Stardew Valley's Best Boots (All Boots In The Game Ranked)

The one and only Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley's Best Boots (All Boots In The Game Ranked)

Whether you are someone who plays the game for the cozy, warm atmosphere of farming sim goodness, or if you play for the adventure of deep diving caves late into the night. Clothing makes a big difference for the casual and non-casual alike. While character customization plays a massive (andthe most fun) part of early game play, you may not know there are options for you down the line to maybe make things a little easier. Today we will be listing Stardew Valley's Best Boots (All Boots In The Game Ranked), their stats, and where to find them. For all you cave-dwelling nerds looking for a stylish way to boost your play, this is the guide for you.

18. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Kickin' back with a classic.

  • +2 Defense
  • +2 Immunity
  • Elusive
  • Beautiful
  • Great stats

Okay, I will admit it. I was tempted to put this closer to number one out of coolness alone. The trademark cowboy books are slick and beautiful, with a fairly decent stat point of +2 defense and +2 immunity, but one thing has changed my mind. This item, sadly, as of now at least, is unobtainable. For all you collectors and completionists out there, this is heartbreaking news to reveal. Nonetheless, the elusive, gleaming pair of leather boots keeps me awake at night, daydreaming about the day when they will finally be mine.

17. Sneakers


Enjoy a new pair of Kicks!

  • +1 Defense
  • Early in-game item
  • Random Drop
  • Fishing chests
  • Available for purchase

Ah, the sneakers. This is basically the first item in the game that you are presented with in terms of defense. It's sleek, it's fashionable, and it's worth almost nothing. With a measly +1 defense and no immunity to match, it's okay, but is it great? In my opinion, that’s going to be a hard no, putting it so far down on my list.

Not only is the item crazy expensive for so early in the game, a massive 500g, easily (or not so easily) purchasable upon completion of the initiation quest at the Adventurers Guild, it's also terrible in terms of resale. One disadvantage of this boot is that, while it is still expensive, it has a chance of random drops from floors 1-40 of the mines. As well as that, there is the accessibility of drops in finishing treasure chests. With a 50g turn-around profit and enough time, you may be able to get something out of this item yet. It's not a favorite of mine, and I'm sure it's not really a favorite of others either. That being said, I’m of the firm belief that you can get something out of anything, even an incredibly useless beginner item. If you’re one looking to splurge early on or just a little extra step of defense, this is the item for you.

16. Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

Get ready for some rubbery goodness!

  • +1 Immunity
  • Early in-game special item
  • Random Drops
  • Fishing chests

The rubber boots in the game are the not so thrilling follow-up to the sneakers. Much like the sneakers, these boots offer very little, with only a +1 of immunity and no defense at that. They’re fairly fun to get a hold of rather early in the game, being found as a special item through levels 1–39 in the mines from killing special monsters, or smashing some crates around. Much unlike like the sneakers, though, this beginner item is not available for purchase.

While weak and not very promising in terms of your survival, it has at least one benefit I can think of. Whether you are looking for a collect them all with in-game items or looking to make a little extra cash, this item is a relatively simple early in-game drop to come by. The rubber boots showing up not only via monster and barrel/crate drops but also through fishing chests, is bound to be a massive help. Much like the previous number, it's a measly 50g for resale but may offer you something either way. Happy exploring!

15. Work Boots

Work Boots

On that daily grind.

  • +2 defense
  • Fishing treasure chests
  • Early in-game item
  • Decent stats

Shockingly enough, I'm going to place our next item before the one below. The work boots are your first real taste of a semblance of defense. With +2 defense and no availability for purchase, it may seem a little silly to get it. I understand you there. I do. However, if you're looking for a more defensively oriented upgrade, this could be the new boot for you.

This item, unlike most, is found almost exclusively through fishing treasure chests upon reaching fishing level 2. You, as the player, may have another option though with the remixed’ mine rewards option via the startup advanced settings and the chest on level 10 of the mines. They don’t offer much at first glance, but any defense is good, I say, and for a relatively easily found item, you cannot go wrong with a little extra help on your side. If you sell them for 100g each, you may even find yourself with a nice resale should the chance permit, leaving you with a fresh pair of boots and a collection nicely fitted as well.

14. Leather Boots

Leather Boots

Leather and beautiful!

