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Devil May Cry has a plethora of well-written and interesting characters that all have their own struggles and personalities. One of DMC’s best features is how every character no matter their race and origin, has a very human feeling to them and they change and evolve through the games that we’ve seen them.

There are plenty of cool and epic girls in the Devil May Cry franchise that we can take a look at. Some of them are playable and all of them are cool and lovable!


See Lucia:

Lucia is a character that appears in Devil May Cry 2 and she’s also a playable character in that game. She is a demon created by Arius, but she escaped from him and became one of the Protectors. She later worked with Dante to defeat both Arius and Argosax.

Lucia is very frank and direct when talking, she’s quick when making her decisions, placing her trust in Dante without any objections of any sort. She shows her compassionate side when talking with Motier and she shows that she is very selfless when she asks Dante to kill her before she goes crazy and kills innocent people, as Arius said she would. It’s also revealed in the Devil May Cry 5: Before The Nightmare novel that she has feelings for Dante.

What We Love About Lucia:

  • She’s the first playable character besides Dante in the whole franchise
  • She’s very caring and selfless
  • She’s badass and could very-well be a great match for Dante


See Kat:

Kat makes her one and only appearance in Dmc: Devil May Cry. She’s a human and a medium with a psychic ability to look into Limbo. She serves as a guide to Dante, both in a physical sense, and a psychological one, helping him learn compassion and humility.

Kat was briefly in love with Vergil, but he wiped both of their memories to eliminate what he saw as a weakness, and that’s probably why she shows some form of affection or loyalty towards him during the game. 

Why We Love Kat:

  • She’s a very interesting character with new abilities we haven’t seen before
  • She got Vergil to open his heart to her even if for a short period 
  • She’s very wise and Dante wouldn’t be able to do everything he did without her


See Eva:

Eva, although being talked about a lot, only appears in a flashback in Devil May Cry 5. Eva is the first reason for the war between our loved brothers Dante and Vergil in Vergil’s eyes as we see him believe that Eva loved and protected Dante and left him out to die, when in fact she went out and died while looking for Vergil and screaming out his name.

She’s shown as a loving mother to both her children which makes it even more unfortunate that Vergil believes she didn’t love him as much as Dante. Dante mentions to Trish that, although she looks like Eva, Eva had a fire in her that cannot be replicated.

What We Love About Eva:

  • She was ready to sacrifice herself to save her children
  • She’s always shown as a very kind and loving person


See Lady:

Lady first appears in Devil May Cry 3 as a supporting character and a daughter to one of the main antagonists of the game Arkham. She’s a playable character in Devil May Cry 4 and she’s once again a supporting character in the newest game, where she doesn’t have such an important role.

When you first meet her in DMC3 she is very bitter and is set out to kill her own father. She hates all demons and doesn’t believe in Sparda and his good deeds. She shows her emotional side after killing her father and breaking down in tears and starts accepting that demons are capable of everything humans are and stops indiscriminately hating them.

She’s a playable character in DMC4 where she utilizes a lot of ranged weapons in combat. She has dual handguns, a shotgun and her iconic Kalinna Ann bazooka. It’s notable to know that Kalina Ann was originally lady’s original name that she gave up on after Dante started calling her Lady.

What We Love About Lady:

  • She’s a mysterious character that shows a lot of emotions in the first game we see her
  • She has a unique and cool fighting style based on carrying a lot of firearms with her
  • She has a bright smile and she’s a great support to Dante


See Nico:

Nicolleta Goldstein also known as Nico is a female supporting character that first appeared in Devil May Cry 5. She’s the daughter of one of the main antagonists of Devil May Cry 4 Agnus.

Nico is a southern girl with a foul-mouth, a lot of tattoos and a carefree and reckless attitude that’s best reflected in her driving. She works very closely with Nero driving him around when needed and making his Devil Breakers.

She gets along with the rest of female characters that she meets (Kyrie, Trish, Lady) and has a lot of admiration for Dante who she’s heard of from her grandmother. Cybernetics are her passion and she admires others who work in the same field.

What We Love About Nico:

  • She seem a bit weird and rude once we first meet her, but she’s actually a lovely girl who likes to tease Nero
  • She’s a great craftswoman and without her Nero couldn’t fight as he does
  • She’s very nice and will be there whenever you need here, driving in recklessly


See Kyrie:

Kyrie makes her first appearance in Devil May Cry 4 as the sister of the leader of Order Of The Sword’s Holy Knights, Credo. She is Nero’s love interest and his childhood friend. She’s probably the most important person to Nero as when he was uncertain before going to stop Dante and Vergil, he called her to clear his doubts.

Kyrie is very kind and caring to everyone she meets. She doesn’t have any combat prowess, but she showed many times that she would put herself in danger to protect somebody else. She’s currently working with Nero, but she’s not out in combat, she accepts jobs and takes care of the orphanage he and Nero operate together.

Why We Love Kyrie:

  • She’s kind and caring
  • She’s very brave and always tries to do the right thing
  • She’s Nero’s girlfriend and they seem to be in a happy relationship


See Trish:

Trish is one of the more well-known DMC characters as she appears in almost all games. She’s a playable character in Devil May Cry 2 & 4 and also she appears in the original Devil May Cry as well as in Devil May Cry 5 as a supporting character.

Trish is a demon that was created by Mundus with an uncanny resemblance to Eva - Dante and Vergil’s mother. She’s one of the bosses in Devil May Cry as she works for Mundus, but she changes her view of things once she’s saved by Dante and she grows more compassionate than she was before.

She’s very feminine compared to other DMC women as she’s often depicted as flirty and she likes to tease Dante every time they’re together. She’s often very playful in combat and she doesn’t seem to take things too seriously, but when somebody is feeling down and needs to be listened to, Trish can show her compassionate side.

What We Love About Trish:

  • She’s playful, flirty and attractive
  • She’s shown us many times she can be independent and carry herself with confidence
  • She’s a baddas
  • She can be very loving and empathic when she’s up to it

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