[Top 10] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Skills You Should Get First

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Skills
Don't get on Cal's bad side.

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for another STAR WARS game that holds a candle to the Knights of the Old Republic, my favorite is KOTR: Sith Lords. Kreia’s betrayal still hurts, sorry minor spoilers. It was made by one of my favorite studios, Obsidian Entertainment, who also made Fallout: New Vegas—arguably the best title in the Fallout franchise. Outstanding games are hard to make for a number of different reasons, so it’s no surprise that it’s taken some time to find another STAR WARS project.

In my opinion, STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order is on the right track. This game sticks to the roots of a good story that is driven by its characters. I’m savoring what the game has to offer, and that’s mainly due to Cal Kestis. Cal, the story’s main character, isn’t your typical Jedi Padawan. Hiding on Bracca and working as a common scrapper without his master’s guidance, Cal is discovered by the Sith.

The young padawan barely survives the encounter. Living in a world where Jedi have been hunted to the brink of destruction, Cal must learn how to survive and fight. As you help Cal against the forces of darkness, he must realize what it means to be a Jedi. A Jedi must be aware of his strengths and weaknesses.  A Jedi should always remember to trust the Force, but be ready to fight when it’s necessary. As Cal soon realizes, his current skills aren’t enough, he must hone them to become the beacon the Light Side of the Force needs.

So, in that regard, here are the Top 10 Best Skills You Should Get First in JFO.

#10 – Survival Skills

Everyone must learn how to survive. Even the Jedi.

Why is this skill good?

  • Increases Cal’s maximum hit points.
  • It gives him more chances to survive by increasing the number of times the Padawan can take damage in a fight.

Skill description

  • Much like the skill name entails, this ability will ensure that Cal can take a few blaster bolts and keep on fighting to save the Jedi Order.
  • You won’t be able to rely on BD-1’s stim cartridges early in the game so it’s necessary to increase the number of times you can be hit.

#9 – Force Attunement

Cal's skill tree is extensive. Be careful what you choose, you don't get to respec your points later.

Why is this skill good?

  • Increases Cal’s maximum Force energy.
  • Will allow Cal to manipulate the Force and use stronger abilities than he could previously.

Skill description

  • As Cal continues his journey and remembers his training, those abilities ingrained into him by his Master will start to return to him. This ability increases Cal’s overall Force pool and allows him to expand his arsenal of Force abilities.

#8 – Overhead Slash

How much experience do you need to be able to use two lightsabers?

Why is this skill good?

  • Makes Cal’s lightsaber more useful in a fight.
  • Can defeat most creatures and your standard Stormtroopers that challenge Cal early on in his journey.

Skill description

  • A powerful force attack that Cal can learn early when he arrives on Bogano after fleeing from the Planet Bracca.

#7 – Improved Stims

BD-1's Stim Canisters sure help in a pinch, but remember, there are a limited supply.

Why is this skill good?

  • Helps Cal survive longer by replenishing more of his health in a fight.
  • Increases Cal’s chances of survival, especially when he encounters stronger enemies. 

Skill description

  • Increases the amount of health replenished when Cal uses one of BD-1’s canisters.

#6 – Mass Push

How powerful could one be with the Force? Are there limits to what you can achieve?

Why is this skill good?

  • Allows Cal to manipulate the force and “push” a large group of enemies.
  • Can be used to break up large groups of enemies for one on one combat scenarios.
  • Can be charged to send enemies flying over ledges or to a place they can’t reach you.

Skill description

  • Holding Force Push allows Cal to move groups of smaller enemies and stagger much larger enemies like an Oggdo Bogdo or a Rabid Jotaz.

At this point, you may be tempted to invest in Cal’s advanced survival skills. It makes sense to a point because he’s not built like a tank; multiple hits from powerful enemies will defeat him. Be forewarned, as your journey continues and you make it the next planet, the enemies grow stronger and their tactics become more advanced. Cal will have to evolve his strategies and hone his fighting abilities if he wants to survive whatever the Sith throws at him.