  • Defense +1
  • Immunity +1
  • Fishing treasure chest availability
  • Cost efficient
  • Chest item

     While not the best, nor the most sturdy, these early game boots are your best bet for beginning cave grinding. Throwing the option of red sneakers to the side, a far less effective and, let's be honest, costly expense when you’re still a struggling farmer, the leather boots are the sure-fire way to go for all your spelunking needs. You are also introduced to a single immunity point, which reduces the chance of rebuff and increases your chances of obtaining even cooler items from the sheer will of staying alive long enough to get them. A win, win, really. 

The best part, in my opinion, has to be how easy it is to get these things. From all my playthroughs, starting from the ground up, I have found that those initial 10 stages of dungeon crawling fly by in a breeze, making it very worthwhile to wait that little extra time to obtain your first stylish pair. The best of all? They are incredibly easy to obtain. My favorite items in the game will always be those you can obtain, not buy. I'm frugal, sue me, but I enjoy the adventure of the hunt rather than the more costly highs. A pair of leather boots will be awarded to you on the chest that lies on level 10, or additionally, a purchasable item for 500g in the Adventurers Guild after reaching level 10 of the caves. For all the fans of fishing mechanics, need not worry, for you also have the chance, albeit small, to receive them in a fishing treasure chest starting from level two!  While there is always the option to go the easy route and slip on a pair of those red sneakers, I do think the leather boots are worth the wait for all you newbies. Stronger and without a price, they don’t lie too far in the treacherous reaches of Pelican Town. Take the time to build up your fighting skills, save your hard earned cash from crops well bought, and obtain more of an item that’ll save you a pretty penny and is actually worth your wait.

13. Combat Boots

Combat Boots

Ensuring a heavy load.

  • +3 Defense
  • Fishing treasure chest availability
  • Strong defense
  • Early in-game item

For those of you who enjoy a little shopping spree, these are the boots for you. Whether it's been a productive season or you just have some spare cash, the steel-toed combat boots pack a powerful punch. With a whopping +3 defense and the possibility of a freebie through a fishing treasure chests after level two, these stylish yet strong boots are the perfect pair for any budding adventurer.

The combat boots are very thankfully found relatively early in the game, depending on the speed at which you fly through those slimes, that is. Combat boots are unlocked in the Adventurers Guild after reaching level 40 of the mines for an admittedly steep price of 1,250g. If you feel like waiting, though, and taking a gamble on your luck, I have some fantastic news for you. Upon reaching between the levels of 61-79 of the mines, these boots can be found as special items from monster drops or some family-friendly crate smashing. The main reason for people looking to choose these boots is that they rely on their strength. With a defense at 3, it offers you an extra point of protection against the deep, dark dangers that no other pair this early allows. There are other options, some of which I will admit to swinging more towards myself. That being said, I see the appeal of these hearty little guys. These boots may be just what you need to finish the initial runs of your adventurer's quest. They are easily obtainable, strong as sin, and made ready for you. And PS. These have the possibility of being found in a chest on level 50 with remixed mine rewards, something that can be turned on in advanced settings on a new game.

12.Leprechaun Shoes

Leprechaun And Thermal

Two for the price of one!

  • +2 Defense 
  • +1 Immunity 

11. and Thermal Boots

  • +1 Defense
  • +2 Immunity
  • Random Drops
  • Easy to come by
  • Decent resell

I tried, I really did, to list these separately, but at the end of the day, I find that feat hard. These two boots, fantastic in their own right for an in game escapade, relatively easy to get, and with a decent resale, are two sides of the same coin. The leprechaun has +2 defense and +1 immunity, while the thermal boots have similar but opposing stats of +1 defense and +2 immunity. It's a matter of the player's wants and needs, and a look at what seems best for you.

They both contain the same resale value of 150g and have no availability for purchase, adding to the list of reasons they are placed here together.  The leprechaun shoes are obtained in game after the unlocking of the trains. With each passing of a train, certain items will fall off, and these shoes are one of those lucky drops. As for the thermal boots, it is also another lucky drop item but this time from the mines special drops from level 41-79, or even fishing chests. At the end of the day, they are both solid pieces of armor. Sturdy and simple to obtain, multiple drops, and fashionable to pair. You cannot go wrong with a pair of either of these. Switch it up, mix it up, collect them all at the same time. Either way, you won’t be missing out by choosing one or the other. They are guaranteed fresh either way.

