Top 10 Best Weapons In Persona 5 And How To Get Them

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The Protagonist means business.

I recently started a second playthrough (because 120 hours just wasn’t enough), this time in hard mode. The changes aren’t too major, but the combat certainly demands more of the player.

Characters take way more damage from enemy attacks, prompting the player to dispose of their foes quickly in order to conserve all their healing items and avoid an unnecessary death. This made me think about how much harder this would be if New Game Plus didn’t allow you to carry over the gear from your first playthrough.

To quote Walter White, “You’re going to need a bigger knife,” and if that’s the case, you could also use this this guide to the ten best weapons in Persona 5.

10. Frenzy Dagger (232 ATK/92 ACC)

Acquiring the frenzy dagger isn't the most challenging task.

Why is it awesome?: At first glance, the frenzy dagger may not seem all that impressive. Plenty of weapons possess a comparable Attack stat, and the accuracy is quite average. However, the frenzy dagger comes with one major perk: a high chance of inflicting rage on your enemy. In Persona 5, the rage ailment grants the target a considerable boost in attack at the expense of an equally considerable stat debuff that’s placed on their Defense. On top of this, the target is also forced to use nothing but their standard attack, keeping them from casting any powerful party-wide spells. By doing this you not only increase your damage output exponentially, but also make the enemy predictable, giving you the upper hand in terms of defense. Just make sure Joker can withstand those powered-up attacks.

How do I get it?: Getting the Frenzy Dagger is quite the demanding task. You sure you can handle it? If so, here’s what you do...simply travel to Untouchable (Airsoft Shop) once you reach the 11/25 date. The weapon will be available to purchase for ¥35,200. Buy it. Equip it. Have fun, you’ve earned it with all that hard work you just did.

9. Usumidori (292 ATK/88 ACC)

Slice up your foes in style.

Why is it awesome?: From your very first chance to play as Yusuke (about halfway through Madarame’s Palace) it is made abundantly clear that he’s a powerhouse when it comes to physical damage. This is visible through his preference of large samurai swords and his Persona’s nature as an ice elemental, allowing for technical damage when frozen enemies are hit with a physical attack. The Usumidori is this aggressive nature at its peak. Boasting one of the highest attack stats of any melee weapon, this legendary sword strikes fear into the hearts of most enemies...literally. The Usumidori has a high chance of inflicting Fear on your enemies, making them unable to move more often than not. With all this in your favor, Shadows will be entirely at the mercy of your bloodlust.

How do I get it?: The worst part about this blade is definitely obtaining it. Not only do you have to wait until you’re near the end of at least your first playthrough, you also have to sacrifice Yoshitsune, one of the best Personas in the whole game! You’ll also need a black kogatana, which will sometimes be available in the second-hand shop near LeBlanc. As is often the case in these ultimate weapon scenarios, the prerequisites for getting your hands on the Usumidori are significant. Only get this weapon if you intend to experience NG+, otherwise, just hold on to that Yoshitsune for dear life.

8. Yoshitsune

Hard to get, but totally worth it.

Why is it awesome?: Well, that’s a silly question...the pain of sacrificing Yoshitsune is the whole reason Usumidori isn’t higher up on the list. This is the closest Persona 5 comes to having a broken character. Once fused, Yoshitsune is invulnerable to 3 different natures and strong against another. On top of this, he can also be equipped with multiple inherited invulnerabilities. You can even create a Yoshitune that takes absolutely no damage from anything except for fire attacks and bullets; however, doing this is a pretty tedious process, so we’re just taking base Yoshitsune into account. This still leaves us with a Persona that has no weaknesses, many strengths, and some of the best stats in the entire game. The only reason he isn’t not in the top three is the fact that his spells require too much HP/SP, limiting his usefulness almost exclusively to the end of the game.

