All DMC 5 Bosses Ranked From First To Last

All DMC 5 Bosses
Nero mirrors what Vergil does to Dante in DMC 3

Which DMC 5 bosses are considered god-tier?

No fighting, adventure, hack-n-slash video game is complete without boss fights. These are essentially the culmination of everything you’ve learned in the game. They test you on what you’ve learned so far.

It’s also a good way to get insight into who the character is and what they stand for. But it’s never really a neat battle between good and evil. Sometimes, you really have to think, am I the bad guy? 

Regardless of this existential nightmare, DMC has had its fair share of badass bosses that serve as a slap across our faces. DMC 5 is no exception to this. But sometimes, people forget the bosses, what order they come in, and how to deal with them. This is why I’ve compiled all the DMC 5 bosses ranked, from first to last.


1. Qliphoth Roots | First Boss

An easy and epic guide to the simple Qliphoth roots

This first boss is known as the blood-slicked vegetation: Qliphoth roots. This first boss is a great introduction to the game. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics, they’re the best first boss to take down and get a feel of everything.

Lore-wise, these roots wreak havoc across the entire city. They create other plant-like demons that go around and destroy everything. They’re not really a threat, but more of a major inconvenience. In no time, you would be kicking its roots back into the dirt.

This boss is pretty fun too. It isn’t too difficult to the point that it could even get redundant at times. The movements of the Qliphoth roots are clear, and you would have no trouble predicting them. It also doesn’t punish you as much for not knowing the combat mechanics inside and out.

Again, it’s a great introductory boss to the game and really helps hook the player into continuing the story and wanting more. All you have to do to defeat is aim for its main body, which is the large, pulsating red clump. You can’t miss that even from miles away.


2. Goliath | Second Boss

Guide on how to take down the Jinpachi Mishima poser

People consider Goliath to be the real first boss in the game. But if you didn’t have the Qliphoth roots, you’d definitely be screaming for mercy when it comes to Goliath. Truth be told, he’s the first real threat of the game.

He is an extremely cocky, and arrogant demon with an enormous ambition to rule over the Underworld. He also embodies the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. In his case, we should take that literally. His toothy stomach-mouth is impressive stuff.

But his insults and comebacks make a grown man cry.

To be honest, the first time around, I even had difficulty dealing with Goliath. There were times where he would block my exit and I would just get lasered. Nevertheless, it was an extremely fun battle that kicks our DMC 5 experience into overdrive.

Just remember, evading and timing are both very essential skills to have when facing Goliath. Make sure to stay out of his line of fire using Gerbera, or any other method you’re comfortable with. Goliath has a habit of powering himself up whenever he’s getting closer to defeat.

The more you let him power-up, the harder it becomes to stay cool under pressure. Just don’t lose your head, time your attacks, and make little sacrifices when worse comes to worst. You’ll be fine! After all, Goliath is just a meathead who can’t keep his mouth shut.


3. Artemis | Third Boss

Taking down the goddess Artemis remade into a devil 

The third boss you’ll encounter is the gorgeous Illuminating Corruption: Artemis. 

Now Artemis is no stranger to the DMC 5 franchise. At least, the name isn’t. This used to be the name of one of Dante’s most iconic weapons in DMC 3. It was an epic laser gun that shot different types of lasers. Some came in the form of strobes while others in spheres.

This boss is actually a fusion of the iconic weapon, and one of our lovely lady hunters. Literally, the weapon was fused with Lady. The angel-esque mermaid-like body was created by Urizen. He rendered Lady unconscious and used her body to take control of the now artificial demon.

Artemis was such a fun boss, and a somewhat nostalgic one as well. It was amazing to see the light show that the original Devil Arm had. What makes her even more fun is the fact that she’s so mobile. She spins, flips, twirls, and shoots multiple lasers and missiles at you.

It’s definitely worth knowing her attack patterns and seeing which of your attacks can parry hers. She even shoots out a few projectiles that can help you get closer to her. Just remember to proceed with caution. Unlike Goliath, she’s not just a meathead trying to ram into you. She’s a bit more calculating and patient.

