Apex Legends Releases Latest Story from the Outlands: 'Ashes to Ash'

Apex Legends Releases Latest Story from the Outlands: 'Ashes to Ash'
Ashes to Ash and Ash to Ashes...

Apex Legends has released the latest segment of the ‘Stories from the Outlands’, revealing a new Legend for Apex Legends Season 11.

Dr. Ashleigh Reid. Apex Legends

The latest story, titled “Ashes to Ash”, reveals Ash as the new legend for Season 11. The theme for Season 11 is ‘Escape’ and comes with a brand new map, and a new weapon, the C.A.R smg, which we do not yet have details about.

‘Ashes to Ash’ kicks off with Dr. Ashleigh Reid attempting to sabotage the work of Horizon and a crew of scientists that are trying to solve the energy crisis in the Outlands. A fight ensues. There is heavy gunfire. During the fight, Dr. Reid is stabbed in the back and mortally wounded.

A voice is heard discussing her condition and concluding that her body is beyond rescue, but that her mind may perhaps be salvaged. A second voice argues that it is extremely risky and untested, but Reid insists that they get it over with.

Dr. Reid’s mind is transferred into that of a robot through the use of a painful process, turning her into a simulacrum. As revealed by older lore, Ash fought with Kuban Blisk in the Frontier War but gets destroyed, and her head gets scattered across the frontier in 9 different pieces. 

Her head is rebuilt as part of the Apex Legends Season 5 quest. Horizon inputs a series of codes into the head to wake it up, not realizing that it belongs to Ashleigh Reid. Once woken up, there is a constant internal conflict between the mind of Dr. Ashleigh Reid and the simulacrum mind of Ash, which believes the original to be weak and inferior.

The final part of the video reveals 21 October 2021 as the release date for the official ‘Escape’ launch trailer reveal.

Apex Legends: ' Ashes to Ash' Story from the Outlands. Video by Apex Legends.

That’s all we know for now. Stay tuned for updates!


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