How do I get it?: Fusing Yoshitsune is only achievable near the end of the campaign. You’ll need to wait until your Confidant Rank with Morgana is at level 10, as this unlocks one of the Persona required for the fusion. You’re also going to need your Strength Arcana to be at least level 5, or level 10 if your character level hasn’t reached 92 yet. Once these terms are met you’ll just need to perform an Advanced Execution with Arahabaki, Shiki-Ouji, Yatagarasu, Futsunushi, and Okuninushi. After all that, Yoshitsune will finally be added to your collection of Persona. Easy, right?

7. Wild Hunt (386 ATL/84 ACC)

Wild Hunt is exciting and deadly, just like Ann.

Why is it awesome?: There’s a lot to like about the Wild Hunt. So much that, if it weren’t for Ann’s lack of control while aiming, I’d probably consider it the best ranged weapon in the game. The attack is second only to Joker’s God of a Thousand Demons (more on that later) and it also happens to have a moderate chance of afflicting enemies with Despair. The Despair ailment is possibly the most problematic in all of Persona 5, rendering the victim completely immobile and killing them after three turns. This easily makes Ann’s “Wild Hunt” one of the deadliest weapons in your arsenal.

How do I get it?: This isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. First, maximize your Social Link with Yusuke in order to fuse Odin. You’ll also need to have a model gun at your disposal. Then proceed to the Itemize Persona screen in the Velvet Room, execute Odin, and there you have it! Wild Hunt can now be equipped. Much like Usumidori, this weapon is mainly useful for those who are embarking in multiple playthroughs. This is the case with pretty much every weapon that requires you to completely level up a Confidant, so keep that in mind.

6. Tyrant Pistol (390 ATK/98 ACC)

The creation of a deadly weapon.

Why is it awesome?: The Tyrant Pistol has the best attack of any ranged weapon in the game. No gun has greater power, and its accuracy is nearly perfect. Furthermore, it also adds a +10 boost to your magic stat, making your use of Personas that much more effective. A truly perfect weapon for the most gifted Persona user in Perona 5’s version of Japan. Pair this with an SP Adhesive 3 and you’ll cause some real mayhem.

How do I get it?: Getting the Tyrant Pistol will require you to fuse the Star Confidant’s ultimate Persona, “Lucifer,” into a model gun. To obtain Lucifer you’ll need to maximize your Social Link with Hifumi Togo, maximize your Rank with the Justice Arcana, and reach level 5 with the Strength Arcana. After that, you’ll need to fuse Anubis, Ananta, Trumpeter, Michael, Metatron, and Satan. Then just itemize Lucifer and wonder if it was really worth all that trouble.

5. God of Destruction (360 ATK/ - ACC)

With a name like that, you know it's gonna be good.

Why is it awesome?: The God of Destruction is the result of fusing Metatron with a black knife. It’s got substantial attack power, though not as much as the Tyrant Pistol. This is offset by its perfect accuracy and a + 5 boost to all your stats. Considering both the God of Destruction and the Tyrant Pistol can only be used by Joker, the 6th and 5th spot on the list are totally interchangeable. A good way to look at it is that the Tyrant Pistol makes for a significant damage boost, while the God of Destruction gives you more versatility with your Personas. You can’t go wrong either way.

How do I get it?: As stated before, you’ll need Metatron and a black kogatana. The black kogatana can be bought at the second-hand shop, as well as found within Mementos and some Palaces. In order to fuse Metatron, your bond with Goro Akechi must reach Max Level. Then fuse Principality, Power, Melchizedek, Dominion, Sandalphon, and Michael in the Advanced Fusion screen. Itemize Metatron into your black knife and watch as those who care most about you begin to realize your love for Persona 5 has taken its toll on you.

4. Sabazios (280 ATK/90 ACC)

Subtle and dangerous, much like Makoto.

