[Top 5] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Lightsabers

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Lightsabers
An elegant weapon from civilized time

[Top 5] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Lightsabers

At some point in your life, you've picked up a present wrapping tube and pretended it was a lightsaber. I've done it. You've done it. It's fun. Jedi: Fallen Order embraces that childhood fantasy of swinging around your very own lightsaber and levels it up. Instead of flimsy cardboard, you can mix and match lightsaber parts to create your very own lightsaber. Some will end up looking better than others, so here are a few lightsabers for you to consider when playing through Fallen Order.


5. Duty and Resolve

For the defenders of tradition

Duty and Resolve is a lightsaber for players who want a more traditional style. It’s short yet sturdy in appearance, with a rectangular pattern of wood embellishing the switch. Dark leather wrapped around the sleeve forms a rustic grip that brings the look together. A green, blue, or even yellow blade paired with Chromium or Arcetron for the material enhances Duty and Resolve to its full potential.


What makes Duty and Resolve great:

  • Sturdy and classic design
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Unique highlights of wood and leather


How to get Duty and Resolve:

  • The emitter is the first part you’ll encounter on Zeffo. You’ll find it in the Derelict Hanger, where you land on the planet, but it’s initially blocked by a large locked door. Go to the far right of this locked short cut. There you’ll find two overhangs you can climb. Climb up them, and you’ll find the chest with the Duty and Resolve emitter.
  • Duty and Resolve’s sleeve sits on one of the rooftops in the Abandoned Village area of Zeffo. You pass through this area and hop from roof to roof as you make your way to the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, so don’t miss it. Keep an eye out for this chest after you jump off a round, yellow platform. It’s on the far right of the immediate rooftop.
  • Like the other parts, the switch is easy to grab. As you make your way to the Tomb, you’ll enter an area called Auger Pulverizers and encounter two melee Stormtroopers with their backs towards you. Once you’ve taken care of them, the chest is to the left. 


4. Eno Cordova

For the intellectual warriors

You're wandering around the galaxy because of the dead Jedi, Endo Cordova. Along the way, you'll find pieces of his lightsaber hidden in chests and on workbenches. Once you've found all the pieces and put them together, you get to see bits of his personality shine through. You get to see just how much he loved the dead culture that made the Tombs. Just look at the hieroglyphs carved into the switch.  You can Pair Eno Cordova’s lightsaber with a silvery material, like Duralium, best highlights the hieroglyphs, and pick any blade color of your choice. 


What makes Eno Cordova’s lightsaber great:

  • Brings character to a Jedi you never directly meet and adds depth to the game
  • Somewhat simple design with a unique personal touch 
  • One of the few lightsabers that belonged to a Jedi 


How to get Eno Cordova’s lightsaber:

  • The parts to Eno Cordova’s lightsaber can be found across Bogona. You’ll encounter the emitter first by following BD-1 into the Hermit’s Abode. Continue through this area until you reach the shortcut rope. Cut it, and on your left, you’ll see a platform with a chest you can jump to. Open it and collect the emitter.
  • Once you’ve got the Overcharge upgrade for BD-1 on Kashyyyk, go back to the Hermit’s Abode on Bogona. Find the darkroom in the upper area of the Abode and Overcharge the machinery. A hidden compartment will open up on the floor, and inside will be the chest with Eno Cordova’s switch.
  • The sleeve is at a workbench in the Abandoned Workshop. However, it’s inaccessible until you’ve unlocked Force push. There’s a bridge in the Great Divide that you’ll pull down. You can get into a cave with a lake and a column with vines to climb up in the center. Climb up and follow the ramp until a hallway with a Scomp Link locked door. Open it up, and inside is the workbench with the lightsaber sleeve. As an added bonus, you’ll upgrade your lightsaber to a double-blade if you don’t already have it. 


3. Magus

For the space wizards

You'll find that Magus is the perfect name for this elegant and moody lightsaber. The angular on the emitter gives it an edge. The flame-like design on the handle adds to the atmosphere of this weapon. You won't be surprised that this lightsaber looks similar to Taron Malicos's lightsaber.  For the best appearance, combine Magus with a material, like Polished Bronzium, that highlights the emitter’s guard and the flame embellishments on the grip, and choose a darker color for the lightsaber’s blade.


What makes the Magus lightsaber great:

  • Elegant with an edge
  • A space wizard’s lightsaber
  • Decorative flame-like plume on the switch and emitter 


How to get the Magus lightsaber:

  • All Magus lightsaber parts are found on Dathomir. The emitter is the first one available to you in a chest in the Upper Strangled Cliffs. It’s in an alcove on the right side after you unlock the climbing rope short cut to the lower area. You’ll fight a few Bane Spiders to get to it and have Scomp Link available for BD-1 to splice opened the chest. 
  • The switch can be found next in Brother’s Bastion. You’ll fight your way through several Nightbrother and one Bane Spider as you progress towards your main objective. As is expected, the path is blocked by a locked door, so you’ll have to take a winding way to get there. You’ll reach a point where you jump down from a ledge and fight a Nightbrother and the Bane Spider. Once you’ve killed them, the chest is on the left of where you dropped down from.
  • The Magus sleeve is also in Brother’s Bastion, but much easier to get. After the winding path to get past the locked door, there will be three platforms you’ll jump across to get to the main object on Dathomir. Do not begin platforming just yet. Instead, take a left and follow the side path to a workbench. Interact act with it to unlock the Magus sleeve. 


2. Elemental Nature

For those in harmony with nature

For those Jedi more in tune with nature, Elemental Nature is your lightsaber. Wood and mother of pearl make this saber stand out from the rest. Spiral swirls curl up and down the emitter giving it a unique look. For such a futuristic weapon, Elemental Nature brings a natural touch to your lightsaber. To bring out the best of this saber, select one of the silvery materials such as Durasteel or the default Alloy Metal and either blue or green as the blade’s color.


What makes the Elemental Nature lightsaber great:

  • Brings together nature and technology
  • Intricate details that flow from one part to another
  • Incorporates natural elements into the design


How to get the Elemental Nature lightsaber:

  • You’ll need to dive underwater in the lake at the Crash Site. To get to the Elemental Nature switch, go to the island with the climbing rope shortcut and dive into the water between the cliff with the chest. You’ll find the chest in an underwater cave hidden in the cliff.
  • Elemental Nature’s sleeve is in another underwater cave—this one's back and to the ramp’s right with the Clone Trooper shrine. You won’t see it at first, so keep on swimming. 
  • You’ll need to go to the island with some wreckage overshadowing it to get to the emitter. Go as far back as you can on the island and dive into the back inlet. The chest will be at the bottom of this dark area. 


1. Protection and Defense II

For the peacekeepers 

Have you beaten the main campaign? Yes? Then, load up a new game in New Game +! One of the rewards you get is Protection and Defense II. This lightsaber is beautifully designed with gold gilding. Even better, this gold coloration doesn’t disappear when you switch between lightsaber materials. If anything, the design is emphasized by almost any material you decide to use. However, Duraplast is one of the best materials for this saber. This white material best showcases the gold gliding. 


What makes Protection and Defense II lightsaber great:

  • Sleek design
  • Gold gliding on the switch and emitter
  • Rewarded to you after completing the game


How to get Protection and Defense II lightsaber:

  • To rush and get this lightsaber, set Jedi: Fallen Order to story mode and play through the game. 
  • Once you’ve beaten the game or already have a completed save file, begin a New Game +. This lightsaber will be available to you at any workbench. 


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