[Top 5] DMC 5 Best Arms (And How To Get Them)

DMC 5 Best Arms
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Which set of Devil Arms will hit the hardest this time around?

Devil May Cry has some in-game universe lore to the weapons that adds to the flavor and overall aesthetic the game has. Some weapons are so deeply rooted into the story that it gets difficult to forget that this isn’t just a shoot ‘em up game.

Some weapons we’ve already talked about in a previous article, with a bit more information and a bit more of a selection. But for this list, we’ll continue the list but with weapons, or Devil Arms as they’re known as, that have a large portion centered around the in-game lore.

A number of Devil May Cry fans are usually divided when it comes to the best weapons, but here we’ll be clarifying their choices a bit more. For this list we’ll be talking about some of the best DMC 5 Devil Arms, and how to easily obtain them.

5. Devil Sword Sparda (Force Edge) | Remix to Rebellion best for fluid movements

Dante wielding Devil Sword Sparda

Devil Sword Sparda is a Devil Arm best known as the one and only sword of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. This sword is actually loaded with lore, which we will get into shortly. The Devil Sword Sparda serves as a great reinvention of the Rebellion, retaining its most iconic moves but with a twist.

The sword is most notably used by Trish over the franchise, even in other games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMvC3). But, it has seen the touch of a few other characters like Dante, Vergil, and that annoying, manipulative rat, Arkham.

It was said that this sword was used to seal the Demon World to make sure that there would be no leakages into the human world. He used the Perfect Amulet on the sword so that it would lie dormant and people wouldn’t exploit its power any longer.

The dormant version of the sword is known as the Force Edge which Vergil has been most notably seen to use. He has used it in all three games he’s been in (excluding 1, major spoilers - if you really want to find out, read my other articles on the Devil Arms). 

The sword is great at showcasing fluid movements that hit just as hard. Although it has almost the same moveset as Rebellion, it still does keep its own as a great Devil Arm to use to get the most stylish points.

Still, this is the perfect gift Daddy Sparda left to the human world, but also the biggest sacrifice.

What Devil Sword Sparda Excels In:

  • Fluid movements
  • Great design (almost similar to Nightmare’s sword in Soul Calibur)
  • Hard-hitting, which is quite similar to Rebellion

Devil Sword Sparda details (move set names)

  • Sparda Combo A - rapid three-stage combo
  • Sparda Combo B - remix of Sparda Combo A
  • Helm Breaker - powerful overhead attack 
  • High time - launches enemies upward for air combos
  • Stinger - runs enemies through a straight line with a dash
  • Stinger 2 - Stinger upgrade (longer & more powerful)
  • Million Stab - literally just the name

4. Ebony & Ivory | Iconic beauties easy to use but pack a punch

Ebony and Ivory in their full glory

Ebony and Ivory are a set of guns that are almost as iconic as Michael Jackson himself. They’ve been a part of the entire franchise for over a decade already. There isn’t a Devil May Cry game that doesn’t have them as the default set of guns.

This pair of beauties is to die for. They have a sheer iconic look to them that defines what they are, and how they’re associated with Dante. The legendary Devil Hunter has had these guns for as long as he could remember. They’ve been with him through thick and thin, demon and human.

Although Ebony and Ivory sounds like the name of a song, there is actually some in-game universe lore behind them. Nico’s grandmother, Nell Goldstein actually crafted these bad boys (or girls, I mean) for Dante when he was just in his early twenties.

After obtaining these two guns from Nell, they’ve been inseparable from the Devil Hunter ever since. These girls can pack a punch if they want to, but are there to overall help those who have just recently gotten into DMC. These two guns are the perfect beginner’s ranged weapon, and are always a delight to see again.

What Ebony & Ivory Excel In:

  • Simple mechanics and straightforward way to use them
  • Great in keeping stylish points going
  • Good first entry weapon for those just starting out in the franchise
  • Iconic design and easy gameplay for newbies and veterans to play around with

Ebony & Ivory name details (move set names)

  • Normal shot - standard gun firing that can later be rapid-fired
  • Charge shot - induce a demonically-charged shot that deals more damage

3. Mirage Edge | Best for dual-wielding & more variety

Mirage Edge full guide

Mirage Edge is one of the newer Devil Arms to the entire franchise. It is the hollowed, or soul-like version of the Force Edge and works like a charm if you want Vergil to do crazy, ridiculous things.

There isn’t much to say about this Devil Arm since it is one of the newer ones, but it definitely is one to look forward to, if there are any future DMC games. It helps give a sort of variety to Vergil that he otherwise wouldn’t have with his small collection of arms.

