Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Release Date - And 10 Features We're Excited For

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Cal Kestis featured with his allies and foes.

Want to know more about upcoming features in Jedi: Fallen Order?

Respawn Entertainment’s Jedi: Fallen Order comes out on November 15th, 2019, and is shaping up to be almost everything a fan could want in a single player Star Wars game. The player controls Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan and survivor of Great Jedi Purge who is hiding from the Empire. However, it appears that the meat of the game’s plot sees Cal fight back against the Empire using all of his Jedi skills- and his lightsaber.

Excited fans may be eager to learn of the game’s features, as it’s the first single player Star Wars video game produced in a number of years. Here is a list of the top ten Jedi: Fallen Order features that we’re excited for.

10. BD-1

BD-1 projects a holo-map from a chip he received.

BD-1 will be your droid friend and helper throughout Jedi: Fallen Order, being able to perform multiple tasks that will help Cal on his journey. He’s an adventure droid, meaning he can do things like heal Cal, aid in solving puzzles, and even project a little holo map.

Why we’re excited:

  • No Star Wars tale would be complete without the droid buddy, and BD-1 follows in the footsteps of R2-D2, BB-8, and every other droid companion under the sun, being both cute and useful. 
  • He will add some nice flavor to the gameplay with what he can do, such as adding new elements to puzzle-platforming sections and healing Cal between and during fights.
  • He features a codex of sorts, cataloging enemies and lore bits for the player to study up on if they so choose.

9. Dialogue Options

Cal asks his crew's opinion of their newfound ally, Saw Gerrera.

Outside of scripted cutscenes, there appear to be options within conversations with other characters. They seem limited and only appear at certain times, but they are there and could contain extra information within them.

Why we’re excited:

  • This feature will help the player immerse themselves in the world a bit more, allowing them to feel even more like they’re controlling Cal through his interactions with other characters.
  • These dialogue options will reveal new information, rewarding players for participating in optional conversations and choosing the options most intriguing to them.

8. Exploring a Galaxy Where the Empire Reigns Supreme

Cal hides from a nearby patrolling Stormtrooper.

Jedi: Fallen Order takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, an era of the Star Wars timeline where the Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist. This is a setting explored numerous times through new Star Wars media, but Jedi: Fallen Order will likely explore it in even more depth. This time, the player will be able to experience this setting themselves through the lens of a surviving Jedi.

Why we’re excited:

  • The premise of playing as a Jedi trying to escape and fight the Empire is awesome and could make for some very compelling storytelling, such as when Cal reveals his force abilities. Star Wars Rebels, anyone?
  • The potential to see a great deal of the galaxy under Empire rule, and to explore it in a darker tone.
  • There is plenty of lore to learn for the huge Star Wars fans.

7. A Multitude of Enemies to Fight

An Inquisitor, trained to hunt and kill Jedi, flanked by two Purge Troopers.

The game will feature not only plenty of types of Stormtroopers to fight, but also wildlife creatures and potentially many other enemies. Just from what we’ve seen there will be everything from regular Stormtrooper lackeys, to Flamethrower Troopers, to giant spiders, to the all new electrostaff-wielding Purge Trooper. The Inquisitors have also been confirmed to appear in the game to hunt Kal down.

Why we're excited:

  • This variety of enemies may force the player to use different techniques to defeat different types of enemies, potentially adding extra challenge.
  • Players will also have the chance to do a lot of experimenting with what works against different enemies, keeping gameplay fresh. 
  • It’s always cool to see new things in the Star Wars universe, and this game will introduce us to never before seen Stormtrooper types and other enemies, such as the Purge Trooper. (Because Star Wars definitely needs more things to kill.)

6. Unique Locales to Explore

A refinery the Empire established on Kashyyyk while invading the planet.

In the game, Cal will travel to an array of different planets in the Star Wars universe, some that are new to the series. Although the game is not strictly open world, the player will still have the opportunity to explore and see the depths of each world.

