Super Mario Party Best Dice [Top 10] Updated 2022 Guide

All the main characters in Super Mario Party welcome you to this article!

Every character in Super Mario Party is equipped with their own die. These dice have their own pros and cons, as does anything else, virtual, or not. There are also dice that can be purchased in the game itself from the Item Shop. However, this article is focusing on the characters and their dice, so hopefully, it will be easier to pick which character to play as! Keep reading for the best gameplay! (Where the dice are concerned.)

10. Mario 

Pictured: Mario jumps into the frame with his dice block.

Of course, I had to put Mario on the list somewhere! He is of course one of the best to play as, as he is the very classic character. The options on his die are as follows: 1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 6. The good news is there is no chance of losing coins, at least not with just the roll itself. (There are certain dice that you can just lose coins just by a roll, not actually moving anywhere.) However, if you need to move more than six spaces, you are out of luck with this die, unless you happen to have an ally!


9. Waluigi

Pictured: Waluigi unfortunately rolling a -3 during his turn.

Next on the list is the underrated Waluigi! You might not think it, but he comes with a great die, even if you are playing with him as an ally. The options on his die: -3, 1, 3, 5, 5, 7. The thought of potentially losing three coins is annoying, but if you are decent at mini games, this will not be too much of an issue for you. The high roller could be an excellent thing as well, depending on where you land. Also, the chance of having landed on a blue space in your previous turn (which if you roll the -3, you will not move spaces and it will seem like you just landed on that space again) is greater than you might think!

8. Shy Guy

Pictured: Shy Guy rolling a four with his die.

Shy Guy is my personal favorite to play as, just not due to his die. However, his dice block is not too terrible. The options on his are 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4. This die is perfect to use during your turn if you want a higher chance of rolling a four. Sometimes you need that specific roll to get to the star or any other spot of your choosing, ya know? The best part is unless you land on a red space or lose a duel of some kind, you will not lose any coins with his roll, unlike other characters!


7. Pom-Pom


Pictured: Pom-Pom from Super Mario Party.

This die is better suited for those who are risk takers. You can either roll a zero, or an eight. Or a three. You can either move a great deal, or hardly at all. There is a greater chance that you will roll a three, since four faces of their die are in fact three. Paired with an ally, or two, this could be a great character’s die to utilize! However, this character is ranked at #7, because let us face it, sometimes you would rather play it safe with the dice rolling and take more chances on the mini games themselves.

6. Luigi

Pictured: Luigi and his dice block

I am not sure if anyone goes into Super Mario Party with the intention of winning by using the character’s die, but I would not recommend it with the use of Luigi. The options of his die are: 1, 1, 1, 5, 6, and 7. His die is unreliable, since there is a 50/50, you will roll a one or literally anything else. His die is better suited with an ally as well. And of course, sometimes you want to roll a one, because sometimes you are one space away from a blue space or even better: the star!

5. Daisy

Pictured: Princess Daisy with her own dice block!

Daisy is a character who also comes with a very consistent dice block. Her potential rolls are neither terrible nor are they great. Therefore, I put her at #5, right in the middle of the top ten. She can either roll a three, or a four. Her chances are greater with the three, though as four of her dice block faces is a four. Her die is probably better suited with an ally who can increase the roll.


4. Boo

Pictured: Boo about to roll with his own personal dice block!

Boo’s dice block is also a very consistent dice block. If you want to roll a 0, 5 or 7, his dice block is the one for you to use! You have two chances to roll -2 coins (or zero spaces moved) and you also have two chances to roll a 5 or a 7. It is all exceptionally good odds with his block, which is why I ranked him at #4. His block is a better one to have with an ally, or five!

3. Bowser

Pictured: Bowser up to no good during his turn with his dice block.

Mostly for the risk takers, as with Bowser his options are either the best, or the absolute worst. He balances out his high moves with his potential negative coins, where you also do not move on the board during that round. Sometimes, you do not want your player to move, and if you lose three coins on your turn with your roll, you will not move at all. The options for his dice block: -3 coins, -3 coins, 1, 8, 9 or 10.

2. Wario

Pictured: Wario rolling a dice block with Monty Mole as his ally.

Wario is number two on this list, and the reason being is that sometimes you just want to roll a six. With his dice block, there is a huge chance of that, considering there are four faces with the number 6 on it. The only downside is that there are two faces where you lose two coins if you roll that. Where it does suck that there is a chance that you will lose two coins, there is a higher chance you will roll a six, which will bring you that much closer to a star!

1. Donkey Kong

Pictured: Donkey Kong and his dice block!

With his dice block, you can earn five coins, or roll zero spaces or ten spaces. There are three faces on his block with 0, 2 with ten and one with the five coins. It is a 50/50 as to whether you are going to get a good roll, but at least his options are consistent. Also, think about it like this: what if you were already landed on a blue space and then you rolled the +5, or any of the zero options? Then you just landed on the blue space again and earned even more coins!

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