[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Assault Legends

Apex Legends Best Assault Legends

5. Fuse

Fuse might be on this list, but he isn't a great legend. It just so happens that there are only 5 Assault Legends in the game right now, so he had to be included. Fuse does have some redeeming qualities though. He is a great grenadier, as he can hold double what other characters can thanks to his passive.

This means he benefits quite a lot from the Assault Bins his Assault Legend passive allows him to open, as they will contain more grenades, ammo and attachments for his team. Fuse is pretty decent in the right hands, but overall in the current meta, he doesn't do well. At least he just got his sick new Heirloom… right?...

Pick Fuse If: 

  • You want to run around collecting and spamming grenades as he can get them quite easily thanks to his Assault passive.
  • Pressuring your opponent is how you have fun in Apex as you can do it quite well with his tactical.
  • Want to mess up some enemies with his crazy cool ultimate that scans foes caught inside of it.


4. Ash

Now onto some good legends, with Ash up next. Ash is a pretty great legend in this meta, despite needing some changes to make her a more competitively viable option.

Though she isn't used in a competitive light, she is used quite often in casual play for her versatile ultimate and tactical, cool passive and great use of the Assault Passive.

She wants to carry more ammo and get more attachments whilst hunting down her foes, so she is a perfect fit for this class and a great legend overall.

Pick Ash If:

  • You want a great movement-based ultimate that also supports your team.
  • A passive that makes aiming easier as she can lock down enemies.
  • Or a great character for team-based play as she can do well in Tanked thanks to her abilities.


3. Bangalore

Bangalore is always a great choice in any Apex Meta, but especially this one. She has some fantastic movement options thanks to her passive, a pretty great ultimate despite its recently nerfed cooldown, and one of the most versatile tactical abilities in the game.

Combine all of this with the Assault Passive and you have a great legend all around. Bangalore can utilise the Assault Passive even more than other legends though, as she can use it to get the best attachment for her guns.

Bangalore wants a Digital Threat sight on either her Shotgun, SMG or Pistol as it will allow her to see through her tactical smoke.

Luckily enough, the Assault Passive makes it way easier to find one in Assault bins.

Pick Bangalore If:

  • You want to run around super fast thanks to her tactical.
  • You want a cool set-up with her smokes and a Digital Threat sight.
  • Or you have a Bloodhound main teammate which can make her even stronger thanks to the scan through her smokes.


2. Ballistic

The most recent legend to join the Apex Games is none other than Ballistic, and damn has he made an impact. He is easily one of the best legends the team have ever released and continues to be a great choice in both ranked and casual play.

Ballistic launched as an Assault Legend, meaning he was built with this class in mind. He is a gun-based character, as he can carry an extra weapon in his sling with no attachments. This also means that he benefits more from the Assault Passive as he can kit out his other two guns for a triple set-up of DOOM.

Pick Ballistic If:

  • You want to create golden guns out of thin air as his ultimate turns his sling weapon golden
  • Provide mass reload buffs and speed buffs for your team as his ultimate also does this
  • Finally, if you want to stop enemies from shooting his tactical overheats enemy guns.


1. Mad Maggie

Ever since her release, Mad Maggie has been a great choice and a legend used prominently in Ranked as well as higher tiers of play. She has fantastic breaching abilities thanks to her ultimate and tactical, and can also utilise the current shotgun meta quite well.

On top of all of this, she is of course an Assault legend, meaning she can not only carry more ammo for her guns but also get more attachments for her team. This makes Maggie a great choice in all levels of play as she provides so much support and aggression just for existing in your set-up.

Pick Mad Maggie If:

  • You want to provide some support to your team whilst also being aggressive as she can speed boost them and get them more attachments/ammo.
  • Have some insane aggression with a shotgun thanks to her passive
  • Breach buildings and hunt down teams thanks to her tactical and ultimate abilities.

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