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Best Star Wars Comics
One of many ways you can lose yourself in a galaxy far far away...

Star Wars has dominated pop culture for decades. Its longevity is mostly because a good Star Wars story is not limited to the big screen. You can find a captivating adventure in the stars in whatever you please. If comic books are your preferred medium of storytelling, consider yourself lucky, here is a list of 10 amazing Star Wars stories you can read, right now.

10. Poe Dameron

Poe and Black Squadron

Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron was one of the more consistently praised aspects of The Force Awakens, but not all that much was known about the character when he first appeared. The Poe Dameron comic explores his early years with the resistance and the rise of The First Order, blazing a trail for readers up to the first shot of Episode VII.

Pick this series if you

  • Want to see more of Poe
  • Love the military side of Star Wars
  • Want to learn more about the Resistance and The First Order

9. The Rise of Kylo Ren

Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker face down the Knights of Ren

Released a few days ahead of the Rise of Skywalker in 2019, The Rise of Kylo Ren series by Charles Soule is the deepest insight we get into the titular character. Follow Ben Solo in his tragic descent into darkness, shining some much-needed light on the details the films only hinted at. 

Pick this series if you

  • Enjoy origin stories
  • Find Kylo Ren compelling
  • Want more of the sequel trilogy

8. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir

Maul threatens his replacement


When The Clone Wars series revealed Darth Maul to have survived his first duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans were thrilled to see his story continue. To bridge the gap between his capture by his former master, and his appearance in the Clone Wars series finale, Dark Horse comics published this series as their last comic series before the Disney acquisition. The story follows Maul in his efforts to escape his prison and rejoin the galaxy as a criminal mastermind. 

Pick this series if you

  • Want to see more of Maul
  • Love stories with Antiheroes
  • Want to see more of the villainous side of Star Wars

7. Darth Vader (2015)

Vader will only put up with Jabba for so long

Much like it’s later counterpart. The earlier Darth Vader comic explores the inner turmoil of the man enslaved to the dark side. Picking up after the events of A New Hope, watch Vader rise to power and learn the truth of Luke Skywalker’s identity. 

Pick this series if you

  • Want to see how Vader learned who Luke is.
  • Want to see how the Empire recovered from the Death Star
  • Love the Original trilogy

6. Kanan: The Last Padawan

Caleb Dume and Master Bilaba train

Star Wars Rebels was divisive at first, but since fans have come to fondly remember the show for some of its remarkable character work. Notably the story of Kanan Jarrus, the disgraced former Jedi turned rebel leader. Follow Kanan’s path from Order 66 to the rebellion in this origin story, and see for yourself how Caleb Dune became Kanan Jarrus.

Pick this series if you

  • Love Star Wars Rebels
  • Want to know more about the aftermath of Order 66
  • Want to see a different side of the Jedi

5. Star Wars: Anakin and Obi-Wan

Anakin and Obi-wan prepare for a fight

At the heart of the Prequel trilogy is the relationship between Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker. While their relationship is fleshed out in the movies, it's in the Clone Wars and this comic series where their brotherhood is fully shown. See the growth of the chosen one as he trains with his new master and how ill-equipped Obi-Wan was to train him as they figure out their new relationship.

Pick this series if you

  • Wanted more of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship
  • Want to see Palpatine plant the seeds of the dark side
  • Want to see more of the republic before the clone wars

4. Star Wars: Lando

Lando and Lobot make a great team

When Lando Calrissian first hit the screen in The Empire Strikes Back, fans desperately wanted to know how he became who he was. How did scoundrel take over control of an entire planetary mining operation? Charles Soule returns to fill in the missing details of Lando and his partner in crime Lobot, to deliver a thrilling and poignant story about the underworld and friendship.

Pick this series if you

  • Want more Lando adventures
  • Like your Star Wars stories less force heavy
  • Want to understand the crime world of Star Wars

3. Doctor Aphra

Aphra is the perfect treasure hunter

If you haven’t read any of the Star Wars comics, you’re likely unsure who Doctor Aphra even is. Introduced in the 2015 Darth Vader comic, Doctor Aphra is a galactic archeologist turned treasure hunter in the style of Indiana Jones himself. Read along with Aphra as she explores the galaxy for ancient treasures fighting all sorts of memorable baddies and barely making it out alive.

Pick this series if you

  • Love the lore of Star Wars
  • Love high adventure series
  • Want to see the galaxy through an entirely new character

2. Star Wars (2015)

The Original Trio 

When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars in the early 2010’s many were not surprised when Marvel, another Disney company, was given the green light to create a new series of comics. One of the first comics released was this series following the exploits of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca in the years following the first movie. The tone of the comic matches well with the original movie as the young heroes are still trying to find their place in the galaxy. 

Pick this series if you

  • Love the original films
  • Want to see the main cast together again
  • Want to see how the rebellion found themselves on Hoth

1. Darth Vader (2017)

Vader learns of his wife's fate

Any comic that has to tell the side stories of the most iconic villain in fictional history has a lot to live up to. But Charles Soule delivers a story that is impactful, emotional, and visceral in this series. Serving as a direct follow up to Revenge of the Sith, this series portrays the inner struggle of Anakin and Vader more than any other literature. 

Pick this comic if you

  • Love Darth Vader
  • Want to see the rise of the Empire in a new light
  • Want to see Vader and Darth Sideous’ relationship form

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