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The Devil May Cry franchise is known for being extremely difficult and unforgiving. Devil May Cry 5 is less difficult than other games on the easier difficulties, but on some of the harder ones, the game gets gruelingly hard and requires a lot of practice.

We’re going to take a look at all of the difficulties and what exactly changes between them. Even though you can only choose between 2 difficulties at the start, if you get hooked on the game, you’ll want to try your hand at the other, harder ones.


Human is one of the 2 default modes that you can choose as soon as you first start playing the game. It’s this game’s equivalent of easy mode. 

Damage dealt to enemies is set to 150% and enemies will be less aggressive and deal less damage than in the other difficulties. Devil Breakers in Nero’s levels are more common.

Chose Human Difficulty If:

  • You haven’t played other games in the DMC franchise
  • You’re not too confident with playing hard 3rd person action games
  • You just want to finish DMC5 for the story

5.Devil Hunter

Devil Hunter is also one of the 2 difficulties that can be chosen from the very beginning of the game. It’s the equivalent of normal mode in other games and even people that didn’t play the other DMC games can enjoy some challenge without worrying too much about the game being too hard.

This is the classic way to play the game and all other difficulties are compared to this one. Damage to enemies is set to 100%.

Choose Devil Hunter Difficulty If:

  • You want to play the game on normal difficulty
  • You want to finish Devil Hunter to be prepared for other, harder difficulties

4.Son Of Sparda

Son Of Sparda is this game’s equivalent to hard mode in other games. It’s unlocked by beating Human or Devil Hunter difficulties and it significantly increases the toughness of the game.

In the Son Of Sparda difficulty you deal less damage to enemies (75%) and enemies start dealing more damage to you and receive less. On top of that they get some new attacks. Devil Breakers are less common in Nero’s levels and growths containing green and white orbs are going to be spawning less. Resurrections cost more red orbs.

Choose Son Of Sparda Difficulty If:

  • You’ve beat the game, got used to the controls and are looking for a bigger challenge
  • You’ve unlocked Vergil’s game mode and want to thoroughly learn his mechanics
  • You want to unlock even harder difficulties

3.Dante Must Die

Dante Must Die is an extremely hard mode which can’t be beat unless you know all the characters’ mechanics in and out. This mode is most definitely not to be taken lightly. It’s unlocked by beating the game on Son Of Sparda difficulty. Damage dealt to enemies is 50%.

Enemies are extremely aggressive and can even use Devil Triggers in certain conditions. Finding Devil Breakers and green or white orbs is going to be near impossible on Dante Must Die difficulty. Resurrecting with red orbs is greatly more expensive and the second full heal will cost you more than 300.000 red orbs. 

Choose Dante Must Die Difficulty If:

  • You really want to test out your skills and the knowledge of the game
  • You like this game’s mechanics and want to master them

2. Heaven Or Hell

Heaven Or Hell is a weird game mode that doesn’t just increase the difficulty of the game, but completely changes how you take to your encounters. You will kill your enemies in one shot, but the same is also true the other way around. You will have to be really careful since one shot kills you and it’s easy to get lost in chaos in Devil May Cry 5. Golden Orbs are limited to 3 uses per level. Heaven Or Hell is unlocked by beating Son Of Sparda.

Choose Heaven Or Hell Difficulty If:

  • You feel like you want to take a break from the constant slashing the other game modes provide and want to feel a little more tactical
  • You’ve beat the other difficulties and want to enjoy a little extra

1.Hell And Hell

Hell And Hell is unlocked by clearing the Son Of Sparda difficulty. It’s EXACTLY what it sounds like. Enemies are set to Son Of Sparda difficulty, but you will still die in 1 hit. This game mode requires master knowledge of the game, since you can still only use up to 3 golden orbs per level. The enemies compared to you are extremely tanky and you will have to be careful with your every move.

Choose Hell And Hell Difficulty If:

  • You want to try yourself at the game’s ultimate challenge
  • You’re prepared for grueling practice and timing

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