[Top 5] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Outfits

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Outfits
Cal's mood reflects the weather

[Top 5] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Outfits

You're running around the galaxy, trying to stop the Empire, but you've got to look good while doing it! You're able to do just that with all the ponchos and base outfits found in chests. Arguably, all of them look amazing, but some combinations of ponchos and outfits end up looking better than others. Here are five outfit combinations for you to try on for size.


5. Bogano Dawn with Rigger Crew

Stand out with Bogano Dawn!

Though it's one of the first ponchos that you can find, Bogano Dawn is a beautiful find. Bogano Dawn is brilliant white with a turquoise hood and subtle yellow highlights. This makes it stand out against the greens of swampy forests and dark greys of Imperial installations. Add the Rigger Crew outfit underneath this poncho for an even better look. The greys and browns of the base outfit doesn’t detract and highlights both parts of this combination. 


What Makes Bogano Dawn with Rigger Crew Great?

  • Bogano Dawn is one of the best looking solid colored ponchos. 
  • It stands out brightly against any environment you play in.
  • The Rigger Crew outfit looks good with any poncho. 


How To Get Bogano Dawn and Rigger Crew?

  • The Bogano Dawn poncho is found on Bogano. As you progress across the planet for the first time, you’ll reach the Great Divide, and your path is blocked by a set of walls you’re able to wall run across later. From this platform, you’ll jump down to a ledge occupied by a single Bog Rat. Kill the Bog Rat, and you’ll find a chest in an alcove next to the ivy you can climb up. This chest contains the Bogano Dawn poncho. 
  • You receive Rigger Crew at the beginning of the game. It’s the base outfits of the game.


4. Shyyyo with Pathfinder

Looking stylish in Shyyyo

Shyyyo is a bright red and light grey poncho that can be found on Kashyyyk. It’s a stark contrast against the planet’s lush foliage and the Pathfinder outfit you can pair it with. The muted greens and browns of Pathfinder bring out the red in Shyyyo. If you look closely right where BD-1 rides on your back, there’s a Shyyyo bird symbol. 


What Makes Shyyyo with Pathfinder Great?

  • The bright red and light grey of the Shyyyo poncho makes for a great look - almost like a baseball tee-shirt.
  • Pathfinder’s dull greens contrast nicely with the poncho.
  • Great contrast with Kashyyyk’s foliage.


How To Get Shyyyo and Pathfinder?

  • Shyyyo can be found on a platform above Origin Lake on Kashyyyk. You can get there using the Lung Plants on the lake’s opposite side from the Save Point. Continue upwards until you’ve bounced across the lake to a platform just above the Save Point, where the chest containing the Shyyyo poncho. 
  • The Pathfinder outfit is located on Bogano, and it’s easy to miss. You’ll need to go to the Binog Mesa and wall run to the hole surrounded by a semi-circle ramp. Next, you’ll need to take a leap of faith off the ramp close to where the Binog is sitting and watching you. You’ll land on a platform with several Splox and Bog Rats. The chest with Pathfinder in it after you’ve dealt with the enemies. 


3. Outlander with Outlaw

Feel as rugged as an Outlaw

For those who’d like a more subdued look, try the Outlander poncho with the Outlaw outfit. The dull grey-green of the Outlander poncho nicely complements Outlaw’s dark colors. You might be a Jedi fighting an evil empire, but with this combined outfit, you wouldn’t be out of place walking into the Wild West. 


What Makes Outlander with Outlaw Great?

  • The combination of the two makes you look like a cowboy as opposed to a Jedi.
  • The muted colors are easy on the eyes, even bring out Cal’s hair.
  • The Outlander poncho, like others in its line, has a fabric-like texture. 


How To Get Outlander and Outlaw?

  • The chest with Outlander is in the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo. It’s easy to miss, and you should consider making a return trip to grab it. To get this poncho, go to where you have to swing over a chasm, but don’t let go of the rope. To the left of you, but just out of sight, are two more ropes you can swing to. There is a platform on the far wall you can swing to where the chest is. Without double jump or Force Pull, you might find jumping from rope to rope difficult. 
  • You’ll find the Outlaw outfit on Dathomir, and like anything on that planet, its dangerous to get to. Its chest is in the Nightmare Ruins, to the right of the Tomb of Kujet. Proceed with caution. There is no Save Point in this area. After you’ve fought the Alpha Nydak, follow the ramps and wall-runs, and you’ll come to where Nightbrothers and zombie Nightsisters will try to kill you. Once you’ve cleared this area, you’ll jump to some ivy to climb up and jump to a platform with a bluff blocking your view. Walk to the far edge of the cliff. Behind the bluff, at the edge of the cliff, is the chest you’re looking for.


2. Fjord with Pilot

Cal looks fly

The Fjord poncho is light blue with a white stripe running along the left shoulder. On its own, this poncho looks great, but if you choose the Pilot outfit to go with it, it appears even better. The yellow of Pilot enhances Fjord’s accents, bringing out the best in both pieces of this look.


What Makes Fjord with Pilot Great?

  • Fjord brings out the best in the Pilot outfit.
  • The outfit is what stands out against the background instead of the poncho.
  • Perfect if you’d like to feel like a pilot in the Rebellion.


How to Get Fjord and Pilot?

  • Fjord is at the Crash Site on Zeffo. Since it’s submerged in the lake, you’ll need to get it on a return trip. You’ll find this chest on the center island of the lake by swimming straight there from the Clone memorial ramp. 
  • The Pilot outfit sits in the branches of the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk. Once you’ve reached the Gnarled Heights portion of the Origin Tree, you’ll encounter three hanging pendulums that you’ll climb and jump between to continue. To get the Pilot outfit, jump off the first pendulum onto a thick branch to the left. Walk down it, towards the way you came from and you’ll find the chest you want on your left.


1. Free Kashyyyk with Guardian

Support Kashyyyk!

From the front, Free Kashyyyk looks rather plain. But, take it for a spin, and you’ll see why it’s one of the coolest looking ponchos. A bright red silhouette of a Mykal, one of the flying monsters on Kashyyyk, sits on your back like an angry dragon. Free Kashyyyk could go with any outfit underneath it, but if you want to go with a freedom fighter theme, choose Guardian. 


What Makes Free Kashyyyk with Guardian Great?

  • There’s a shadow of a red dragon-like creature on the back of Free Kashyyyk.
  • Guardian's color scheme emphasizes the poncho’s best qualities.
  • Together, these two look like a freedom fighter uniform for a Jedi.


How To Get Free Kashyyyk and Guardian?

  • You’re able to pick up Free Kashyyyk on your way up the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk. As you make your way up for the first time, the Ninth Sister will attack you and send you down a sliding platform area. Once you’re through that area and get to a Save Point, you’ll use double jump, vines, and Lung Plants to reach a large flat platform. There the Shyyyo Bird that was caught in the crossfire will crash before taking off again. At the end of this platform is a vine for you to climb up to thin, tight rope-like branches and Lung Plants to boost you even higher. As you climb the vine to get up there, you’ll see the chest you’re looking for. Follow the correct branches to get to the chest and Free Kashyyyk is there waiting for you.
  • The Guardian outfit is much easier to get to. You can pick it up on your first visit to Zeffo. It’s on a rooftop of a hut in the Abandoned Village. Simply deal with the Stormtroopers guarding it and open the chest.


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