Why Devil May Cry Is Popular: 10 Reasons We Love It

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One of the most emotional scenes in DMC5

Devil May Cry 5 is a great game with a lot of positive features. We’re going to take a look at just what makes DMC5 an amazing game with a loyal fanbase.

10.Epic And Chaotic Action Scenes

Action is a big part of the Devil May Cry franchise. And luckily, elaborate combat and intriguing movesets that each character carries with them translate well to the cutscenes of the game too.

Action cutscenes of Devil May Cry are good enough to get your blood pumping as soon as you see them for the first time. And once you’re pumped up by watching Nero stylishly demolish a pack of demons, you get to do the exact same thing once the gameplay starts again. These amazing cutscenes serve to put you in the mood for Demon whooping and they did a damn good job of doing exactly that!

9.It Has A Lot Of Various And Interesting Weapons

Every character has a unique playstyle which we’ll go into in more detail later. The weapons are not the only important thing for characters in DMC5, since some characters don’t even change their weapons or don’t even use them, but still, there’s a heck of a lot of weapons between Dante and Vergil which should make every fan of DMC excited.

Dante and Vergil get weapons from previous games and Dante even gets his Devil Sword which is in my opinion one of the coolest weapons in any game. Switching correctly between weapons and using all of their skills correctly is key to playing well with Dante and Vergil, and that’s why luckily, all of their weapons are extremely cool and interesting.

8.Beautiful Environments And Stylish Artstyle

Devil May Cry 5 still looks very unique. It’s not a bad thing that there are multiple games that have the same environmental vibe, but it’s certainly nice to see that a game has a unique vibe that sets it apart from all other games.

I haven’t seen any game that has a similar vibe to Devil May Cry 5. It takes place in a stylised version of modern day London. It’s also very nice to see how they fused technology and demonic powers in this game and made it look so cool.

7.It’s The Latest Entry In A Franchise That Spans 2 Decades

A lot of games don’t live to be 2 decades long, or they progressively get worse with time. And even if Devil May Cry 5 is not your favorite entry in the franchise, it’s still an amazing game that’s a great addition to the franchise and a nostalgic throwback to the people who’ve enjoyed the older entries.

It’s very nice to see that after all these years, our beloved franchise is still going strong both story and combat wise. 

6.Every Character is Unique And Interesting To Play

In every DMC game you can play as at least 2 characters, while in some you have even more characters that you can learn and master. Devil May Cry 5 is probably the best game for that, since every character is very impactful to the story and they all have interesting and unique kits.

Nero is good for beginners (but he takes a long time to master like any other DMC5 character) and good for aerial combat, V and Vergil use projectiles and ranged combat in very different ways which leads to very interesting ways to extend combos, while Dante has an extremely large number of weapons and skills that he uses to overwhelm his foes.

5.Witty Characters With Deep Bonds

While the entire series has a very dark and depressing tone, with some serious moments which will touch your heart, Devil May Cry also has a lot of witty and humorous moments that ease the tension and remind you that you’re playing the game to have a good time.

Dante is not just a badass demon hunter, he’s a badass demon hunter with a whole lot of style and humor. The humor, fortunately, doesn’t take away from the seriousness and impactfulness of the story, which we’ll get into a bit later in this list.

4.Extremely Satisfying Combat

Definitely one of the main reasons people like the Devil May Cry franchise is because of good combat. DMC5 has a lot of new enemies with unique abilities, and every enemy and especially boss will challenge your mechanical abilities, especially on higher difficulties.

There are 4 playable characters that you can play and all have a very unique and diverse arsenal of abilities and skills. The combat is never boring, whether you’re playing through the game on lower difficulties for the story or grinding out the hardest difficulties in pursuit of mastering the DMC5 mechanics.

3.We Finally See Nero Blossom And Unlock His Potential

We still don’t know all about Nero’s background but we’ve seen him struggle for as long as we know him. Especially in DMC5 he’s constantly being pushed to the sidelines in favor of Dante, much like he is in real life.

But his amazing entrance to the scene in the last mission will make you respect him and all of the efforts he put into saving the world and halting the lifelong battle between the Sparda brothers. He finally earned his place with the other characters that have had way more games to develop themselves, and showed everyone what he was made of.

2.The Combat Is Fun And Rewarding For New Players But It’s Very Hard To Master

If you’re picking up the DMC franchise for the first time, because you were amazed by the cool graphics and story that the game has to offer, you can pick it up and play it with no problem, you’ll learn the basics of the game while playing and have a great time doing it.

But the difficulty cap is insanely high and you can spend hours upon hours to learn a single combo, let alone to fully learn a character and finish the game on Dante Must Die or Hell And Hell difficulties. The Red Palace is a great mode for people who love the game and its mechanics and it’s a perfect place to hone your skills.

1.Amazing Story With A Satisfying Ending

The story of Devil May Cry has always been good, but Devil May Cry 5 went above and beyond. It introduces some interesting new characters and gives Dante and Vergil and their eternal fight a lot more depth.

The story will leave you guessing and confused for a while but all of the mysteries slowly unravel in a satisfying fashion and lead to an amazing bittersweet ending which will make you fall in love with all of the characters if you haven’t already. 

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