10. Tundra Boots

Tundra Boots

For all your snowy ice-capades.

  • +2 Defense
  • +1 Immunity
  • Free Treasure Chest Item
  • Fishing treasure chest availability
  • Decent price

These are the in-game boots for those looking for a step up from combat boots, and a freebie at that. Though these boots lack the defense of combat boots, they make up for it not only through availability but also immunity. With +2 defense and an extra +1 immunity, these boots are the perfect companion for your next solo dungeon grind.

The best perk? How easy these are to get. Upon reaching level 50 of the mines, you will be faced with a chest that contains the aforementioned items. They will also thankfully be available to purchase at the adventurers' guild for an additional 750g immediately upon reaching level 50. Like most of the items I’ve placed on this list, you get the fun advantage of fishing for treasure chest freebies upon reaching level 2, with a resale value of 150g for all your accidental finds. These stylish, strong boots are perfect for any adventurer looking for their next step up. You’ve got everything! With easy availability, lots of chances for freebies and resells, and a cheap price in case you accidentally toss your old pair over, these boots are the perfect addition for your next run. Guaranteed fresh, certified strong, and stylish as any, it's hard to go wrong with such an easy to getpair.

9. Genie Shoes

Genie Shoes

I'll grant you three wishes.

  • +1 Defense
  • +6 Immunity
  • Fantastic immunity
  • Great resale
  • Fishing chests

The genie shoes and I have a very strong love-hate relationship, I must say. While they have a +6 immunity, they suffer greatly from their minuscule +1 defense. They can be found by chance in fishing treasure chests, but for most of the game they are found via special monster drops in the skull cavern 40+ and quarry mine or some barrel smashing fun. Sadly, this makes them more difficult for newer players. Unable to purchase, difficult to find, and terrible defense, I list them low. Yet, that being said, I do believe they have their merit.

For what it does lack in defense, as previously stated, it has fantastic immunity. Standing at the second highest immunity level in the game, it's hard to deny that while it lacks in some ways, it makes up for it in others. While not the easiest, you are still able to as the player receive drops, making the resale value of 350g a goldmine for anyone looking to grind away a few hours in the skull cavern.  This item, while not by far my favorite, still holds its place well. Whether you’re a completionist looking for your next item or a newbie looking for the next helpful tip, These boots have something for everyone, so hey? Why not spend a few hours grinding towards your next big adventure?

8. Dark Boots

Dark Boots

So dark, so mysterious.

  • +4 Defense
  • +2 Immunity
  • High resale value
  • Chance freebie
  • Fishing treasure chest

These boots, by stats alone, are incredible. Still, fairly early in the game, you unlock the availability of this adventuring goodness. Sadly, though, it will cost you a pretty penny to be in such good shape. Aside from the cost, and especially the cost, I believe that for any seasoned adventurer, these boots will make the perfect addition to your humble farm, adding to any action-packed play through.

With a defense of +4, an extra immunity of +2 , and multiple chances for freebies, whether through fishing treasure chests or even through special monster drops in the Skull Cavern, these boots are fantastic. On the down side of things, these do remain harder to obtain than most others. Upon reaching floor 80 of the mines, the boots are unlocked for purchase in the Adventurers' Guild for the steep price of 2500g. While not immediately a turn off for some, it can be a lot to ask for those who are more hesitant to pick up a pair for purchase rather than just wait until they get a chest. For those willing to take the risk, however, the payoff is great. Overall, I'd say the option comes out to be a great one. Resale value is fairly high at a 300g price point, and you will have multiple opportunities for drops in the Skull Cavern and fishing. It's hard to deny the goodness of these thick leather boots. For those who value defense over immunity, because man is that defense amazing, these are the shoes for you. Strong, sturdy, and a great look for any small towner, I implore that you don’t pass up a pair of these bad boys.

7. Firewalker Boots

Firewalker Boots

Walk through fire with me!

  • +3 Defense
  • +3 Immunity
  • Found in a Chest
  • Chance freebie
  • Great resale

These boots are perfect for more frugal adventurers looking for something just as strong, though a lot less on the pricey side, as some of our other choices. Upon reaching level 80 of the mines, you will be faced with a chest containing a pair of these sturdy boots. They are almost identical to the dark boots from previous entries, though in my opinion, a much more balanced option, sure to fit anyone. With chances of drops, good resale, and easy availability, it's hard to pass up such a good deal.