Why we’re excited:

  • Star Wars is known for its crazy planets and locales, and this game will offer the player the chance to see them up close and personal.
  • The multitude of planets will keep the visuals and themes interesting, as the player won’t be in the same environment for the whole game… as long as we don’t have a Tatooine-Geonosis-Jakku situation where they’re all basically the same. 
  • Beyond visuals, each planet will feature different gameplay mechanics and even force abilities that cater to that planet’s features, thus helping to keep puzzle solving and platforming from getting stale.

5. Skill Points

Cal medidates to save and access the skill tree.

Although the skill tree is not shown in detail in the trailer, the game will feature skill points and a skill tree, presumably allowing players to upgrade and unlock new skills throughout the game. 

Why we’re excited:

  • A skill tree will allow players to customize their combat experience, focusing on the skills they want to unlock and potentially giving them entirely new skills to use, adding variety to battles.
  • It could also incentivize players, depending on the requirements for skill points. It’s exciting to think that being creative in combat, fulfilling certain objectives, or exploring environments might all potentially give the player more points.
  • The skill tree will likely cater to players’ individual experiences with controlling their own Jedi, deepening the immersion and ability for players to invest themselves in the game. They can tell their own story of what they would do as a Jedi in combat.

4. Platforming Jedi Style

Cal runs along a wall while dodging blaster fire to attack two Stormtroopers.

The game will feature many platforming sections, some with puzzle solving. This will include, flipping, climbing, swinging, wall running and more. The player will get to utilize Kal’s Jedi training and force powers to traverse many an environment throughout the game.

Why we’re excited:

  • The player will get to leap and dash across environments just like a Jedi in the movies and TV shows, which should be an awesome experience.
  • Platforming will be planet specific, providing much variety in the action as opposed to having the same puzzle type in every level.
  • Platforming seems to be mixed with combat, allowing the player do perform unique moves like attacking a foe from above. This will add even more variety to both modes of play. 

3. Many Combat Options

Cal engages in combat with a Purge Trooper.

Combat in Jedi: Fallen Order is not simple. You will have to use your tools to carefully approach battles, reacting to enemies and taking your time. Certain enemies will have counters to certain skills, but you can be creative with your abilities to counter this, such as freezing a blaster bolt and pushing an enemy into it.

Why we’re excited:

  • “Thoughtful combat” will provide a stimulating combat experience for players looking for more than mindless swinging. Enemies will punish you for fighting recklessly, providing motivation for using many different skills- separately and together- to win. 
  • The game allows you to be innovative with your abilities, further incentivizing player choice and creativity in the midst of combat. 
  • Things like the environment will have an impact on combat, making it more dynamic.

2. Fighting With the Force

Cal Force pushes two Stormtroopers.

In the game you will play as a Jedi, and as such the game puts emphasis on a plethora of force powers at the player’s disposal. Kal can use basic abilities like Force pull and Force push, but he can also do things like freeze enemies and objects, an ability that helps him both in and out of combat. For exploration purposes he can also hear the sounds of the past in a certain location through the Force echo ability. 

Why we’re excited:

  • The inclusion of many Force abilities will allow the player to add flavor to combat scenarios, as they can choose what abilities to use and how to use them.
  • You can force push Stromtroopers off of a cliff. I, for one, will thoroughly enjoy that. 
  • The option to use Force abilities in tandem with lightsaber combat will hopefully be as satisfying and rewarding as it looks. 

1. Lightsaber Combat

Cal blocks a hit from a scout trooper wielding a stun baton.

Lightsaber combat makes an epic appearance in this game, as of course, you play as a Jedi. You will use your lightsaber in combat against many foes, but you must use it well; dodging and parrying are both mechanics that make lightsaber fighting much like a careful dance between two opponents. Going in and randomly swinging will get you killed.

Why we’re excited:

  • Lightsaber combat is thoughtful and dynamic. The player will act as a real Jedi fencer to get through enemies, especially other melee weapon users.
  • The attacking animations are awesome and unique, reminiscent of the movies and TV shows, yet carrying their own flair. They are flowing and yet powerful looking, just as a lightsaber should be both graceful and strong.
  • Confirmation of the Inquisitors, or at least one, making an appearance means we will likely see lightsaber battles in the game. 

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