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There are 4 playable characters in Devil May Cry 5. If you’re aiming to get all achievements in the game, or if you just like the game and want to get better at it, you’re in for a long journey…

Each character has the things they’re best at and it will take a lot of practice to get good with all of the characters. We’ll go over all of the characters briefly and what you can expect from their gameplay. There are so many intricate details and skills and ways to play each character, but this will be a basic rundown to get you to choose which one you want to master first.


Nero is different from how he was in the 4th installment in the franchise. He lost his Devil Bringer arm, so now he’s adapting and fighting Devils with the Devil Breakers that Nico makes for him.

 A lot of Nero’s gameplay will come down to knowing how to make good combos with all of the Devil Breakers. They’re all strong and fun to use so getting better with Nero will feel quite rewarding.

Nero is a very mobile character that can get to the target rather quickly and even bring his enemies closer to him to start comboing them. If you like mobile characters and especially if you like aerial combos, Nero is the perfect character to main.

Nero’s Weapons:

  • Red Queen
  • Blue Rose
  • Devil Breakers

Choose Nero If:

  • You like aerial combat
  • Witty remarks are your thing
  • You like combining Devil Breakers for amazing combos

What Nero Excels In:

  • Intricate combos with Devil Breakers
  • Aerial combat and constant enemy juggling
  • Two very satisfying weapons 

Nero Combos:



V is the most unique character in the game as he’s the only one that doesn’t fight up-close and personal, but rather he has two familiars which he uses to fight with. Personally I find him the hardest to master, as you’ll need to keep track of Shadow, Griffon and V at the same time.

Shadow and Griffon have a lot of charged attacks, so you’ll need to change controls to make it easier to get the most of V’s kit. Charged attacks are also very strong and useful, so you’ll be wanting to time them properly to stunlock your enemies and get the most intricate combos.

While the hardest character to get into, once you get used to controlling Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare, you’ll notice that as long as you play carefully, you’ll be way less in harm’s way compared to the other characters, which is an especially good thing for Dante Must Die and Hell And Hell difficulties.

V’s Weapons:

  • Griffon
  • Shadow
  • Nightmare
  • Cane

Choose V If:

  • You like to stay on the sidelines in combat while fighting with your familiars
  • You like the design of Vergil’s new mysterious form
  • You prefer using charged attacks and timing them to get the most out of your combos

What V Excels In:

  • Long Range combat
  • Charged attacks
  • Combining his attacks with his familiars for intricate combos 

V Combos:



Dante is the poster-boy of Devil May Cry and the fan favorite character of the whole franchise. I really like the way he plays in DMC5 as he has a lot of weapons which are fun to use and master.

Dante is a very flexible character due to his Styles which can be upgraded and used in combat. It’s quite difficult to master using his styles and all weapons due to how many different attacks Dante can do in DMC5.

Dante undoubtedly has the most skills, weapons and attack inputs, so keep in mind that you will have to do a LOT of practicing if you want to master Dante. You don’t have to learn every input for Dante to be strong, so you can learn some basics and slowly keep adding new attacks as you unlock them.

Dante’s Weapons:

  • Devil Sword Dante
  • Balrog
  • Cavaliere
  • King Cerberus
  • Coyote-A
  • Ebony & Ivory
  • Dr. Faust
  • Double Kalina Ann

Choose Dante If:

  • You like combing a lot of weapons for intricate combos
  • You want to practice a character for a long time until you master him
  • You want to have a tool for every situation
  • You like Dante’s charismatic personality (let’s face it, we all do)

What Dante Excels In:

  • A LOT of versatility
  • The most complicated combos in the game

Dante Combos:



Vergil is the only DLC character in the game, and if you’ve bought the DLC, you can start playing him as soon as you finish your first playthrough of the game. He functions most similarly to Dante (of course) but he’s a lot less flexible with his combos and he has less weapons that he can use.

Vergil is a very fast character. He can quickly dash to target enemies and he can also quickly dash out of danger with his Trick action. He’s possibly the most mobile character in the game, and his weapons are all pretty cool.

I really enjoyed being able to stick to enemies by teleporting to them if they escape the combo or get knocked back. While not as versatile as Dante, Vergil is certainly worth your time.

Vergil’s Weapons:

  • Yamato
  • Beowulf Gauntlets
  • Mirage Edge

Choose Vergil If:

  • You like wielding a cool katana
  • You want to combine projectiles with your combos
  • If speed and precision define your gameplay 

What Vergil Excels In:

  • Fast-paced samurai gameplay
  • Using ranged attacks to prolong combos

Vergil Combos:


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