You just have to remember to do the same. Good luck with taking down this Angel mermaid demon - yeah, no, that’s a weird combination.


4. Nidhogg | Fourth Boss

V giving the large gummy worm a beatdown

Like Goliath, Nidhogg is a new addition to the DMC 5 badass boss roster. He is much less of a meathead compared to Goliath, but he isn’t as mobile as Artemis. He has a few other tricks up his sleeves, though.

He’s actually the first boss you fight as our Emo William Blake, V. So you really have to change up your tactics to be able to beat this boss. It isn’t like Nero where you can go completely ham on him. You have to be a bit more calculating, and tactic-oriented. 

Now although Nidhogg looks like a large gummy bear, don’t be fooled by his appearance. Most of the time, he hides behind his tentacles and waits for the perfect time to strike. Taking out those tentacles and seeing him reveal himself makes everything all the more enjoyable.

You don’t just kick this guy’s ass for the hell of it. You have to make sure that his tentacle friends are down for the count so you can get the big boss to take you on. Just make sure to stay far away and let your little demon friends do all the work for you.

Might I suggest saying hello to our little friend, Nightmare?


5. Elder Geryon Knight | Fifth Boss

Beating the nostalgia out of the Elder Geryon

Similar to Artemis, the Geryon is definitely no stranger to the DMC franchise. He was a tough boss that Dante had to face in DMC 3. The only difference was that in DMC 3, it was a younger relative of the one we face in 5.

It was reported by Nico that these Geryon are a proud demon race. They aren’t just horses you can ride off into the sunset. So imagine what the battle means to people like Dante and V. It makes it all the more fun to tango with this beast.

The fight pays some homage to the one in the previous game. It still does its’ time-slowing shtick, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled whenever he attempts to use it. He gets faster and stronger, which will definitely be a detriment to V’s familiars.

Always make sure to heal your companions and call Nightmare only when necessary. In the long run, if not timed properly, Nightmare being large and slow, doesn’t bode well with the fast Elder Geryon.

Once the fight is finished, V picks up its horn which he gives to Nico as part of her armory. She crafts this bad boy into what we currently know as Ragtime. This is similar to how Dante acquires his Quicksilver style in DMC 3. Oh, how time flies.


6. Gilgamesh | Sixth Boss

Another iconic matchup with the devil arm known as Gilgamesh

Next up we have another returning demon known as Gilgamesh. It wasn’t really a boss in the previous ones similar to the Elder Geryon, but it’s something we know and love. Gilgamesh was one of the fan-favorite demon arms in DMC 4. Channeling your inner Bruce Lee is always fun.

But this boss kicks the fun meter up a notch. It’s a hulking demon that seems impenetrable at first. Lucky for us, it does have its weak spots. Make sure to take down its legs first with everything you’ve got. Once he goes down, climb onto him and start going crazy on the big red spot on his back.

Although it might seem like this boss fight is tedious, it does take a bit of patience to make sure he’s down for the count. It does get redundant at times, but he’s still a fun boss nonetheless. He makes practicing V’s skill set all the more enjoyable.


7. Urizen (Mission 8) | Seventh Boss

The first encounter (and loss) with our beloved Urizen

Here we have our second encounter with the infamous Urizen. I think we all remember the beat-down we took during the prologue right? Well, be prepared to live it once again, with this nightmare-induced boss battle.

Urizen uses the same attacks here, such as his long-range fireball and crystal spikes. He even uses lasers and spheres that can slow you down. He seems almost untouchable - until you go in and show him who’s boss.

Most of the advice I can give you is to make sure you got his attack patterns locked down. He has a pretty standard way of attacking, so you’ll be sure to catch on real quick. Your friend for this boss battle is the stunning Gerbera Devil Breaker. Use this to make sure you dodge his attacks and have a battle-hardened counterattack.