It’s smart to start investing heavily in some lightsaber techniques. Cal’s carrying around a nearly unstoppable weapon on his hip, he should try and use it. Go ahead. You’ll thank me later.

#5 – Dash Strike

Dodging blaster fire and other attacks will become easier as Cal gets stronger.

Why is this skill good?

  • Gives Cal another lightsaber ability to use against his enemies.
  • During a fight, placement is key and if a Stormtrooper is shooting you just out of reach, this ability gives you the power to leap in a flash and strike.
  • Quickly dispatches unwary enemies so that Cal can focus on the stronger, more dangerous soldiers of the Empire.

Skill description

  • The move lets Cal dash forward and strike his enemy.
  • It’s also possible for Cal to flip over his target and attack them instead.

#4 – Sprint Strike

In time, Cal will be prepared for any enemies that cross his path.

Why is this skill good?

  • It improves Cal’s overall fighting prowess by making his attacks more fluid and natural in style.
  • A great way to counteract the more advanced enemies’ attacks.
  • Gives Cal the option to distance himself from stronger enemies to attack a much weaker one.

Skill description

  • Attacking an enemy out of a sprint gives Cal the opportunity to strike his opponent with a special lightsaber attack.

#3 – Delay Thrust

This attack can fool your enemies enough to give you a window of opportunity to attack.

Why is this skill good?

  • It gives Cal an opportunity to strike his opponent in close-quarters combat but from an added distance.
  • He keeps his opponent guessing and protects himself from particularly aggressive opponents.
  • The ability helps keep his guard up in a fight and strike his opponent with a powerful blow.

Skill description

  • Waiting longer to attack after Cal swings his lightsaber gives him the chance to use a stronger attack with some added range.

#2 – Lightsaber Throw

Cal has to wait a while for this ability, but it's well worth it.

Why is this skill good?

  • Cal can throw his lightsaber at an opponent he can’t reach without putting himself in a vulnerable position.
  • Works best on unsuspecting enemies and is a good sneak attack.
  • A quick powerful ability to dispatch enemies quickly.
  • It can hit multiple enemies and isn’t directed at a single enemy.

Skill description

  • Cal throws his lightsaber forward in any direction before pulling it back toward him striking any enemies along the way.

#1 – Empowered Slow

Slowing down your enemies with this advanced skill can really help you get out of a bad situation.

Why is this skill good?

  • This ability is an efficient way to separate groups of enemies, more focused than Mass Push.
  • The duration of the “slowing” power of the ability is longer giving Cal more time to heal or reassess his situation.
  • Works on bosses and slows them enough to keep them from countering Cal’s attacks.

Skill description

  • A more powerful Force Slow technique that lasts for a longer duration.

By the time you unlock these ten skills, you should have a good idea of the particular fighting style you want to express in his Jedi abilities. While most of these skills are of the beginner and intermediate variety, they are essential for unlocking and obtaining Cal’s advanced skills. A word of advice, with most games, you’re provided a Respec option for your character’s learned skills. Unfortunately, that is not an option with JFO and you must choose them wisely.

Remember, Cal can’t always be on the offensive and should find ways to defend himself properly against the Empire’s army. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to also unlock Superior Blocking and Agile Deflection. These abilities will allow Cal to block incoming attacks without using as much stamina and also deflect blaster bolts while on the move.

Unlocking these abilities should make Cal a force to be reckoned with and at some point, you’re going to encounter an enemy that may be too strong. When that happens, it’s best to remember some of Yoda’s advice. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the Future” Empire Strikes Back. In other words, take a step back and observe your situation. Consider the options and the skills you have at your disposal. Make an informed decision and it will all work out in the end.

Hopefully, this guide will better prepare you to lead Cal through his trials and tribulations. May the Force be with you.  

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