[Top 10] SWTOR Best Emotes That Are Awesome

SWTOR Best Emotes
Animatedly explore the galaxy with SWTOR's best emotes in tow!

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a vast array of emotes available – ranging from sick dance moves to silly flailing, there’s pretty much an emote for any situation you might find yourself in. Whether it’s part of roleplay or just general tom-foolery within your group, emotes are a beloved feature of this game. Below are the top ten emotes you can find in SWTOR that are sure to spice up any encounter:


10. Xantha

The cantina band is an iconic feature of almost all the Star Wars films. SWTOR allows you and your friends to form a band, too! There are other “instruments” (/airdrums, /kloo, and /sing), all of which contain a holographic version of their real life counterpart. /Xantha is perhaps the most fun of the bunch, as it allows you to shred on an air guitar.


9. Chair 5

There are a surprising variety of chair emotes available in SWTOR, ranging from “ghost” stools to executive armchairs. Some come with random poses for your character, while others keep the same pose every time the emote is used. For /chair5, you will always sit back and look absolutely relaxed. It’s the perfect choice for sitting down in a cantina and enjoying a drink.


8. Point and Laugh

Perfect for poking fun at your friends and foes alike, this emote will make your character well, point and laugh! Some red smoke appears near the finger that accusingly points, and your character will also mockingly chuckle. 


7. Worthy

Excellent for messing around, this emote will put you on your knees and into worship-mode. The in-game wording for when this emote is used is “[Player name] does not feel worthy”, and will slightly change depending on what entity (NPC or player) that is focused on when the emote is used.


6. Bottle Break

A favorite for bar-fights! Your character will smash a bottle and threaten anyone in front of them with the broken edge. It’s a comical emote that is sure to elicit a chuckle whenever it's used.


5. Dejarik

A fan favorite, this emote comes with an entire dejarik table! When used, your character will sit down and begin to play dejarik, just like Han Solo. The little holographic pieces on the table also move! The /chair5 emote is also excellent for sitting down opposite of a friend using /dejarik, as it will look like the two of you are engaged in a match together!


4. Angry Dance

This fun dance emote comes with three versions, which are random each time you type in or select the emote. All versions of this dance are energetic and filled with some sort of “angry” action: air-punching or violent head-thrashing, in this case. Above is version three of this emote. You can check out the two other versions on YouTube to see if they all fit your tastes!


3. Holo Hoop

Another favorite emote, and one of my favorites as well, this emote produces a holographic hula-hoop around your character, which you will then hula with! It’s simple, yet quite captivating. In addition to this single-hooped emote, there is another version which has two hoops called /holohoop2.


2. Salsa

A relatively new emote, this dance is just plain fun. You guessed it, this emote allows your character to salsa! Complete with a spin and shoulder shaking, this emote is flashy and flirty. It’s even more fun when used with a salsa-ing friend. 


1. No Bones

This is the emote to top all emotes. Probably hailed as the silliest dance in all of SWTOR, it’s also somehow the most coveted emote as well. There’s nothing quite like /nobones-ing in front of a friend or acquaintance in-game – it’s sure to get a lot of laughs and create a good time for everyone! 


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