Petition for Netflix To Create “Star Wars: The Old Republic” TV Series Reaches 200,000 Signatures

Netflix and the petition to bring the Old Republic show to life
The fan-made, Netflix / Old Republic logo used for the petition taken from The Old Republic MMO cinematic “Deceived”.

The Support for a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

If there is one thing the Star Wars universe has, it’s one of the largest fan bases in movie history. When that many people support the world originally created by George Lucas and now owned by Disney, they clamor and devour just about anything with the infamous Star Wars logo attached to it. A perfect example of this is a currently circulation petition on that centers around an even longer time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Originally posted by the author displayed as Jasmine St-Philippe, the petition to Netflix to create a show based in the increasingly popular “Old Republic Era” of Star Wars has broken its 200,000 signatures mark. With as many fans as the Disney-owned universe has, it’s hard for anyone to not notice just how much attention and desire sits behind those signatures and what it may do to the canon of the franchise if finally put into motion.

Adapting An Era That Already Has Established Success

When Disney originally purchased Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars in 2012, the company soon after purged nearly all of the expanded universe content from its official canon. Now looked at as simply a version of fan fiction and no longer “officially tied” to the established world the movies and a few other forms of media have given us, these stories can still be found all over the world today. In the form of books, comics and video games to name a few, what has become now known as “Star Wars: Legends” still holds a special place in many fans hearts and minds.

One of the most beloved of these is the Old Republic Era.

First stepping into the spotlight in 2004 with the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox and Microsoft Windows, the game introduced players to a time period nearly 4,000 years before the original trilogy. The game received numerous awards and acclaim for its gameplay, story, characters and setting and expanded upon the Star Wars universe in a way other media had not. Following the original was the release of Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords which gave gamers and fans even more adventures and content to dive into within a world they had already fallen in love with. With so many rich adventures to experience, characters to meet and stories to be told, the already established popularity that the Old Republic boasts through other media, the transition to the small screen would be a natural and almost logical one for all parties involved.

Lords Malak and Revan from the KotOR series that have become the infamous faces of the villains of a time long in the past of the Star Wars universe.

As the Universe Continues to Grow, Fan’s Voices Will Speak the Loudest

With the petition to Netflix for an Old Republic series nearing the 200,000 mark, it would be hard missed for Disney to not notice. From the purchase of the Star Wars IP, putting an entire new series into production that carries on from the originals, expanding into anthology films and seeing all the success that has come from the already established Old Republic Era, it is clear to see that the fans continue to love this universe in its entirety. Only time will tell if Disney or Netflix reach a point in taking its fans back 4,000 years via the small screen, but until then its fan base will be eagerly and loudly anticipating that day.

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