Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Difficulty - Which To Choose

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Difficulty - Which To Choose

One of the first choices you make when you start up a game is one that’ll affect you for the rest of the play-through: the difficulty. It’s not a choice that gives you a good ending or the bad one. It might not even be one you think about until a boss is stomping you into the ground repeatedly. 

In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, there are four difficulties. You can choose Story Mode, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, or Jedi Grand Master. Selecting a specific difficulty affects Parry Timing, Incoming Damage, and Enemy Aggression. Depending on your play style and gaming experience, you may want to choose one over another. Here’s how I rank each difficulty and what you should consider when before choosing one.


4. Story Mode

Story Mode is the one to choose if you picked up Jedi: Fallen Order for the story. It’s the easiest difficulty. Enemies aren’t aggressive. Stormtroopers won’t shoot until you’re in melee range. The only time you might die is if you’re surrounded. Bosses will briefly attack, and then they’ll stand still for you to wail on them. If you’ve got gaming experience, Story Mode will be a breeze. But, if you’re new to gaming, Story Mode is a good learning experience that won’t bruise you. If things start to feel too easy, up the ante and change the difficulty.

How It Works:

  • Parry Timing isn’t a problem - so long as you parry before attack lands, it’s reflected. 
  • Incoming Damage is barely anything.
  • Enemy Aggression is minimal - regular enemies won’t attack until you’re in melee range, and bosses will let you hit them after a quick set of attacks.
  • One other thing to note: you do not take damage after falling off bottomless ledges.

Choose This Difficulty If...

  • You don’t game much and want a chance to learn.
  • You want to find the collectibles, but don’t want to deal with aggressive bad guys.
  • You came here for the story, not the fight.


3. Jedi Knight

If you came here for the story, and do want a challenge, then try Jedi Knight on for size. Stormtroopers actually don't like you on this difficulty and they're much more trigger happy about it. Bosses don't much like you either. They won’t be happy when you hit them. You're going to want to block and parry. Don't worry too much, though, Parry Timing is low enough that you'll get the hang of it. Even if you don't, incoming damage isn't brutal. Just be careful if you get surrounded, it'll get painful. 

How It Works:

  • The timing window to parry attack is slightly limited but very forgiving.
  • The damage you’ll take is manageable but enough to kill you if you aren’t careful.
  • Enemies, particularly Stormtroopers and bosses, will not ignore you, but they’ll give you breathing room. 

Choose This Difficulty If …

  • You don’t want to be spoonfed the story of Jedi: Fallen Order. 
  • You want a minor challenge while having an easy time while learning the full mechanics of the gameplay.
  • You’re looking for fun gameplay with little difficulty.


2. Jedi Grand Master

Have you ever wanted to play Dark Souls lite with lightsabers in space? Then throw Jedi: Fallen Order into Jedi Grand Master mode, and you're set. It goes without saying that Jedi Grand Master is hard. Everything wants to kill you and can. From the itty-bitty bug monsters to Purge Troopers is out to get you. You're going to want to find as many stim canisters as you can because you're going to need it. The Incoming Damage is deadly, and your chances to parry are slim. But, if you want hard mode, then Jedi Grand Master is what you're looking for. 

How It Works:

  • Parry Timing becomes an art since the window of opportunity is so small.
  • Incoming Damage is deadly at all times; you cannot shrug off a hit when it takes you to half health. Rest frequently. 
  • Enemy Aggression is at ten, and they won’t let up. Again, everything and anything will kill you.

Choose This Difficulty If …

  • You want a challenge from every enemy you find anywhere.
  • You feel like playing Dark Souls in space with a lightsaber; this is the difficulty for you.
  • You found lower difficulties too easy after playing through Fallen Order before.


1. Jedi Master

So, Jedi Grand Master is hard mode, and Story Mode is extra easy, Jedi Master is a nice balance of the two extremes. You won't be bored, and your butt won’t be hurt by multiple beatings. Enemies are still mean, but their bite isn’t as hard as Jedi Grand Master. You might find Parry Timing a bit punishing. If you’re looking for a challenge that won’t completely destroy you: Jedi Master is the difficulty you should choose.

How It Works:

  • The Parry Timing window is moderate, so you’ll need to learn to block between opportunities to parry and attack.
  • Incoming Damage hurts, but you can take a hit or two without worrying too much. Beware of heavy-hitters; they’ll kill you if they can.
  • Aggression from enemies is tolerable, but avoid getting surrounded. Three or four Stormtroopers will happily chunk your health.

Choose This Difficulty If …

  • You’re looking for a challenging experience, but one that won’t be too frustrating. 
  • You found combat in Story Mode and Jedi Knight too easy.
  • You’ve got experience in sword-fighting action-adventure games.

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