Apex Legends Best Arena Legends (weakest to strongest)

Apex Legends Best Arena Legends
All Apex legends posing in game.

D Tier Legends

17. Fuse

Fuse, easily one of the weakest legends even before Arena mode was released. His ultimate ability is impractical for the fast paced action of Arena matches, with the arena maps being so varied in their layout - his ult simply can't keep up with the rapid zone rotations. His passive of grenade stacking is also irrelevant as there is a cap for how many all players can carry.

  • Tactical ability is useless over long range and tight corners.
  • Ultimate ability is designed for blocking enemy movement, arena maps are too open for this to work.
  • Passive is irrelevant as grenades now require purchase and are limited to a maximum of three.

Overall rating: 0/100

Apex L

C Tier Legends

16. Crypto

Crypto, slightly better than Fuse but still an incredibly situational legend to play. The reason for him not being ranked lowest here is that his tactics can rival bloodhounds when used correctly, although it does put the team at a disadvantage as one player is constantly out of the fight. 

His tactical ability is better suited to harassing multiple teams in large gunfights in battle royale mode - whereas in arena mode enemy teams have no third party to consider, they are likely to push harder and overwhelm the remaining two friendly players.

  • Tactical can be helpful but overall will put the team at disadvantage.
  • Ultimate is better suited to battle royale than arena mode due to its low damage stats.
  • Lack of combat focused abilities.

Overall rating: 20/100


B Tier Legends

15. Caustic 

Caustic, his gas has been nerfed hard over the last two seasons. He went from one of the most terrifying characters to a minor nuisance that was incredibly situational. All the current arena maps have minimal indoor spaces meaning that there is only a small area where his abilities can be useful, even then, you can be forced out of those spots by the fast moving zones. 

  • Gas damage is too low to successfully defend.
  • Camping is not a viable strategy for ANY legend in arena mode.
  • Ult does not have a wide enough damage area for the open spaces in arena mode. 
  • His 15% damage reduction can be enough to give players the upper hand.

Overall rating: 30/100

14. Rampart

Rampart has long sat at the very bottom of tier lists for Apex since her release, generally a useless legend due to the fast paced nature of the game contrasting with her entirely defensive abilities. Whilst the early to mid stages of an arena match are always fast paced, the late game can really slow down. With fights being entirely dependent on positioning, having deployable cover can be incredibly beneficial. Once again though, another situational legend.

  • Deployable cover is beneficial in only the late game.
  • No combat focused abilities.
  • Ultimate ability can be easily outplayed.

Overall rating: 30/100


13. Mirage

His abilities are not as forgiving as other legends meaning that your success will depend on your core skills as a player (gunfights, positions, strategy). He does have the advantage of invisibility while he revives. The limit on ability usage does bring down his capabilities though, you will not be able to spam decoys and will have to use them effectively (not an easy task). HIs ult can be lifesaving in tight quarters fights, but it's best to leave Mirage for his experienced mains.

  • Turn invisible while reviving teammates. 
  • Can not spam decoys, no longer a good legend for low level players.
  • Ult is not super effective as arena maps are very open.

Overall rating: 40/100


12. Watson

This legend is situational, but those situations are quite common. Her main upside is her ult which is affordable at mid game, can defend against incoming throwables and enemy air strike ultimates. On top of that it constantly recharges shields. This is a powerful asset as a lot of arena fights can be won by simply grinding away until the enemy has no remaining heals and can be easily crushed. Pair this with the high ground and you have a recipe for success.

  • Additional heal advantage over enemies
  • Wattson has passive shield heal ability, reducing the need to purchase heals.
  • Ultimate ability is perfect for late game defense.

Overall rating: 50/100


11. Revenant

This legend is powerful when played in combination with either Octane or Valkyrie. The original Rev/Octane push dominated battle royale for a long time, the ability to quickly push fights and do damage then immediately push again was an instant upper hand. The same strategy can be applied to arena mode with Valkyries ultimate ability for some seriously strategic plays. On his own however, he is weak.

  • Best combined with Octane or Valkyrie.
  • Death totem is his sole useful ability, and can only be used every three rounds.
  • Tactical ability is not very useful in the arena as all legends have a limited amount of tactical uses.

Overall rating: 40/100


A Tier Legends

10. Bangalore 

The main draw for Bangalore is her smoke ability. It's incredibly difficult to counter in the early to mid game as purchasing a digital threat is very costly, players will prioritise healing items and abilities over buying them. This means she can use smokes offensively to cover her team as she pushes over the large exposed areas. Sitting in smoke to heal is a viable strategy too. She still holds the advantage against Bloodhound as her smokes outlast his scan.

