12 Awesome Star Wars Games That Need New Remakes

Yoda Stories
These older Star Wars games could use a new, fresh look!

Over the past 40 years, there have been an avalanche of Star Wars video games—the series got popular right around the time video games were starting up. There have been games featuring events from the movies and their characters, as well as all new adventures. Fans were willing to play anything they could get their hands on while waiting for new movies, especially in the long years between trilogies.

There have been some great games, and some not-so-great games. There have also been some games that have been good ideas that didn't work out, or games that were great when they released, but age has made them less fun or accessible. So here's 12 Star Wars titles that we feel would make great new games if they got a remake or HD remaster.


12. Jedi Arena (1983)

Jedi Arena
Although the gameplay was simple, the idea of doing Jedi training is great.

Originally released for the Atari 2600, this game was pretty simple: two Jedi Knights squaring off against one another with the training remote droid in the middle firing random laser blasts. Players had to deflect shots towards the droid or at their opponent using the Atari's paddle controller. This blaster-deflecting is a common training we see for Jedi in the movie, and the ability to dodge and reflect attacks is a basic Jedi skill.

Jedi Arena

A remake for Jedi Arena on one of the VR headsets would be amazing. It could be as simple as using the controllers to move your lightsaber to deflect, or could feature a bunch of Force-based puzzles to solve, almost like Portal. The setting could even be the Trials, which a Padawan trainee must complete in order to become a Jedi Knight.


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DarthRevan501st's picture

DarthRevan501st 1 year 5 days ago

Now i know i'm late to the party but agree with this list. I've played most of the games on there and i can say from experience that they need remakes. Good job!

ConraDargo's picture

ConraDargo 7 years 8 months ago

Whoa, I never thought I'd see a list like this with Yoda Stories in it! And I'm 100% with you on this. As trash-talked as the game is (from what I've seen), I actually played it to death! I thoroughly enjoyed the procedurally generated levels and goals and still think that it's a great rougelike-thingy. Would LOVE to see a remake of this, or even a console port. Also agree on Jedi Power Battles being a fun co-op game, and Republic Commando as well as the Jedi Knight series totally deserves more entries. Heads-up to anyone reading this who enjoy action-packed beat 'em ups: Revenge of the Sith on Game Boy Advance and DS is actually an amazing game of the genre that features character progression, path choosing and even offers co-op! Don't miss out on this one - trust me you should :)

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