[Top 7] Stardew Valley Best Animals For Coop (Ranked)

Dinos and chickens and ducks, oh my!

One of the first buildings a farmer is prompted to build is a coop, and for good reason. Coops can be filled with all kinds of wonderful animals who will bring you food, money, wool, companionship, and a sense of accomplishment. (Side note: Is anyone else glad we don’t have to muck out the coop?) Here are the top seven:

7. White Chicken 

Chickens are the game’s starter animal, again for good reason. They are reliable producers, easy to care for, and inexpensive.

Chickens share common ancestry with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and are its closest living relative

Why White Chickens are Great:

  • Low maintenance; no special tools needed, just give them love every day and make sure they have food or access to outside
  • High reward, they produce eggs or Large Eggs every day
  • How to get White Chicken
  • Buy at Marnie’s for 800G
  • Put an egg in an Incubator

Details: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Chicken


6. Brown Chicken

Brown Chickens give Brown Eggs and Large Brown Eggs.

This Brown Chicken has left a Large Egg for the farmer

Why Brown Chickens are great

  • They’re cuter than white chickens
  • The Animal Bundle at the Community Center will accept a Large Egg as well as a Large Brown Egg.

How to get Brown Chicken

  • Buy at Marnie’s for 800G
  • Hit ESC and try again if the game prompts you to “select a Coop for your new White Chicken”

5. Void Chicken 

It’s a chicken with a goth aesthetic and a cursed past.

These chickens listen to death metal, enjoy fowl weather, and cluck at the moon

Why Void Chickens rock

  • They look cool, which is obviously the most important reason
  • Their eggs can be turned in to Void Mayonnaise, which is critical to a late game sidequest

How to get Void Chicken

  • A Witch will curse one of your eggs and turn it into a Void Egg
  • Place the Void Egg in the incubator

Details: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Void_Chicken


4. Duck

They give eggs every 2 days, occasionally drop beautiful duck feathers, and they swim in the pond. Lucrative and adorable.

The 1.5 update introduced the Beach Farm, and these ducks are taking full advantage

Why Ducks are awesome

  • Duck Eggs and Duck Mayonnaise are valuable
  • Duck Feathers are the way to Elliott’s heart and are necessary for the Dye Bundle
  • It’s super cute when the ducks swim in the water

How to get Duck

  • Ducks will become available when you have a Big Coop
  • Buy from Marnie for 1200G
  • Put an egg in the incubator

Details: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Duck

3. Rabbit

“These are wooly rabbits!” Marnie’s not wrong. Coop rabbits drop wool every week, and as your friendship with them increases, you could get lucky.

This farmer has already collected her rabbits' gifts, a load of wool and a Rabbit's Foot

Why Rabbits are great

  • They’re adorable
  • They drop wool, which can be turned into cloth
  • They drop Rabbit’s Feet (just imagine that they knit them, okay?)

How to get Rabbits

How to get Rabbits - Stardew Valley

Details: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Rabbit

2. Blue Chickens 

Blue Chickens are…chickens. They give white eggs and Large Eggs. So why are they so cool? Why did they make #2 on our list?

Shane and Charlie, his favorite hen, in a coop full of his famous blue chickens

Why Blue Chickens are amazing

  • This means you’ve seen Shane’s 8 heart event!
  • Great character development, you’ve done a good thing for ya boy

How to get Blue Chicken

  • See Shane’s 8-heart event
  • Even the smallest Coop will work


1. Dinosaurs

By hatching a prehistoric egg, it’s possible to raise dinosaurs who are, fortunately, herbivorous and mellow. Life finds a way.

This farmer has been breeding Dinosaurs for over a year

Why Dinosaurs are awesome

  • Their eggs and Dinosaur Mayonnaise are valuable
  • They’re freaking Dinosaurs!

How to get Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Egg Guide in Stardew Valley 1.4 | All the Ways to Find Them and All Their Uses | Pepper Rex

Details: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Dinosaur


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