[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Legends

Apex Legends Best Legends

Season 16 of Apex Legends completely changed everything due to the introduction of class-specific abilities. Every legend was placed into a specific category with a unique passive ability. This shook up the meta more than we ever thought it would, so here is the list of the Top Ten Best Legends in Apex Legends.

Number 10. Pathfinder

Pathfinder showing off his skills in the Apex games (Pictured)

Pathfinder is a run-and-gun type legend that can get him and his team around the map insanely quickly. He was already good at this before season 16, but with the addition of his Skirmisher passive paired with his own passive, Pathfinder can now get his ultimate cooldown fully back after scanning a care package. This means that Pathy can place his zip down, scan a care package and get it right back. His rotations are insane, which is why he is on this list. With his tactical ability,

Pathfinder can get in and out of a fight with ease. Find yourself away from your team and need to join a fight? Well, just use his tactical. Did you just get caught out by a full team whilst away from your own? Use the tactical to get away.

He is so versatile and is a great first legend to pick up if you want to get more competitive in Apex Legends. The only downside about Pathfinder nowadays is his absurdly huge hitbox. When compared to other legends on this list, and in the game as a whole.

Pathfinder is a walking fridge. It's really easy to hit shots against him, meaning if you aren't good enough you're gonna go down… a lot. Other than that Pathfinder is a fantastic pick for any player looking to get better at the game.

What makes Pathfinder great?

  • He has great rotational value for his team, allowing them to get around the map quicker and safer than characters like Octane.
  • The quick ultimate cooldown allows for quicker plays for himself and his teammates, meaning quicker fights for less third-party potential.
  • Pathfinder is the ultimate third-party legend. He can get his team in and out of an opposing battle, granting more RP and KP for kills in a match.

Pathfinder Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/pathfinder

Power Score - 70/100


Number 9. Loba

Loba, the most used support legend in ranked and competitive play (Pictured)

Loba is easily the best Support legend out of the bunch. Yeah Lifeline and Newcastle are fantastic for their revive ability and Gibraltar is great for defence, but Loba is even better. She has the craftable respawn banner perks of the other three Support legends, she has her own way of escaping fights and her ultimate is game-changing.

Loba’s ultimate allows her to place a shop down for her and her teammates. This shop has access to all loot in a specific area. That means guns, attachments, meds, ammo and most importantly enemy death boxes.

Loba is the ultimate fast looter and allows your team to loot up quickly and get into a fight ASAP. She becomes almost essential when getting into higher-tier lobbies of ranked, making her one of the best legends in the game for sure.

What makes Loba great?

  • The ability to quickly loot off drop and get into a fight ASAP.
  • Shield swapping is super easy with Loba’s ultimate as you never run out of shields in the final few circles.
  • Her tactical is fantastic for getting out of a sticky situation.
  • Loba’s ultimate is on such a short cooldown so you can get as much loot as you want, when you want.

Loba Details:https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/loba

Power Score 75/100


Number 8. Wattson

Wattson, an underrated pick in ranked and competitive game modes (Pictured)

Unlike Loba, Wattson isn't the best legend in her class. But that doesn't stop her from being one of the best picks if you're looking to play on the backfoot in Apex Legends. She might not be able to shred through teams like Rampart, Gas corridors like Caustic or Wall off enemies like Catalyst, but Wattson still has some tricks up her sleeve.

Just like other Controller legends, she has access to beacons around each map that show the next ring location. This is fantastic for rotational plays with your team or just knowing where to set up next.

Wattson excels with higher-skilled players as her fences can do some nasty work when used correctly. For normal players, she can create space in fights or lock down a building now and then. You might occasionally get a trigger on your fences, stunning the opponent which allows you and your team to sweep in and kill them.

Higher skilled players can use her fences to trap opponents on doors, set up door tricks to catch opponents off guard or even use them in a fight to get an easy kill. She is a high-skill cap legend, but either way, she's one of the best.

What makes Wattson great?

  • Her fences create some necessary space when needed in gun fights.
  • If an enemy does get stunned she and her team basically get a free kill.
  • Her passive shield regen is great when you are out of meds
  • She has a small hitbox, meaning it's harder to hit her.
  • Overall she's great in defensive situations and can turn around a fight when piloted by a skilled player.

Wattson Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/wattson

Power Score - 78/ 100


Number 7. Horizon

Horizon, the Gravitational Manipulater is a great choice for competitive play (Pictured)

Horizon is a movement player's dream. Ever since she launched back in Season 7, she has been fantastic. Though she has received a series of nerfs over her time in the Apex Games, Horizon is still a top pick, especially in this most recent metagame. Her passive allows for “soft landings”, basically this removes fall stun from Horizon.

This allows her to move freely around the map and push fights with ease. Her passive works perfectly with her tactical, which is a gravity lift. This launches anyone who stands on it into the sky. Horizon can shoot relatively well on this lift, but nowhere near as well as she once could.

