[Top 10] Fortnite Best Maps To Play Alone

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Alone? No worries.

Want to spend some quality time playing alone? Look no further.

Sometimes you just feel like chilling alone and spending some time with yourself playing Fortnite while vibing to some music in the background. The best thing about Fortnite is that you can have just as much fun alone as you can with friends, just because of the fun nature of the game. 

Even though playing solo battle royale is fun in Fortnite but sometimes when it’s not your day, even that can feel frustrating and you feel like getting off the game. In this case, the creative game mode of Fortnite comes in clutch.

Hence, I’ve created a list of creative maps that you can hop into on one of these days and have an absolute blast all by yourself. 


10. CANDY RUSH DEATHRUN 1498-8205-1926

Map gameplay

This is a candy-themed death run, the most entertaining form of game mode for someone playing alone. This death run has a happy vibe to it with loads of colors and a good map design. That paired alongside easy levels with a variety of difficulties makes it a very good map for players of all levels.

Why CANDY RUSH DEATHRUN is  Good for Playing Alone:

  • Map design: The map is filled with lots of good color themes making it look very appealing.
  • Difficulty level: The maps range from easy to hard and are playable by all players.


9. SKULL ISLAND 8929-1132-7769


Why SKULL ISLAND is Good for Playing Alone:

  • Gameplay: The parkour is well made in terms of object positioning and that makes it a bit hard yet fun.


8. JURASSIC HORDE 3080-8181-2050

Map gameplay

This map is a remake based on the famous movie, “Jurassic Park” and a brilliant one too. The story goes with your car flipping over and you being stuck in some trailers nearby. The problem here is that there are flesh-craving dinosaurs in your vicinity. You need to escape in one piece among the dinosaurs.

Why JURASSIC HORDE is Good for Playing Alone:

  • Map: The idea of the movie is very well executed in this map.
  • Gameplay: The escape side of the gameplay on this map is very well thought out.


7. EXONITE 2 7102-1131-6537

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