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Devil May Cry 5 is an extremely fun game with a lot of high-paced action-packed gameplay that you can practice and learn for a long time.

But mechanics are not the only good thing about this game. The story is an amazing conclusion to the franchise (at least for now). So many unexpected things happen, and it’s great watching these fleshed out characters face epic dilemmas and become even more powerful than they were. Let’s take a look at the most interesting and impactful cutscenes from the game!

10.Nero Saves V From Malphas

While this cutscene is a little less important to the overall story as the rest of the cutscenes on the rest of the list. But still it’s a nice cutscene, because as V gets scared and things seem a little dire, Nero comes in with a really epic entrance and he’s ready to dish out some pain.

Nero and Malphas are about to throw down!

9.V Finds Dante Unconcios

Last we saw Dante he got beat up by Urizen and we didn’t know if he was alive or dead. The Devil Sword Sparda was meant to be wielded by Nero, but in an unexpected turn of events, The Devil Sword Sparda has hidden Dante from the Devils, and this cutscene signals Dante’s comeback story.

Rare footage of Dante after getting REALLY beat-up.

8.Nero and Nico Intro Cutscene

This cutscene perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the game. After doing the first mission, you’re left with a lot of questions and a very few answers. Soon after, we have an amazing cutscene that won’t answer any questions, but it will set the tone for the rest of the game and get you pumped up for an amazing action-packed experience.

Even without his arm Nero is a force to be reckoned with

7.Final Form Urizen VS Dante

After a long build up, Dante and Urizen finally meet for their final face-off. They talk a little about their ideologies and the whole cutscene you’re wondering if things would have been different if Vergil didn’t feel alone and scared as a kid.

Urizen’s final form is extremely menacing

6.V Explains How Vergil Split Into Two

While it was heavily hinted before this cutscene that V and Urizen have connections with Vergil. This confirms it and explains what actually happened. We find out who our main bad guy is and we find out that Vergil cast away his humanity to become even more powerful.

Vergil moments before he splits into two

5.Nero Finds Out Vergil Is His Father

This scene was very unexpected, but it makes a lot of sense. That’s how we find out why Nero was able to use Yamato, and we see Nero get emotional as things become a lot more personal for him now. The first thing that Vergil does once he regains his body is have a short truffle with Dante and escapes ominously.

Nero is an emotional character with a whole lot of depth

4.Vergil Steals Nero’s Arm

This scene is a flashback to how Nero lost his arm in between Devil May Cry 4 and 5. It’s a really good scene that showcases Nero’s carfreeness before he gets interrupted by a mysterious figure. His arm is revealed to be Yamato and the mysterious figure uses it to create a portal and escape.

Stunning look at Nero’s Devil Bringer Arm in newer graphics!

3.Dante Fuses With His Devil Side

As you start playing with Dante you’ll probably start to get a bit nostalgic and get a feel for the franchise’s front-man. Without letting you get used to his signature sword Rebellion, Dante goes and does something completely unexpected and fuses his human and devil sides into one unlocking his Sin Devil Form.

Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger looks very menacing!

2.Dante and Vergil Go To The Underworld

After a long battle between father and son, Vergil and Dante decide to head to the underworld to stop the spreading of Qliphoth roots. They leave the world in Nero’s care and head off together in a manner only Vergil and Dante can pull-off.

Epic shot of the three main characters

1.Nero Stops Vergil And Dante’s Fight

This is the number 1 cutscene in the whole game undoubtedly! After being called a dead-weight for the entire game, and after being unsuccessful in fighting Urizen, Nero keeps pushing forward, until he finally unlocks his potential and stops the age-long battle between Sparda’s sons.

Nero finally unlocks his Devil Trigger form and he has something to prove!

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