Unfortunately, you have to lose this fight. Everyone, say sorry to our beloved deadweight once again. Sometimes, heroes have to fall to rise up again. This is that story. But don’t worry, his defeat won’t go in vain.


8. Cavaliere Angelo | Eighth Boss

Our favorite motorcycle brand about to turn into metal scraps

A little over halfway through our list, we have the illustrious Cavaliere Angelo. This boss is a new addition to the franchise that can definitely stay - in my books. The Angelo title is no stranger either to the franchise.

Small spoiler: the first Angelo we ever meet in the franchise is Nelo Angelo - who was speculated to be corrupted Vergil for a very long time. Then we also have the annoying Angelo demons in DMC 4, which are always a delight to take down. So seeing this new Angelo really isn’t anything new, but isdefinitely exciting. 

Cavaliere Angelo was an artificial demon created by Urizen using Trish as a base. He has her inherent lightning powers so you know this is going to be one flashy fight. He was even supposed to be an upgraded version of Nelo Angelo, but where did that get him? That’s right, under Dante but as a motorcycle.

Since this is the first demon we face as the legendary Devil Hunter, the best way to deal with him is by constantly getting in his face. Make sure to close any distance as soon as possible. This gives him less time to recoup. It’s also a good way to deal with him fast and precisely.

Trickster is the best way to close any gaps, so make sure to upgrade Trickster and have some type of experience with it. This will make the fight quick, easy, and extremely stylish.


9. Urizen (Mission 12) | Ninth Boss

The second beatdown we take from Urizen

Once again, we have the illustrious Urizen. To be completely honest, this guy should be taken down already. Unfortunately for us, this won’t be done in this mission yet. Luckily though, we get to have at him using our other favorite Devil Hunter, Dante.

In this fight with Urizen, you must make use of Dante’s new Sin Devil Trigger. After he absorbs the sword, he has a newly awakened power that makes him even stronger than before. If that isn’t extremely epic, I don’t know what is.

Utilizing Sin Devil Trigger is a great way to get in Urizen’s face and beat him to a pulp. There’s now more power, force, and carnage. You can definitely get away with a few hits before he sends his projectiles flying again.

Trickster is still a great way to properly position yourself for any incoming attacks. As with the previous fight, it’s also a good way to close any distance gaps. Having to make these split-second decisions does indeed make this iteration of Urizen really fun. It gets your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Sometimes, at this point, I don’t know whether what I’m feeling is love or hate for Urizen.


10. Malphas | Tenth Boss

Shutting up the creepy woman with a lot to say

The tenth boss in the entire game is the very annoying, yet intricately designed Malphas. She serves as the secondary antagonist and does everything she can to set the Underworld’s plans in motion. Having three heads just means having to beat her thrice, over and over again.

Malphas is somewhat of a tricky boss. It takes a certain level of cunning, that I do not doubt you possess. But she is definitely going to get you to run for your money. Her bird-like features and three heads might do that before you even get to fight her.

If you do decide to face her head-on (which you should do to advance in the story), you have to remember to keep a safe distance. If, in the previous boss you have to get in their space, with Malphas you definitely don’t want to be getting anywhere near her.

First, make sure you have enough distance. Once she does her final leap attack, you have a small window to deal a flurry of blows - a rage-filled barrage of attacks.

Eventually, she’ll do her projectile move which forces you to move away once again. But if you have the pattern down, then there’s no stopping you. Just rinse and repeat.


11. King Cerberus | Eleventh Boss

Taking out our second favorite pooch out for a walk with our sword

Who doesn’t love walking their dogs whenever they get the chance? It’s a good way to bond with our pets. But Dante has another way of doing this. His relationship with his three-headed dog is definitely something worth looking at.

But we’re not talking about Dante’s fido in DMC 3. We’re talking about his ancestor - King Cerberus. This three-headed demon dog sets himself apart from his descendant by controlling different elements with each head. He also confronts Dante completely unshackled. 