  • Use smoke offensively to push open areas.
  • Use smoke defensively to cover yourself while healing.
  • Passive speed boost when under enemy fire.
  • Can easily compete against Bloodhound.

Overall rating: 50/100


9. Horizon

The release of arena mode was also accompanied by a big Horizon nerf. She can no longer fast strafe in her gravity lift, nor can she sit at the top to heal or gain height advantage. If she still had those abilities she would be S tier. Her placement in A tier is for her Ultimate. The black hole is consistently strong and disorienting for enemies, have each team member purchase a grenade or two and use her ultimate aggressively for high success rates.

  • Gravity lift is substantially weaker in season 9.
  • Mobility is not as good as it used to be.
  • Ultimate ability is very powerful when played correctly.

Overall rating: 50/100


8. Octane

This one is an A tier, but not for the reason you might think. His stim has been nerfed, is now a purchasable item and deals significantly more damage. However, the jumpad is an excellent method to push on open maps and instantly gain the positional advantage. His passive heal also gives him the upper hand if you play the slow game, constantly grinding away at the enemies healing items.

  • Fast pushes for the entire team.
  • Take the best positions early on.
  • Passive heals.
  • Stim is not very useful.

Overall rating: 60/100


7. Pathfinder 

 He's a solid movement based legend and is well balanced since the removal of his low profile passive. Pathfinder will get you in and out of gunfights quickly and can bring the whole team to a good position early game by using his zipline. If you’re a high level player you can easily dominate with this legend, he's also very forgiving for lower level players too.

  • Excellent mobility (personal).
  • Excellent mobility (team).
  • Larger hitbox makes him easier to hit.

Overall rating:60/100


6. Wraith

She no longer has the low profile passive and is therefore back in the meta. Her tactical ability is another way to reposition and take better flanks/escape from hard pushes. However, her portal is not useful in arena mode. There is no chance for you to portal and revive a downed teammate due to the fast pace of the match nor can you rely on it for crossing open spaces as the distances are too great.

  • Small hitbox and no low profile passive.
  • Tactical ability can help with flanking.
  • Ultimate ability is not useful in arena mode/very situational.

Overall rating: 65/100


S Tier Legends


5. Bloodhound 

Bloodhound can be incredibly powerful when used correctly, yet his abilities are still forgiving for low level players. The scan is an oppressive ability useful for breaking those drawn out gunfights where you can't seem to down an enemy. Pop a scan and rush that distance while they are afraid to peek at you. If you purchase his ultimate you’ll find yourself finishing rounds before the ability timer runs out. Play this legend when solo queuing to benefit the whole team and improve unspoken cooperation.

  • Oppressive abilities.
  • Improve cohesion with the team.
  • Excellent for solo players.

Overall rating: 75/100


4. Gibraltar

Bubble fights are your best friend when playing Gibby. Few players can effectively counter them and it will often overwhelm the enemy. Learn how to bubble fight, practice it in firing range with your friends and then apply it to the arena. Hehas his 15% health boost AND the gun shield, all that extra health is extremely forgiving if you miss a few shots. Peek corners with the shield up and slowly grind away at the enemies health.

  • Bubble fighting is an effective strategy.
  • He has bonus health.
  • Gun shield is a big advantage, keep it up.

Overall rating: 80/100


3. Lifeline

Many people confused her recent changes as a nerf, they were more of a lateral move though. Lifeline's playstyle is now less aggressive, playing her as a support character and consistently providing her DOC drone to keep teammates in the fight will always bring good results. Equip her with a gold backpack and be on standby to immediately revive any teammates whilst you poke away at the enemy from safe cover.

  • Care package provides an incredible early game advantage.
  • Revive two players at once using a gold bag to clutch difficult rounds.
  • Doc heal drone can be combined with shield use to heal much faster, get back in the fight quicker.

Overall rating: 80/100

2. Loba 

The main reason for loba being in this position is her ability to disrupt the in game economy. Her ultimate ability is usable every round, costs very little to buy and immediately gives you access to all the heals on the map, meaning that you can spend all your materials on weapons and combat focused items. Also, when care packages start to land, you can pull those weapons from her shop too. On top of this she also has her tactical ability,



Movement and mobility is king in arena mode and Valkyrie is arguably the best choice for this. Her passive ability allows her to fly higher than Horizons gravity lift whilst also having ground level strafe speed and horizontal movement. Her ultimate ability allows for the whole team to reposition incredibly fast and take advantageous positions, whilst her tactical is excellent for pressuring the enemy into taking a certain route or denying them access to an area. Valkyrie is absolutely the top tier legend for arena mode, hop into a game, play a few rounds and you'll soon realise why.

  • Fast repositioning.
  • Powerful movement.
  • Oppressive tactical ability.

Overall rating: 100/100



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