[Top 5] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Lightsabers That Are Great

A guide to pick up the best lightsabers of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has incredibly good elements, and they play out exceptionally well in its first three hours. Force-power diversity, combat animations, beautiful opening zones, clever puzzles, and Jedi-salvation stakes could lead anybody to believe they were in for a Star Wars single-player epic worth investing in. The trouble is, the game begins to run on fumes after those three hours. Afterall, the greatest thing about Star Wars is nothing more or less than the Lightsabers. 

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5. Cere Junda

Gorgeous Cere Junda

Cere Junda is one of the companions you will find in Fallen Order, complete with her own interesting backstory and motivations that are surprisingly captivating.

There is a lightsaber set named after her which you can obtain later in the game. As players progress through the story, Cere will begin to unveil her backstory and reveal she was a Jedi herself. Parts of her lightsaber are gifted to Cal as the game progresses and certain story beats unfold. Just enjoy the game and you'll obtain the full set soon enough.

  • A beautiful and classic designed lightsaber with sparse construction and impressive details.

How to get the Lightsaber

  • The Cere Junda lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber originally owned by Jedi Knight Cere Junda in Star Wars Canon. Cere Junda is a Rise of the Empire era female human Jedi Knight. She survives the enactment of Order 66 and goes into hiding. Junda eventually gives the lightsaber hilt to Cal Kestis. He salvages some of the parts to construct a new lightsaber.

4. Passion and Strength

The metalic one

A space trip carries with it great surprises and great adventures, nothing beats being accompanied by a weapon up to all dangers through space. The name of this lightsaber is derived from the Sith code famously spoken in Knights of the Old Republic, and the lightsaber looks the part of a Sith blade. A powerful weapon clamored for by fans of the franchise. 

  • Less mystical, but appears to be technologically advanced, as well as being very consistent with the science fiction style. 

How to get the Lightsaber 

  • Begin your journey on Kashyyk to find all the lightsaber parts. In the Imperial Refinery, look for the edge of a cliff to find a locked chest. You'll have to use force push to access the area, but once inside claim your emitter from the chest. Overgrown Pass contains the switch. Find a chest near the entrance and ask your trusty PD-1 medical droid to slice it open. For the sleeve, enter the Kyyyalstaad Basin and you should see it on a nearby wooden platform.

3. Elemental Nature

The savage one 

The details of nature always make everything more beautiful. This is an undeniable fact, any structure reminiscent of nature, wooden ornaments and spiral shapes of a tree trunk always makes everything more mysterious and symbolic, which makes this weapon much more significant within this game's franchise. 

  • The forest and wild, yet beautiful and serene adornments make me think that this weapon is the devil with a beautiful face. 

How to get the Lightsaber

  • Like most parts, the sleeve can be found in a hidden chest. Once at the Crash Site location, head underwater and go as far down as you can to locate the chest. For the switch, stay at the Crash Site and look for a nearby cave. The lightsaber emitter can be found underwater near the Venator's Wreckage. Head near the entrance and dive underwater to find it.

2. Jaro Tapal

This one is robust 

Jaro Tapal being a bit of a colossus, one of the few Lasat's fans have met over the years, makes him the perfect wielder of an unconventional double-bladed lightsaber, but even when the blade is broken and used as a single-blade by Cal, it is great.

Tapal gave the blade to Cal as he sacrificed himself during Order 66, adding an emotional layer to the blade on top of its design. The saber is, of course, better as a double-blade, but that does not take away from its quality when used by Cal until its destruction on Dathomir. This is iconic.

  • Metallic and cosmic adornments, it looks more like coming from another galaxy with ultra technology, or rather, that's exactly what it is. 

How to get this Lightsaber

  • To unlock this lightsaber set, you just need to start the game. This is the first lightsaber set you obtain, so there are no real unlock requirements. To customize your lightsaber, you can search for parts mentioned on the list or earn new lightsaber materials. You can change the blade color itself, but most of the unlockable options for it are earned later in the game.

1. Magus

A relic

What would be an ancient weapon with the potential to destroy the world if used by the wrong hands, or rather, for such a feat it would have to be used by the right hands. Magus is the perfect name for this beautiful piece of equipment, subtle but with great detail in its outline, as if it came from the ruins of the ancient world. 

If Cal ever became a Sith Lord, this is likely the lightsaber he would use. The intricate ornaments on the hilt and emitters make it appear like an ancient tool of destruction.

  • Graphically beautiful, yet mysteriously creepy details. A touch of gold, as if it were intended for a Lord or a King. A characteristic weapon of antiquity, built by a blacksmith with the same potential as Prometheus. 

How to get the Lightsaber

  • Head to Dathomir to find the Magus parts. The sleeve is located at Brother's Bastion. Simply interact with a workbench and the sleeve is yours. The switch can be found in the same location at the floor level in a chest. To complete the look, head to the Upper Strangled Cliffs to find the emitter. Fight the spiders guarding the chest. Once they're defeated, look for the hidden wall to find the chest containing the final part.

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