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All games have similar graphics settings that you can change and modify to either get the best performance or make your game look as good as it possibly can. We’ll go over the most important settings in Devil May Cry 5 to see which settings affect the performance most, and which make your game look way better.

15.Screen Resolution

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Screen Resolution will slightly affect your performance. However, you should only lower the resolution if you are really getting a bad framerate and it makes the game unplayable.

In all other cases, resolution should be set to the resolution of your screen. The bottom line is, if you’ve got a decent PC you shouldn’t be lowering your resolution because it will greatly reduce how your game looks, without increasing your FPS enough.

14.Refresh Rate

This is a setting that will mostly affect the High End PC users. The higher your Refresh Rate the smoother the game will look, but you can’t increase the Refresh Rate higher than what your monitor or TV can support.

So it’s good to lower it a little if you know that your monitor can’t support 240 Hz. You will slightly increase your performance and you won’t lose out on anything. The main thing to remember is to check your monitor’s Refresh Rate and match it to the game’s.

13.Display Mode

Display Mode is a bit peculiar since it makes sense that if the game window is smaller, you could get more FPS. But in reality that’s not the case. You will get the best performance by playing Devil May Cry 5 in Fullscreen mode.

Fun thing to note about this, if you’re planning on using multiple screens, you should set it to Borderless Window instead of Fullscreen if for some reason you need to access the other screen while playing. When in fullscreen you will not be able to quickly access the other monitor and will have to tab out of the game.

12.Frame Rate

You can edit Frame Rate to limit the max amount of frames you’re getting. You don’t want this to be limited at 60 if your Refresh Rate is higher than 60, since that would make the higher Refresh Rate pointless.

If your PC is getting more than 60 FPS consistently and you’re not worried about performance, you should set this to “Variable” so that you can get a little bit smoother gameplay.


V-Sync is quite weird and hard to predict. It’s a useful setting in general, since it helps you prevent screen tearing while playing and it makes your game a bit more consistent. 

But, it’s quite possible that you can get lag when you input your controls since the game will wait for the whole frame to complete before loading in your input. As such it’s maybe best to keep V-Sync off, but I encourage you to try and see for yourself how it works.

10.Rendering Method

Now, the Rendering Method is a very interesting setting that can make a difference. If you set it to Normal, you will have a clean and crisp image without much problems.

But if you need to get more FPS, or if you for some reason want to play on a really high graphics setting, you can set Rendering Method to Interlaced and get a bit of a boost for performance.

9.Texture Quality / Texture Filtering Quality / Mesh Quality

I’ve put these three settings into a single category since they all affect how good the game looks. You should know which settings you need based on how strong your PC is.

You can choose between Ultra, High, Medium and Low. It’s important to note, that even if you can run the game on Ultra, based on your preferences you might want to lower it to get the smoothest gameplay.


Anti-Aliasing has only two options that you can choose from. TAA or FXAA+TAA. It’s obvious by looking at the options which one will task your PC more.

Anti-Aliasing smooths out the edges of objects in the game. It’s gonna make the game look clearer, obviously at the expense of your performance. If you aim to get better performance you should set this to TAA.

7.Motion Blur

Motion Blur is one of the most important effects to increase gameplay immersion. Turning it off will give a slight FPS boost, but I’d still keep it on since I like the way it looks while playing.

Some people don’t even like how it looks so they turn it off, so you should see if you like it first. It doesn’t affect performance by much, so the main criteria here is if you like how it looks.

6.Effects Quality

Devil May Cry 5 has some of the coolest effects that I’ve seen in games. It really makes the atmosphere and it certainly adds to the coolness of your combos.

It also has Ultra, High, Medium and Low settings. I’d say this is a little more important for immersion in the world around you, since you’ll always be pulling some crazy moves and I’d personally sacrifice a bit of performance for the amazing effects this game has.

5.Shadow Quality

Shadow Quality is one of the settings that affect performance the most. Since every object has a shadow, the difference between no shadows and detailed shadows is huge for performance.

In my opinion shadows aren’t the most influential aspect of Devil May Cry 5. So, especially if your PC is struggling, I’d recommend lowering Shadow Quality, since you should see a big improvement in FPS.

4.Shadow Cache

Shadow Cache is a bit complicated to explain. It’s on by default and once it’s turned off it will take a load off your GPU, but it may slow down performance. This is on the list mostly as a warning to not change this, because it may cause more unwanted problems instead of fixing them.


Bloom, in my opinion, makes every game look so much better. If your aim is to make the game look as good as possible, you’ll certainly want to have Bloom turned on as it greatly adds to the realism of the image.

However, Bloom will also require a lot of CPU and GPU power, so beware. If you aim to get better performance, because the game is laggy, turning off Bloom will greatly help.

2.Lens Flare

Lens Flare is quite similar to Bloom, although it should affect your performance a little less. It simulates the effect of the lights refracting inside the camera lens thus making your game look vastly better. I’d recommend keeping it on, unless after lowering all the other settings mentioned in this article you need more FPS, then try turning this off too.

1.Volumetric Light Quality

Volumetric Light are the visible light beams that can be seen during the game. They look very good and they increase the immersion and atmosphere greatly. I love the way it looks when Volumetric Light Quality is set high, but it also affects performance.

Lightning is one of the harder things for the PC to calculate while you’re playing games, so again, if you’re struggling with FPS, you can lower Volumetric Light Quality or even turn it off, but the game will look a lot worse if you do.

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