Her strafe speed is increased as well, allowing her to avoid some shots whilst she uses it. The real kicker of Horizon though is her ultimate. She throws a Black Hole device that sucks enemies towards it. This can be used to move enemies or trap them with grenade spam. Horizon is also a skirmisher legend, meaning she can scan care packages to see what is inside of them. Overall she is just a super versatile legend in any situation and you can't go wrong playing her.

What makes Horizon?

  • Her soft fall passive allows for more aggressive plays that revolve around dropping from a height.
  • The gravity lift is fantastic for pushing other teams and also escaping sticky situations.
  • Horizon has a thin hitbox, allowing her to dodge more shots than other bigger legends.
  • Her ultimate can change a fight with ease, especially if your team coordinates grenade throws.
  • The fact that she can use an R-99 on her gravity lift and have no real downside is fantastic for instant beams in a gunfight.

Horizon Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/horizon

Power Score - 80/100


Number 6. Caustic

The Toxic Trapper, Caustic is fantastic for locking down buildings in competitive situations (Pictured)

Caustic, the old smelly boy. He is absolutely fantastic for holding space and keeping a building under lock and key. Despite having a large hitbox, Caustic’s passive allows him to take less damage from incoming shots, meaning he can survive more than you think.

His passive also allows him to see through his own gas effects, which come from his ultimate and tactical. His tactical is a gas trap, you can place many of these around the map. They trigger when an enemy gets close, but can also be shot to prematurely set them off.  Caustic’s gas slows targets, damages them slowly, messes up their vision and also panics players.

His ultimate does the same thing, but instead, it's a gas grenade that does more damage. Being a Controller legend also means that he can scan beacons to see the next ring. Caustic is fantastic at holding down any building on the map and definitely should be respected, even if his mere presence annoys some players.

What makes Caustic great?

  • Caustic can lock down space with ease, deterring opponents from pushing your team.
  • His fortified passive stops his massive hitbox from hindering him, meaning people don't realise how little damage he has actually taken in a fight.
  • The ability to see through his own gas is fantastic in a gunfight, allowing him to basically wallhack.
  • His gas might have slow and little damage, but many players don't realise how much damage they have actually taken and might get caught out.

Caustic Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/caustic

Power Score - 88/100


Number 5. Bangalore

The Professional Soldier herself, Bangalore shows off her tactical skills in competitive play (Pictured)

Probably the second-best run and gun legend in the game is Bangalore. She is only beaten out by one character we will get onto later on the list, but that doesn’t mean she doesn't pack a punch. Bang is absolutely insane in the right hands, and doesn't actually take a lot of skill to be good at. Her tactical ability allows her to fire smoke grenades onto the battlefield.

This obscures view and allows her to play tactically even in the most hectic of fights. Bangalore’s passive ability gives her a speed boost whenever she is shot or shot near. This is insane for getting into or away from gun fights, making her a great run and gun legend. 

Her ultimate is the cherry on top of her amazing kit, allowing her to throw a rolling thunder. This moves forward from where the grenade lands, and stuns / damages enemies hit by it. Yeah, it is not the best ultimate ever but fits her playstyle perfectly.

Bangalore is also an assault legend, meaning she can carry extra ammo per inventory slot and also open special loot bins around the map. Here’s the kicker though, these bins almost guarantee you a Digital Threat sight. This can be used on SMGs, Pistols and Shotguns to highlight enemies. Pair this with her smoke and you basically have wallhacks in a gunfight, she is just a joy to play.

What makes Bangalore great?

  • The ability to get insane loot from Assault bins is great for getting into a fight quickly.
  • Her smoke makes for a great escape from fights and provides cover during distanced based engagements.
  • Bang’s passive is fantastic if you're caught off guard by an enemy team.
  • Her ultimate is a get off me button, allowing for her and her team to escape for free.

Bangalore Details:https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/bangalore

Power Score - 90/100


Number 4. Valkyrie 

Valkyrie, The Winged Avenger soars into battle with one of the best repositioning tools (Pictured)

The best rotational character in the game is here, The Queen of the Skies Valkyrie. Valk is insane in the right team composition, which is why she stands out so much in professional play. Ever since she was released, Valk has been a mainstay in ranked, pro league and ALGS. Her ultimate ability allows her and her entire team to use a redeploy tower anywhere she wants.

It's amazing for rotations but gets better with her passive abilities. Valk has some of the best passives in the entire game. She can fly for one, using fuel every time she does so. This allows her to reposition mid-fight and get a better angle when needed. 

She has the skirmisher passive so she can see what is inside care packages. Valkyrie also scans enemies when she is flying in her ultimate, falling from the drop ship or redeploying from a tower. This allows her and her entire team to see where enemies are and scout them out. This paired with her ultimate is game-breaking and is the reason why professional players use her so much.

All of this makes her insane, and we haven't even spoken about her tactical yet. Valk’s tactical ability sends out missiles that damage and stun targets hit by it. It's not the greatest thing in the world, but it is good enough. 

What makes Valkyrie great?