These Firewalker boots contain a staggering +3 defense and +3 immunity. While the defense remains lower compared to the more costly option, it's my belief that it's well worth that one lonely point due to the addition of immunity. Perfectly balanced on both sides and found for free? It sounds too good to be true! In addition, this item is offered, like most others, as a chance drop from a fishing treasure chest, with good resale value at 300g to boot. At a cheaper price of 2000g a pair, it's hard to deny the importance of such a pair of boots. If you’re like me and prefer to stay away from the array of shopping options in the adventurers' guild, electing instead for those sweet, sweet freebies, this is the pair for you. The options can, at times, get overwhelming with so many good choices, it's hard to decide which will be best for you. However, in my humble opinion, the more free an item is, does not make it weaker.

6. Space Boots

Space Boots

Fly me to the moon.

  • +4 Defense
  • +4 Immunity
  • Easy to obtain.
  • This item is for sale.
  • Fantastic stats

At the fourth highest immunity and fifth highest defense, these are certainly a pair hard to pass up. If you’re an adventurer in the mood for some big spending, or maybe have even just stumbled upon level 110 of mine, perhaps you should consider this next item on our list. Lo and behold, the almighty and powerful, wonderfully iridium-built, Space Boots.

Not only do these boots pack a major +4 Defense and an additional +4 Immunity, they are given to you, the player, for free from a chest upon reaching level 110 of the mines. On a lower note, if you do happen to misplace your pair, you will be splurging a bit for a new one, as pairs are available for purchase from the Adventurers Guild for a steep 5000g and a resale value of 400g. With no opportunities for drops and zero profitable margin, it may be slightly disheartening. That being said, I do not believe it to be a reason to not fall head over heels for this set. You can't pass up something this good and so enticingly free. The space boots not only look cool, adding a certain ambiance to a veteran adventurer, but also give benefits that nobody can deny. They are strong and reliable, built up evenly on mutual stats, and easy to get at that. For anyone looking for a quick, yet effective option, this one's for you.

5. Emily’s Magic Boots

Emily's Magic Boots

For all those Emily lovers!

  • +4 Defense
  • +4 Immunity
  • Good Resale
  • Heart Event Item
  • Fantastic stats

Alongside the Space Boots, Emily’s Magic Boots remain fourth highest in defense and fifth in immunity. They are both incredibly strong pairs, with the same stats and benefits, though Emily's magic boots remain more elusive, and dare I say stylish? This is the perfect pair for everyone grinding achievements and trying hard to 100% the game, while avoiding breaking the bank too. While the Space Boots may be easier to come by, I wouldn’t write off this pair immediately either. There is something for everyone, and I do absolutely believe there is something here.

Emily’s Magic Boots are definitely not an easy item to come by. The only way to obtain these boots is from Emily directly. Upon completing the 14 heart event and marrying Emily, you will receive a pair of these handcrafted boots from her. A lot won’t find it worth it, as it's basically the roundabout way of getting the space boots, but for all you Emily lovers out there, it’ll be a special item for you to treasure for ages. These boots are not available for sale anywhere else in the game, though they do earn a resale value of 400g should the opportunity come up. Strong and sturdy, and a super fun challenge for your 1st, 4th, 10th play through. Emily’s Magic Boots can be something so personal to any player, casual and non casual alike. Are you an Emily romancer? Here’s a magic perk! Do you love 100% completing all your faves? Well, here’s the item for you! If you’re a player looking for that little extra challenge in every bit of game play, this is the next quest for you.

4. Crystal Shoes

Crystal Shoes

For all you Cinderella's.

  • +3 defense
  • +5 Immunity
  • Amazing stats
  • Challenging yet fun"
  • Phenomenal resale

The crystal shoes. It's easily the most stylish pair of footwear found in Stardew, but how does it hold up? Well, relatively well, I'd have to say! With a defense of +4 and immunity of +5 to match, these are a pair of boots you certainly can’t miss out on.  They are currently unavailable to purchase from anywhere in the game, but worry not, we have our ways to get them!

These superb shoes can be found within remixed settings as early as the mines' level 110. If you’re someone who prefers to wait, however, we do have options for you. This item is typically reserved for special monster drops located in the skull cavern, making it a difficult yet exhilarating way to acquire the next item in your collection. For the fans of all things sparkly and pretty, you won’t want to miss out. A phenomenal resale value of 400g, the chance at an all night campaign of skull cavern goodness, and an agenda in mind is all you need. These boots will knock your socks off and are fantastic for big and small players alike.