Nico even goes so far to say that it’s just Vergil doing mystical stuff again, like summoning his soul as a sword. I think that’s one of the best ways to describe Vergil. He’s just a guy doing some weird, mystical things that no one seems to really grasp or understand.

To obtain the Mirage Edge, you only really need to buy it in the market. It’s already a staple in the 5th DMC game that there isn’t really any need to go through great lengths to get it. 

It also has the same movelist as the Devil Sword Sparda (or Force Edge in this case), so there isn’t a big need to put all the nitty, gritty details for the moveset.

What Mirage Edge Excels In:

  • Great for variation in Vergil’s moves and skills
  • Adds to the overall aesthetic of Vergil
  • Makes for some great plays and extra stylish points

Mirage Edge details (move set names)

  • Mirage Edge Combo A (B)
  • Round Trip
  • Helm Breaker
  • Stinger
  • Million Stab
  • High Time
  • Drive (Over Drive)
  • Deep Stinger

2. Rebellion | Most iconic and hard-hitting sword in the franchise

Rebellion Devil Arm showcase

I don’t think there’s much to say about Rebellion at this point. Although it has since been replaced with the up and coming (in iconic-ness) Devil Sword Dante, it still can’t be matched with how great Rebellion is.

This is the sword that we all come to love as the franchise goes on. It has been with Dante since the very first game. Heck, a lot of people have been naming their blades in other games Rebellion (I’m looking at you DND players).

It’s such an iconic piece that means a lot to us as players, as much as it means to Dante. This was the sword given to him by his father Sparda, and it shows how much he really cares about it. Even though this sword has stabbed Dante many times, he can’t help but keep it with him at all times.

Just remember, never do this type of thing when you’re in a relationship.

All jokes aside, to get this sword, you wouldn’t need to do anything difficult. Actually, you wouldn’t have to do anything at all. This is already Dante’s default sword, so you know that from the get-go, Dante is already wielding so much power.

What Rebellion Excels In:

  • Most diverse and hard-hitting set for a default sword
  • Lots of combos to look into for more stylish points
  • Easy to pick up, even for first-time DMC players

Rebellion details (move set names)

  • Rebellion Combo A & B
  • Helm Breaker
  • High Time
  • Stinger & Stinger 2 
  • Million Stab

1. Griffon, Shadow & Nightmare | Great mix of range, mid-range, and black-out smashing

S Rank run with Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare

For the number one Best Arms in DMC 5 for this list, we have a three-way tie between Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare. All of these “Devil Arms” are actually V’s familiars which have since been some of the best familiars across all video games.

Griffon is our favorite chicken, best served cold, with a side of witty jokes. He’s the main confidante of V whenever our favorite poet has to make a tough decision. Granted, he doesn’t always say the right thing, at least you know he’s always there for V.

Shadow is our favorite cat, who doesn’t say much, but you can always tell what he’s thinking and feeling. He’s essentially Vs blade and is the most noble out of all three familiars. His name might sound like the dream name for all edge lords, but trust me, Shadow is far from that.

Nightmare, on the other hand, is our favorite rock giant. He’s a huge hulking mess that you just can’t help but love. I mean love in the way you appreciate him for tanking all attacks from incoming enemies, and dealing as much damage as a boulder thrown from 60 feet up.

All three familiars are unique on their own, with skills and move sets that create for a simple yet enjoyable set of combos. Although having to micromanage all of them might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly brings about one of the most exhilarating video game combat experiences.

What V’s familiars Excel In:

  • Great variety, and very simple to use and get a hang of
  • Many different ways to get stylish even with a restricted move list
  • Making sure V stays out of harm’s way

V’s familiar details (move set names)

  • Griffon
  • Bullet
  • Blockade 1, 2 & 3
  • Flank Attack
  • Double Check 1, 2 & 3
  • Round Robin 1, 2 & 3
  • Griffon Vigor 1 & 2
  • Griffon Vim
  • Shadow
  • Combo A, B, C
  • Breakthrough
  • Hedgehog 1 & 2 
  • Arbiter
  • Bayonet
  • Guillotine
  • Skewer
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare
  • Promotion
  • Nightmare Combo A & B
  • Domination
  • Strongpoint
  • Critical Position
  • Desperado
  • Illegal Move

Hopefully you have more of a feel as to where certain items are and how to get them! If you’re interested in reading up on more Devil May Cry / Hack and Slash stuff:

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