, +4 speed, +2 defense
  • Add ons: Emerald for +2 speed, Emerald for +3 speed, and Ruby for 10% damage increase
  • Enchantment: Vampiric for 9% chance to regain some health when slaying a monster

3. Mobs? I don’t see no stinkin’ mobs

Tiger slimes in the volcano dungeon
Move through mobs like a volcanic knife through butter

For miners that are just over the drama and want to get away from mobs, or dispatch them quickly if there’s no other choice. This build will have you saying later to the hater parade with only a minor inconvenience

Use this build if:

  • You just want to get on with the exploration
  • You’re engaging large groups of mobs and would like to survive with your dignity intact
  • You’re engaging fast mobs

Build Components:

  • Profession: Fighter (10% damage increase and +15 HP)
  • Specialty: Defender (+25 HP)
  • Ring #1- Combined Amethyst ring and ring of Yoba for a 10% increase on knockback and a chance to receive Yoba’s Blessing (immunity to monster damage for 5 seconds) after taking damage,
  • Ring #2- Combined Emerald Ring and Vampire Ring for 10% speed increase and restoration of 2 health after killing a monster
  • Weapon: Infinity Gavel (100-120 damage, +2 speed, +1 defense, +5 weight)
  • Add ons: Amethyst for +1 weight, Topaz for +1 defense, and Emerald for +2 speed
  • Enchantment: Crusader for 50% more damage to mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and void spirits, deals with mummies in a more permanent way
  • Style it up with some Dragon scale Boots for +7 defense
  • Eat some mango sticky rice for +3 defense and wash it all down with some coffee for another +1 speed

2. Style, class, and slash- the Artful Dodger

Skeletons deep in the mines
Looking to show off a little? Razzle and dazzle 'em? This move combines quick and deadly

 All around build that capitalizes on special moves, fancy foot work, and sword play that would make Inigo Montoya weep with pride.

Use this build if:

  • You like to use your weapons special abilities
  • You want to want to make short work of mob crowds
  • You are hunting the six-fingered man that killed your father

Build Components:

  • Profession: Scout (50% extra chance to deal critical strike)
  • Specialty: Acrobat (Cool down time on special moves is halved)
  • Ring #1- combined Emerald Ring and Savage Ring for additional 10% speed and a 2 second +2 speed buff after killing an enemy
  • Ring #2 – Iridium band and Aquamarine Band for glow, magnetism, 10% damage increase, and 10% increased critical strike chance
  • Weapon: Infinity Blade (80-100 damage, +4 speed, +2 defense)
  • Add ons: Aquamarine for +4.6 critical strike chance, Emerald for +2 speed, and Jade for 10% critical damage increase
  • Enchantment: Artful for 50% cool down time
  • Extra style points with some mermaid scale boots for +5 defense and +8 immunity
  • Snack on some crab cakes for +1 speed and +1 defense, along with some coffee for an additional +1 speed

1. Absolute Obliteration

Skeletons in the crimson badlands
That's one bad... nevermind. Hack, slash, make short work of even the biggest baddies. 

Time to let the monsters know who runs these caves. When you’re ready to smash your way through the mines and don’t want anyone standing in your way, this is the build for you. Maxed out damage means nobody gets in between you and your treasure chests.

Use this build if:

  • You’re facing caves on hard mode
  • You’re trying to fight mobs that swarm and need to clear some breathing room
  • You’re here to kick butt and hot chips, but you’re all out of hot chips

Build components:

  • Profession: Fighter (+10% attack damage, +15 HP)
  • Specialty: Brute (+15% attack damage)
  • Ring #1: Combined Iridium Band and Ruby Ring for +10% attack damage, glow, and magnetism, plus an additional 10% attack damage
  • Ring #2: Iridium Band and Napalm ring for glow, magnetism, additional 10% attack damage, and exploding enemies
  • Weapon: Infinity Gavel (+2 speed, +1 defense, +5 weight)
  • Add ons: 3 rubies for +10% attack damage each
  • Enchantment: Crusader for +50% damage to mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and void spirits, plus when mummies go down, they don’t get back up
  • Eat your veggies! A roots platter will give you an additional +3 attack, and once again, coffee for +1 speed

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