Why is it awesome?: As far as weapons go, Makoto’s got it made with Sabazios. This deadly yet stylish pair of gloves not only packs a considerable punch, but also applies a buff that greatly improves your critical rate in order to make your already considerable punches even more impressive! A critical hit also allows you to attack the enemy a second time, making Sabazios the perfect weapon for a tough one-on-one fight. On top of all that, its nature as a melee weapon makes it so it doesn’t consume any of your resources. Pretty great, huh?

How do I get it?: Ready for some good news? You actually don’t have to go too out of your way for this one! Hooray! As usual, you’ll need a black kogatana and a Persona to Itemize. In this case, that Persona is Cybele, and she’s not hard to obtain at all (for once). All you have to do to make that happen is get your Social Link with Makoto to Level 10 (which you should do anyway since Makoto’s a great waifu) and perform one of a variety of standard two-Persona fusions in order to have her materialize. Itemize and move on.

3. Judge of the Dead (380 ATK/92 ACC)

Makoto's got it made.

Why is it awesome?: Remember how I said Makoto’s got it made in terms of weapons? Yeah...she’s got it made. The Judge of the Dead is arguably the best ranged weapon in Persona 5. It provides attack comparable to that of Ann’s Wild Hunt while fixing the whole issue about the lack of control while aiming. These advantages are further built upon by this weapon’s special perk, a +10 boost to every stat. This make’s the gun’s influence obvious even after it’s out of ammo. Honestly, why wouldn’t you get this?

How do I get it?: Once again, this weapon isn’t too tough to obtain. No need to maximize a Confidant or fuse six Personas at a time. Just fuse Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel to make Michael. Then Itemize him into the model gun and you’re done. There really is no reason to skip on Judge of the Dead.

2. Trumpeter

Soul-crushing and soulful at the same time.

Why is it awesome?: Trumpeter has always been powerful within the Shin Megami Tensei series and Persona 5 is no exception. Trumpeter is completely invulnerable to four separate natures and has no weaknesses. His magic stat is one of the best in the game as well, making him a major threat both offensively and defensively. This is complemented by the fact that you can obtain Trumpeter fairly early in the game, at Level 59. An absolute dream for boss battles and regular encounters alike, Trumpeter may very well be the most useful Persona you can have.

How do I get it?: For a Persona of this caliber, Trumpeter is fairly easy to fuse. The only prerequisite is to level up the Strength Arcana to Level 5. Once that’s done, simply fuse a White Rider, Red Rider, Pale Rider, and Black Rider. Then just sit back and relax knowing you have the soulful skeleton of Miles Davis doing all your fighting for you.

1. Confidants

The real treasure was the friends we made along the way. Really.

Why is it awesome?: You know how throughout the game you keep hearing about how your bonds are your greatest power? Yeah...take that literally. Confidants not only unlock short cutscenes that further develop each character’s backstory and ambitions, they also grant you various perks that can be used to gain the upper hand in battle. For example, Futaba grants different perks while you’re in battle, including healing you, granting additional SP, or providing stat boosts. Skills like these abound as you continue to strengthen your bonds with the people you meet throughout your journey. This isn’t limited to just your party members either, as Confidants formed with those outside of the meta-verse also have effects during combat, such as EXP bonuses, negotiation skills, or the ability to flee a battle. Strengthening your bonds with others is the key to fully enjoying the game, adding an extra layer of depth and complexity to each and every encounter.

How do I get it?: You will be introduced to some Confidants as part of the story, while you will meet others as you explore the over-world. This could come in the form of a politician giving speeches near the train station, a shogi player who comes to the church in search of silence, or a young boy that seems to spend all his time at the arcade. Once you’ve met them you might receive a text inviting you to hang out, but other times you might have to reach out in order to strengthen your bond. Just make sure to seize every opportunity as if it’s your last. Get to know this massive cast of characters, hear about their pasts, discuss each other’s futures, help them reach their dreams, and let them get to know you as well. In the end, everything about Persona 5 revolves around the friends you make. So make plenty, make them proud, and rest assured: you will be rewarded.

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