Apex Legends: How To Play Crypto Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Crypto Effectively

Crypto is one of the biggest misunderstood legends in the game, as players just don't understand his place in the meta or a team for that matter. He can be extremely useful if used correctly as his kit provides so much information and value for his team in both casual and ranked play.

Crypto is a recon legend, meaning he can scan beacons around each Apex map that reveal where everyone is on the map to him and his team. This scan is only for their exact position whilst being scanned, meaning it can be out of date quite quickly. 

His tactical needs to be understood for the rest of his kit, so let's get into that. Crypto’s tactical allow him to send out a drone. From here, he can either let it sit or go into his controller and move the drone around.

This drone does quite a lot. It can show enemy locations to his team, ping objects, revive teammates with respawn beacons, scan the recon beacons around the map in the same way and even pick up teammate’s respawn banners.

This tactical is where people tend to go wrong with Crypto as it can get quite complex. Because the tactical can fly for around 200 meters away from Crypto, some players get caught up in playing with the drone rather than using the character itself.

Crypto passive is based around the drone,  as his teammates can see what his drone marks for 30 meters. This means if the drone is looking at enemies, doors, care packages, supply bins etc, they can see it. This is great for giving out information to your team and really makes him great in ranked play.

Finally is his ultimate ability, the EMP. To make this ability work, Crypto needs to have his drone out. With the press of his ultimate, Crypto sends out an EMP in a large radius around the drone. This not only hits enemies, traps and things like Rampart walls but also hits his teammates.

Everyone in the area will take a small amount of shield damage and be slowed. Enemies are also unable to use their minimap in its 2-second duration.

Crypto has a lot going for him, but sometimes players get really caught up in his kit. They either hyper-fixate on their drone or do not use it at all, there tends to be no in-between.

One way to make him better is to pair him up with some movement legends or defensive legends. Movement legends like Octane or Pathfinder will let Crypto get around the map quicker, and defensive legends like Rampart and Wattson will protect Crypto whilst he is in his drone.

Now that you know how Crypto plays, let's get into how to play him effectively and at a higher level.


How To Play Crypto Effectively:


15. Use your drone whilst in cover

Crypto is a sitting duck whilst in his drone, so make sure you are in some sort of cover when you send it out fully. Either sit in a building or a corner where enemies won't expect you.


14. Heal whilst in your drone

One piece of Crypto tech is that you can heal whilst in your drone. If you pop a healing item as you throw out your drone, the healing will continue. This works with every healing item in the game and is excellent for getting a free reset whilst scanning the area around you.


13. Fly the drone away from enemy sightlines

Don't just fly your drone in the faces of your enemies, think of it like a security camera. You want to be able to see enemies, but you need to make it hard for them to not only spot the drone but destroy it.


12. Crypto auto reloads in his drone

If you need to quickly use your drone after a fight, there is no need to reload as his passive will reload them for you once you enter the drone. This is a free reset whilst getting as much information as possible. It also makes a Crypto pretty dangerous after coming out of his drone as enemies won't expect him to have reset.


11. Slide into a corner whilst throwing out the drone

Make sure to slide into cover whilst using your drone as your momentum will still continue even after entering the drone screen. This is great for getting that drone out a little bit quicker whilst also getting into cover. You need to play safely with Crypto, and this works perfectly for that playstyle.


10. Don't engage with an EMP

The EMP is fantastic for damaging enemies before you fight, but make sure you don't use it as an engagement tool. Only use the EMP if you know you can get damage, stop abilities or stop a revive as enemies will just reset before you even get to them.


9. Swap shields with your allies

Because of how easily Crypto can get damage stacked up with his EMP, make sure to take your allies' White shields to level them up faster. You can also do this if someone is close to the next EVO rank-up as you are guaranteed 150 damage if an entire team is caught in your EMP.


8. Use the mouse to move the drone rather than AD

To make the drone harder to hit and move around smoother, make sure to use the camera to turn around. Use W on your Keyboard to move forward, but move your mouse to change direction.


7. Don't leave your drone in an open area

Crypto’s drone can be left out to gather information or show your team where enemies are, but place it in some sort of cover. Don't just leave the drone out in the open as it's going to get shot. Yes, the cooldown is short, but you want that drone out as long as possible. Place it in a tree or next to a building for a better lifespan.


6. Use the drone to watch your back

Treat your drone as another teammate when watching an area. If you are looking in one direction, set up your drone to watch the other. This covers as much ground as possible and gives your team the best possible chance to catch third parties or approaching enemies.


5. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


4. Save the drone if you have your EMP

Despite the drone having a pretty short cooldown, you don't want to waste it if you have an EMP in the bank. You cannot use that EMP without your drone, so save it to use the EMP then recall it to preserve it for later. The EMP can win you fights and shut down enemy setups, so remember to keep that drone alive as your life depends on it….. Because it does.


3. Throw your drone through a Catalyst wall

Catalyst is still pretty prominent in the meta right now, and Crypto can counter her quite easily. Because you cannot scan through a catalyst wall, it shuts down information legends instantly. 

However, Crypto can actually throw the drone through the wall to scan those on the other side. Your drone might get destroyed, but you should have the information to shoot the enemies through the wall.


2. Start the EMP before you get into range

The EMP takes a second or so to actually fire off, so make sure to press the button as the drone enters the fight rather than when it gets there. This ensures that the EMP goes off and doesn't get destroyed before it even gets to the enemy.


1. Movement Techniques

Movement Techniques are a huge part of Apex Legends, no matter how much movement you have access to on your legend. Make sure to get good at tap strafing, super glides and wall bounces as they will take your gameplay to the next level and allow you to play your legend as effectively as possible.

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