[Top 10] Pathfinder Kingmaker Best Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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Swords, daggers, and axes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weapon variety offered in Pathfinder Kingmaker. As a CRPG it prides itself on having a weapon for every class. However some weapons are simply better than others, this guide is here to show you some of the best weapons you can find in this game.


10. Vanquisher (great for two-handed fighters)


Very straightforward compared to the insanity found down this list

A greataxe found in an optional quest that can be completed late game. This weapon is very easy to miss and requires fighting 45 optional bosses to even complete, make sure to check the guide!

What Vanquisher Excels In:

  • Critical hits damage; great axes have an x3 multiplier which is ridiculous when considering the base damage. The critical hit chance has range from 19-20 without keen meaning a 10% chance to crit with every hit and doubles that with the right perk.
  • Good base damage, it has a +5 enhancement on top of which it has a flat +10 damage bonus, giving consistent good damage.


Vanquisher details:



9. Perfection (best for tanks)


Perhaps the tamest weapon in the list

Nazrille’s masterpiece longsword, perfection lives up to its namesake. Make sure to do her quest and upgrade your community stat which increases Nazrille’s level so she can craft her masterpiece. Again look into how artisans work as it isn’t explained well in the game, remember masterpieces take time.

What Perfection Excels In:

  • The main feature of this weapon is the +2 inherent bonus to AC and all saving throws. This is perfect for tanks, especially in the late game where you will try to squeeze out every synergizing bonus and inherent bonus is very hard to get.
  • Decent offense; a +7 attack bonus (5 from enhancement and 2 from inherent bonus) is pretty good for a tank and a +5 damage role with a 10% base crit chance is nice.


Perfection details: 



8. Tyrant (best for any frontline fighter)


Keeping the tradition of ridiculously overpowered flails from Baldurs Gate 2

This weapon can be found in the Lonely Barrows, which requires you to do the optional quest Magical Prison just like the Vanquisher. This weapon alone can make such a tedious quest worthwhile.

What Tyrant Excels In:

  • The debuff it applies is broken; every hit reduces enemy AC and saving throws, this dismantles the defenses of bosses or challenging encounters. The best part is that it doesn’t require a saving throw to succeed and stacks!


Tyrant details:



7. Destroyer (best for melee damage dealers)


Vanquisher's meaner brother

If you want raw damage this is the weapon for you. However, you can only get it at the end of the game and at a very steep price from the merchant, Issili. Make sure to save up!

What Destroyer Excels In:

  • If you want to reach absurd numbers (think triple digits) this is the weapon. Let me explain, anarchic (effective only against lawful), unholy (effective only against good), and vicious (does 1d6 damage to you too so be careful of that!) add 2d6 damage (to the right opponent) each per hit that adds up to 36 damage just from the bonus, we haven’t even factored in the +5 enhancement, your strength, feats, and the base damage. Plus when you get lucky and crit the damage is multiplied 4 times.


Destroyer details:



6. Mirror Bow (best for rangers, ranged fighters)

Mirror Bow

It really is worth the effort

An incredible bow that you can get as Kimo Tavan’s masterpiece. You need to do his quests (make sure to save up an emerald necklace will save you a lot of pain). Also, look up the artisan guide so you can understand how to increase their ranks.

What Mirror Bow Excels In:

  • The Mirror Bow’s best quality is the sheer number of attacks it can unleash. Let me explain, it shoots a reflection arrow (weaker than your normal attack) whenever you attack with this bow with the same attack bonus which means if you attack four times with the bonus of 20,15,10,5 respectively this bow will double them with the same bonus 20, 15, 10, 5.


Mirror Bow details:



5. Bloodhound (best for rouges,dex fighters)


You can feel the edge dripping from this weapon

Another amazing weapon is found in the Lonely Barrows. This is more geared towards dexterity-based melee fighters or rogue.

What Bloodhound Excels In:

  • This weapon is incredible at dishing out damage to enemies with huge health pools. Not only does it have a great critical range with a 15% chance to land a critical threat, but its special ability also increases your damage with every hit, late game this adds up pretty quickly.
  • Another trait this weapon has is speed, meaning you get an extra attack with your maximum attack bonus just like the haste spell (does not stack with it though), a trait that synergizes well with its ability and critical threat range.


Bloodhound details:



4. Remnant (best for good aligned paladins, fighters)


No RPG is complete without the classic good guy greatsword

One of the best two-handed swords custom-made for good-aligned characters in the late game. You can only get this from the final dungeon, the House at the Edge of Time. Explore the basement very carefully! 

What Remnant Excels In:

  • Great damage, especially against evil targets (there are some major ones even in the end game). It does 2d6 (3d6 when used against evil characters) extra holy damage when wielded with a good aligned character which very few enemies have resistance to. This along with its 1d6 fire damage and +5 enhancement bonus gives it a very respectable average.
  • Good critical threat range of 10% which can be increased with the right feat.


Remnant details: 



3. Bane of the Living (best for elven fighters)

Bane of the Living

So elusive that you can't even find a good image of it

A potent weapon that is difficult to get. To start you need to recreate the Cloak of Sold Souls with the Storyteller, then you need to fail twice to remove the curse on the cloak. This summons a tough deamon with the same name you need to kill to get the blade. Save yourself the headache and read the guide for this.

What Bane of the Living Excels In:

  • What makes this weapon so amazing is the Living Bane trait. Most enemies you face will be living which means for most enemies you have an extra +2 attack bonus and a 2d6 damage bonus.
  • Really good critical threat range of 15%, add the proper feats and this becomes deadly.


Bane of the Living details:



2. Incorruptible Petal (best for two-handed fighter, paladin)

Incorruptible Petal

Finally Paladins get other options than swords

An elegant weapon found in Pitax Royal Palace. No tedious side quests for this one, just follow the main quest till you get to the palace and explore it carefully.

What Incorruptible Petal Excels In:

  • Its Holy trait (does 2d6 extra damage against evil enemies) coupled with its 2d6 extra sonic damage and 6 feet range means you will easily cleave through scores of weaker enemies, especially with the right feats (cleave, greater cleave, etc).
  • It also grants you heroic invocation which is a very good buff spell for melee fighters. Any bonus to attack roles is a plus!


Incorruptible Petal details:



1. Mastery (best for fighters)


Fo those who want their fighters to be a little more unique

Another masterpiece this time from the artisan Shaynih’a. It is an exotic weapon you will probably get late game as long as you do Shaynih’a’s quest, it's very easy to miss so but very easy to do.

What Mastery Excels In:

  • Due to its weapon class, it has a ridiculous critical threat range of 15% which can be doubled with the right feat. Incredibly potent if the user is buffed with haste and has a lot of attacks.
  • Even though its raw damage isn’t the highest it more than makes up with its special ability; it gives a +5 bonus to combat maneuvers such as trip (which is extremely useful if you specialize in it) and whenever you land a maneuver with this weapon it deals damage to the target as if it hit them.
  • Another cool feature is it grants the effects of freedom of movement spell and immunity to trip and bull rush, very useful against some annoying enemies you will encounter.


Mastery details:



Further Resources:

For artisans: https://pathfinderkingmaker.fandom.com/wiki/Artisans

Cloak of Sold Souls: https://pathfinderkingmaker.fandom.com/wiki/Ancient_Scrap_of_Script-Covered_Leather

Lonely Barrows: https://pathfinderkingmaker.fandom.com/wiki/Magical_Prison



While the weapon variety is great you must have already noticed that the best weapons can only be found in the late game through obscure questlines. Hopefully, this helped plan out your builds and showed you weapons you should watch out for. Tell me if you agree with this list or not in the comments below.

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