[Top 10] SWTOR Best Quests

 SWTOR Best Quests
Don't miss out on these fantastic questlines.

One of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s claims to fame is the superb storytelling found throughout the entire game. You can find countless discussions about the class arcs, the expansions and beyond – there’s no doubt that BioWare invested some serious time into making these quests repeatable and overall enjoyable. Since leveling has become more streamline with the recent updates however, it’s also become easier to miss out on some excellent story tid-bits. If you’re looking for a good story to pass the time, you might want to check out some of the options below:


10. Star Fortresses

Once you have completed up to chapter nine in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, you will gain access to the Odessen Alliance Headquarters. Miot Dengd is among the folks that join your base of operations, and is the man to speak to if you want to begin the Star Fortress story arc. You can find him in the hallway on the way to the military hangar.

Why Bother?

  • While some players find these quests to be a bit grindy, you get some pretty good rewards out of them, in addition to the story
  • Each planetary Star Fortress will grant you a new companion character, all of which are aliens and completely unique!
  • You can procure yourself some nifty titles by doing a few challenges within the heroic versions of Star Fortresses


9. Seeker Droid Missions

To begin this quest, you will need to speak to Z1-3C, an astromech found on the Fleet. He will provide you with a holocall, which will grant you the quest ‘An Invitation From Darth Acina’.

Why Bother?

  • This quest is a technical precursor to Darth Acina’s involvement in Knights of the Eternal Throne. You’ll see her humble beginnings and follow her through the missions that gave her a headstart on her rise to power
  • You can find some pretty amazing things with the Seeker Droid on your journey. In addition to digging up speeder parts, you also have the chance to dig up some armor pieces, namely the Dreadseed set or the Star Forager set. Both are excellent legacy sets that make a statement
  • There are a few achievements associated with the Seeker Droid missions, including digging up monstrous, dreadseeded creatures and rare items!


8. 'The Governor’s Call'

This mission is granted via an Imperial Messenger found in the Sundari Flatlands outpost on Balmorra, to the left of the taxi pad. He will have a purple triangle over his head to indicate that he is the correct quest-giver.

Why Bother?

  • Many players love the interactions between their character and Darth Lachris, and often say that though this storyline isn’t part of the planetary arc or your class mission, it’s well worth it for her
  • Side missions such as this really bring about more depth to the SWTOR experience, and fully immerse you in the many different politics and problems of the Star Wars galaxy
  • Mount a full invasion on Balmorra and bring victory for the Empire!


7. Voss Planetary Storyline

This quest begins with a conversation between you and G-T7 on the Voss orbital station, identifiable by the purple triangle hovering over his head. He will grant you the quest ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, which will prompt you to shuttle down to the planet’s surface to talk with Darth Serevin. 

Why Bother?

  • As a planetary arc, this quest chain will provide you with some insight into the Voss culture and planet, while also equipping you with a more immersive open-world experience!
  • One of the cooler aspects of this arc is your character’s dive into a dreamscape provided by the Voss mystics’ shrine. You’ll enter a golden world of visions and dreams!


6. Taris Planetary Storyline

You can find the start of this quest on the Taris orbital station. Lieutenant Rankin will provide you with ‘Dominating Taris’, which will send you down to the planet surface.

Why Bother?

  • Thana Vesh is a long standing fan favorite among SWTOR players. Whether you hate her or love her, her entwined storyline with the planetary arc is worth the time
  • This storyline also provides a dive into the Rakghoul plague that affects Taris, complete with a few callbacks to Darth Malak’s involvement with bombing the world during the events of the first KOTOR
  • Like the other planetary arcs, this one also sets up a more vibrant world for you to explore


5. 'The Thing Czerka Found'

As the last leg of the Tatooine planetary arc, this quest is the end result of your previous endeavors! You can find the quest-giver in the Tatooine spaceport (Ensign Sarinte), who will give you the quest ‘Expedition Into The Unknown’.

Why Bother?

  • If you’ve ever wanted to feel like part of the Imperial Reclamation Service, this mission chain is your chance! You’ll discover some dark secrets out in the sands of Tatooine, and gain some amazing lore along the way
  • Two words: cybernetic zombies.
  • Featuring a Rakatan, this story is a homage to the original Knights of the Old Republic games!


4. Revanite Questline

This quest’s starting point has been moved – you can now find Sandor at Grathan’s Estate, just to the right of The Wall taxi point. He will grant the mission ‘Initiation’, which will begin this questline.

Why Bother?

  • This quest grants you a title upon completion!
  • With two different endings, you can change the outcome of this story by a fair amount
  • If you haven’t already guessed, there’s a ton of Revanite lore that gets exposed during this arc – you even get to come face-to-face with Revan’s mask! It’s a very cool questline that definitely draws on some of the best parts of KOTOR


3. Belsavis Planetary Storyline

This quest can be picked up once you have progressed up to chapter three of your vanilla story arc, on the Belsavis orbital station. The Imperial Attache before the shuttle down to the surface will offer the starting quest called ‘Riot On Belsavis’.

Why Bother?

  • This is perhaps the very first time the player character comes into contact with the idea of the Dread Masters – and if you don’t already know about these legendary Sith, it’s highly advised that you start here immediately
  • You will explore the prison-world of Belsavis with this quest line, as well as gather a greater understanding of the Dread Masters themselves
  • Without giving away spoilers, this arc is perhaps one of the most interesting stories available to all classes within SWTOR!


2. The Shroud Questline

You can begin this quest line by speaking to the macrobinoculars droid on Fleet (T4-M7), who will warn you of an escaped fugitive and turn you towards Evie Bo on Dromund Kaas with the quest ‘Shroud Of Ruin’.

Why Bother?

  • This questline offers puzzles and parkour galore! It’s a welcome change from your regular run-of-the-mill quest
  • In addition to being a little different from most other quests, the storyline for this arc is also incredibly well-done, with intrigue and mystery throughout!
  • Once you have access to macrobinoculars, you can unlock a bunch of repeatable quests offered by GSI across many different planets, which have the ability to grant you reputations trophies
  • Having access to the macrobinoculars also allows you to scan objects in the world, and provide lore on those objects!


1. Shroud of Memory

 If you were lucky enough to be a subscriber during January of 2016, you will have received this bonus quest as a reward. If not, don’t lose hope – you can purchase this quest on the Cartel Market for 3,800 Cartel Coins if you missed out. You must first have access to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, and have completed the prerequisite mission of ‘To Find A Findsman’ to gain access to ‘Arma Rasa’ and ‘Shroud of Memory’. 

Why Bother?

  • This bonus chapter is utterly charming. It’s probably one of the most humorous side quests available in the game, packed full of comedic moments
  • Rather than play as your character in this chapter, you get to play as HK! If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be the best assassin droid in the known galaxy, here’s your chance
  • Completion of this chapter also unlocks a companion character for you! She is without doubt my favorite companion, and has an amazing healing output to boot!


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