3. Cinderclown Shoes

Cinderclown Shoes

Just clownin' around.

  • +6 Defense
  • +5 Immunity
  • Good Resale
  • A fun challenge
  • Fantastic stats

This next pair is what I consider a fun little treat, difficult to get yet rewarding all the same. They are strong and sturdy and incredibly cool. These boots are only obtained from the dwarf shop, which is presented for the first time on level 5 of the dungeon. This is achieved by entering the volcano on Ginger Island, creating a path across the lava river with your watering can, and entering the dungeon. You will not be able to trade with the dwarf until you have the dwarf translation guide. 

The only payment option for these incredibly strong boots is through cinder shards, a resource obtained by mining Cinder Shard Nodes in the dungeon, or from drops from Magma monsters. You may also have a go at the Stingray Fish pond, which offers chances at catching one. If you are able to acquire those 100 shards, you will be able to purchase these magic, dwarvish boots. Incredibly strong, super sick to look at, and a journey to obtain.  At a massive +6 Defense and +5 Immunity, these boots remain the third highest rated in game boots. The challenge of obtaining is the biggest fault of their glory, an adventure and a half just to attempt to get them. With no way to purchase it outside, it may not seem worth the effort, even with its good resale value. That being said, for anyone looking for a massive yet rewarding challenge or the completion of a lifetime, perhaps this is the item for you. After all, who doesn’t want some sick dwarvish boots?

2. Dragonscale Boots

Dragonscale Boots

Unlease the mighty dragon!

  • +7 Defense
  • Chest item
  • Resale Available
  • Strongest Defense

This item is a doozy, and for a very good reason. At the highest defense in the game at a massive +7 defense, and an adventure to obtain as well  there is no reason to not love these shimmery shining beauties. What they lack in immunity, they easily make up for in defense. Seriously, these will keep you safe. They’re perfect for those later levels and the entrapments of the volcano dungeon.

The only way to receive this item is through chests found in Volcano Dungeon. A freebie, and strong as all else? Sign me up! With a small resale value of 350g, you can hardly dock it at that point, distracted by just how resilient these boots are. No chances of drops, no way to buy, but quite the fun pick up from all of your fantasy adventures. If you’re just a casual fan looking to complete the dungeons, or a hardcore adventurer looking to complete your collection, this boot has so much to offer. You can revisit old caves and fly by in no time with this level of defense, explore new parts of the world, and not worry too heavily about your prospects of survival. Seriously, pick these suckers up. I mean, what do you have to lose?

1. Mermaid Boots

Mermaid Boots

And what a beauty her fair mermaid boots are.

  • +5 Defense
  • +8 Immunity
  • Chest find
  • Fantastic Stats
  • Good resell

I have saved what I very strongly consider the best item for last. The mermaid boots, infamous in not only name but reputation as well. These boots have it all. Everything you could possibly be looking for, for any new or old player alike. At a striking +5 defense, the third strongest in the game, and +8 immunity, the highest in the game, there is no way you can miss out on a chance like this.

These boots are fairly straightforward to acquire. Though not available for purchase or random creature drops, a search through the Volcano Dungeons offers a chance at obtaining these beauties through treasure chests. With a resale value of 650g, some of the best stats we’ve seen yet, and the added challenge of getting to that point, what is there not to love?  It's the perfect item for every player, no matter the reason. These blue iridescent heeled shoes will blow you away. With strength and availability, the adventure and the collection of one of those legendary in game items begin. I know this is always a must have for all my Stardew replays. It's guaranteed to help me along on all my adventures and add a fun little twist to all of your characters. For any player, no matter status or newness, this is one I'd recommend for you. Take the risk, go for the challenge, and get those mermaid boots.

Whether you’re a new player or a veteran. A casual farmer or the bravest of all adventurers. Every item in the game will have value to somebody. Collect all boots to 100% your game, or grab the easiest pair you can find and go on your merry way, here there is something for everyone. No matter the player or the availability and price. You will always have something new, something valuable in price or strength, or perhaps even just something to put on your shelf and stare at in awe. From these options, there is guaranteed to be something that everyone is bound to love, a way to get you back into the mines and start your adventure brand new. Let's have another go around, shall we?


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