Stardew Valley Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Stardew Valley Multiplayer
Playing with friends increases replayability and offers new experiences using the base in-game mechanics, such as the Coop

When it comes to both the Coop and multiplayer, there are some points to keep in mind. 

Stardew Valley, like any good farming game, offers the option to raise animals for their products. Players have the option to purchase both a coop and a barn, and each building can raise up to 12 animals. You can buy the animals from Marnie, and both the buildings and their upgrades from Robin. These buildings can also be more fun in multiplayer! 

What can be raised in the coop? 

The coop has the option of holding four types of animals: chickens (of which there are four varieties: white, brown, blue and void), ducks, rabbits and dinosaurs. 

Dinosaurs sound cool! How do I get one?

You have to have a Big Coop and discover a Dinosaur Egg by digging up an artifact spot in the mountains. You put the egg in the incubator and wait a week for it to hatch. There is also an exploit you can use: simply put wallpaper #108  into the incubator. 

What on earth is a void chicken? 

A chicken of the void. It’s black and red in color, and lays black eggs with red spots. You get it by a random event:  the witch visitsyour coop in the night and leaving a void egg during a random event. You can also buy a void egg from Krobus in the sewers. I named mine Kylo Hen, in honor of this woman.

Blue chickens are interesting! 

They sure are. You get these by completing Shane’s 8-heart event. After this event, they unlock at Marnie’s and become available for purchase. 

What kind of items can I get from the coop animals? 

You can turn all of the products produced from your animals into artisan goods. From sheep and rabbits, you get wool. You can turn wool into cloth using a loom. From cows and goats, you get milk. You can turn milk into cheese using a cheese press. From pigs, you get truffles. You can turn truffles into truffle oil using an oil maker. From ducks and chickens, you get eggs. You can turn these eggs into duck mayonnaise and mayonnaise respectively. Void chickens lay void eggs, which can be turned into void mayonnaise. Dinosaurs lay dinosaur eggs, which can be turned into mayonnaise but that isn’t recommended because dinosaur eggs are worth more than mayonnaise. 

How do I play multiplayer? 

Similar to Minecraft, you can either invite people to join your world through an invite code or you can join through a LAN server. 

How do I get a friend to join my farm?

Send them an invite code. Then, talk to Robin in her shop to build them a cabin. 

How many players can live on a farm? 

The farm can host up to three other people, making a total of four farmers per farm. 

Can I boot someone from my farm? 

Yes. All you do is delete their cabin, and that removes the player from the farm. 

Do all the farmers in the farm have separate money and items? 

Unfortunately, not separate money. You all share the gold you make, and changes to the income appear as soon as they happen in the game. Each player gets their own backpack with their own separate inventory. 

I see something about Profit Margins? 

Profit Margins affect the buying and selling price of items. You can scale them to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. 100% is the default. 

Can I get married in Multiplayer? 

Yes. You can marry NPCs just like in the base game. Each player has different relationships with NPCs based on their individual gameplay. 

What are some of the benefits of multiplayer? 

You can work as a group and assign players tasks, such as exploring the mines or taking care of the farm animals. Activities like sleeping and attending special events are voted on collectively by multiple players entering the appropriate area. 

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