  • Her rotational capabilities make her a must-pick on any map and in any meta.
  • She can move her team around the map with ease, whilst seeing where any enemies are.
  • Her flight passive lets her move around situations better than most legends, setting her up for better solo plays.
  • Her tactical is fantastic in the right situations and basically guarantees a kill for professional players if someone gets stunned.
  • She has a relatively small hitbox, meaning she gets his less as well.

Valkyrie Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/valkyrie

Power Score - 95/100


Number 3. Wraith

Wraith, The Interdimensional Skirmisher, and the sweatiest legend in the game. (Pictured)

Wraith is every sweaty player's dream. She has become the face of Apex Legends and was the top most-picked character for a reason. Though to many she actually isn't as good as people made her out to be, with some recent buffs Wraith has become a competitive pick.

Wraith can “Phase” with her tactical ability. After a short charge-up animation, Wraith goes into the void, going invulnerable for the duration. This makes her fantastic for getting out of a sticky situation and also compensating for a positioning mistake. It also makes her amazing for players who just want to run into every fight and kill as many people as possible.

She is a sweaty player's favourite pick, and a casual’s nightmare.  Her ultimate is a portal she can place and leave an exit in another location. Wraith and anyone else can travel back and forth through it, making you invulnerable whilst inside. With her recent buff as well,

Wraith now gets a speed boost the longer she holds her portal. This allows her to be a decent rotational legend as well. Having the skirmisher passive also lets wraith scan care packages, which is definitely better than her none existent specific passive. Wraith gets voice lines when someone looks at her or is nearby. It's pretty bad, but everything else in this legend’s kit makes up for it.

What makes Wraith great?

  • Her tactical allows for positioning mistakes to happen without any real drawback.
  • Wraiths ultimate is fantastic for rotations or having a way in and out of a fight.
  • Her small hitbox is insane for dodging bullets.
  • Her speed boost in her ultimate allows for Wraiths to basically just disappear when they are running away, letting her and her team escape with relative ease.

Wraith Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/wraith

Power Score - 98/100


Number 2. Catalyst

The newest addition to the Apex Games, and Catalyst definitely makes a mark (Pictured)

Now we have the two biggest menaces of Apex Legends right now. The dream team, the main duo, the most broken thing to ever release in Apex. One half of this insane combination is the most recent legend to release, Catalyst. Originally when Catalyst was released, they weren't all too great. People just didn't like them that much, but a combination with Seer was recently discovered.

Catalyst is a legend meant to create space and lockdown buildings. Their tactical allows her to place ferrofluid traps down. These damage enemies who walk over them, make a lot of noise and can be used to block off areas. Their passive also allows her to use this fluid on doors to make them harder to break down, well, unless you're Rampart with a charge-up Sheila that is. They are a controller legend, meaning she can scan beacons to see the next ring, fantastic if you're setting up for a fight.

Finally, the biggest thing about Catalyst is of course its wall. This wall stops people from scanning through it. Meaning Crypto drones, Bloodhound Scans and Maggie pings. It also slows people who walk through it, obscuring their vision. The thing is, with the most recent meta, people have discovered that Seer’s ultimate can still mark people through it.

So, if you throw down a Catalyst wall, then Seer Ult, you have wall hacks whilst your opponents can't do anything. This combination is game-breaking and will most likely be changed during next season. Still, in the meantime, this makes Catalyst the second-best legend in the entire game.

What makes Catalyst great?

  • Her wall creates so much space in the final few circles it's insane. You can control everyone in the area and split up teams with ease.
  • Her tactical is great for locking down a building, especially when paired with her passive.
  • Because of the audio issues in Apex, her tactical messes with people’s audio. This means that when it's down, people can only hear that. Letting your footsteps go unheard.
  • She has a decently small hitbox, meaning she usually dodges more bullets.
  • Finally, her Ultimate is fantastic for disabling enemies, meaning it's great for pushing off of.

Catalyst Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/catalyst

Power Score - 99/100


Number 1. Seer

Seer, the Ambush Artist is absolutely broken in season 16 of Apex Legends, hes a must pick (Pictured)

Now we have the best legend in the game, and it's not a competition. Seer has basically everything you could want in a legend. He has a fantastic tactical ability, allowing him to stop people from reviving and healing whilst also marking them for his team. His passive allows him to sense people through walls and follow them with ease.

Seer’s ultimate ability shows where everyone is in a certain area, allowing him and his team to basically have wall hacks. On top of all of this, his Hitbox is pretty thin as well. There isn't much more to say about Seer than we already have, especially with his Catalyst pairing.

He might not have any movement abilities, but his recon set-up is absolutely game-breaking. Ever since he was released, Seer has been a menace and a must-pick for Ranked and competitive play. Even after his many nerfs, Seer is still the best legend in the game by far for Ranked play.

What makes Seer great?

  • This guy gives his entire team wallhacks, and for a good amount of time as well.
  • Seer can stop teams from healing, and reviving and puts the pressure on them all with his tactical.
  • His combination with Catalyst is absolutely game-breaking.
  • In ranked play and competitive situations, alongside communication with his team Seer is a beast. He can give his team so much information it is quite worrying for the health of the game.

Seer Details: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/about/characters/seer

Power Score 9001/100

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