Do beware of the three heads because they have different attack styles and move sets. The fire head is always angry, with explosive attacks that are more aggressive. The lightning head is a proud head that usually goes for mid-range attacks, while the ice head is the calm and collected one with an air of intelligence around him. He usually goes on the defensive and creates ice walls and ranged attacks.

Be keen on which head is attacking, and always evade their attacks as they switch elements. When you deal enough damage to King Cerberus, he will go down, giving you enough time to rain hellfire on this guard dog.

Remember: relentlessly attack the heads as they charge up, and avoid King Cerberus as he changes the element of his head. 

Who knew dogs could be so vicious? Huh.


12. Urizen (Mission 17) | Twelfth Boss

Finally being able to give Urizen a few black eyes

We finally have Urizen backed into a corner. The only problem is, he’s thrice our size and has regained his full power. He went full demon mode and is probably deaf to any form of reasoning. All we have to do is trust our new demon swords and Devil Arms, and hope for the best.

This infamous (and annoying) demon king finally sheds his skin. He is no longer hinged to his chair and is not relying on his crystal anymore. He now prefers kicking and sending lasers from the sky. Oh and surprise, he has a few forms we have to go through.

At the beginning of the fight, Urizen mostly stays in one spot, allowing you to land a few hits. But as the fight goes on, he becomes gradually more mobile. He becomes faster and more agile, meaning you have to keep your eyes peeled and dodge at the perfect moment. 

His second stage comes as he is shooting lightning beams from the sky. This marks an increase in movement and power. Just make sure to keep attacking when the time is ripe, and wait for him to show up from his multiple teleportations.

As he holds on to his dear life after being dealt massive damage, he goes into a frenzy that deals incredible damage. Keep dodging these, and wait for him to writhe in pain. This is something you’d really love to savor.


13. Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare | Thirteenth Bosses

Our three favorite familiars finally turning on us

Unfortunately, our new friends have to say goodbye. It was an absolute treat to see bosses from DMC 1 come back as crazy familiars working with us. But it becomes a heart-shattering moment when you find out you have to fight them once again as Dante.

There are no words to describe the heartache we all felt when they first revealed the scene with these familiars becoming hostile. But it has to be done. We have to finally release them so they can truly be on their merry way. 

The best way to do this is by focusing on Nightmare first. After taking him out, it would be easier to go for Shadow, then to Griffon. Just be wary of Shadow since he likes to creep up and stab you from behind. It becomes a rinse and repeat session when you know exactly how they attack and who is attacking.

Remember that they share a health bar, so essentially, you have to take them down twice to get the whole thing over with. They will be dearly missed.


14. Vergil | Fourteenth and Final Boss

Our final duel with Vergil (unless a DMC 6 is released in the future)

The man of the hour himself. We have the big boss, and the current top spot holder in the most popular Devil May Cry wiki pages. Now, just like previous games, Vergil is a complete monster to take down. What’s even crazier is that it takes both Dante and Nero to take him down.

It’s no secret that Vergil is fast, precise, and extremely powerful. He has control over his sword that is unmatched. This makes the fight so much more enjoyable, as well as memorable - as if fights with Vergil were never memorable. 

He is definitely the most difficult boss in the entire game. He changes his style to suit yours, so it does get a bit tricky to determine which attacks he’s going to use next. But, there is a small window to figure out exactly what’s going on inside of his head.

Keep dodging, parrying, and attacking and eventually, you’ll deal enough damage to get him to lower than half. This is when he gets really pissed off and decides to use his Devil Trigger. Just wait for it to run out, then time your attacks properly.

Vergil is difficult to deal with, but not exactly impossible. He has a more refined skill set compared to when we fought him in DMC 3. Although his technique seems flawless, it is not without a few faults. You can still crack through his armor especially when you're observant and patient enough.

This will lead you to victory - and show you who is the strongest family member in the Sparda bloodline. Slight spoiler: it might still be Dante.


Now that you know which bosses go in what order, I expect to see a bit more success in dealing with them. Let’s see those triple S rankings when dealing with Vergil.

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