[Top 3] Persona 5 Best Healers

Persona 5 Best Healers
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[Top 3] Persona 5 Best Healers

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By Chris Park

Healing skills are an important component when it comes to exploring Palaces and fighting shadows. While there are many healing items, it is much more convenient to use healing skills that can be done in a much more efficient time. Here are the three best healers available in Persona 5, ranked by skills, availability, and other factors regarding battle.


3. Ann Takamaki

Ann Takamaki is one of the first characters you meet in Persona 5, later becoming Panther of the Phantom Thieves. While only able to heal HP of a single person at a time, this can still be incredibly useful in early-game battles as the level of SP will be lower, meaning you’ll need every advantage you can get.

Why Ann Takamaki Is a Great Healer:

  • Best for early game healing, since characters have less SP
  • Most notable skills are Diaharan and Diarama


2. Makoto Niijima

Makoto Niijima is a Persona user and playable character who is introduced later into the game, joining the Phantom Thieves as Queen. Having a good balance between support skills and heavy attack power, Makoto is a necessary component to late-game battles, and especially against heavy-hitting bosses with copious amounts of health.

Why Makoto Niijima Is a Great Healer:

  • Has heavy damage output as well as high-level support skills
  • Can learn skills such as Mediarahan, Marakukaja, and Defense Master


1. Morgana

Morgana is the second character and first Persona user that you meet in Persona 5, becoming Mona of the Phantom Thieves. Equipped with wind magic and support skills, he is definitely a necessary component to team fights and winning battles. Despite being one of the earliest introduced characters, his healing skills can be carried on and used all the way through endgame level fights.

Why Morgana Is a Great Healer:

  • Can be used throughout the entirety of the game
  • Has a wide range of healing, ailment-curing, and other support skills
  • Most notable skills are Salvation, Mediarahan, and Samarecarm

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