[Top 10] Star Wars Best Lightsabers And The Characters Who Wield Them

Top 10 Star Wars Best Lightsabers And The Characters Who Wield them
Asajj Ventress showing off her twin lightsabers.

[Top 10] Star Wars Best Lightsabers That Are Great


What are the best Star Wars lightsabers?

For millenia the Jedi and Sith have constructed their lightsabers, powerful weapons that can cut through almost anything with ease.

In The Old Republic, there were thousands of lightsabers, many of them mass produced to aid in the conflicts between the Jedi and Sith. By the time of the First Order, there would be only a handful left in the galaxy.

With so many of these elegant weapons from across the Star Wars universe, this top 10 will show you the absolute best lightsabers there have ever been.


10. Mace Windu's lightsaber

Mace Windu takes a load off Jango Fett's shoulders

During the Battle of Geonosis, Jedi Master Mace Windu confronts Count Dooku and bounty hunter Jango Fett. While unable to fight Dooku, Windu easily destroys several Droids and beheads Jango Fett. Without breaking a sweat, he continues to fight to save his allies.

Mace Windu's lightsaber design is fairly common among Jedi, but it is made memorable by the unique purple color. This color was due to Mace receiving an amethyst-colored crystal from Hurrikaine natives after he healed one of them. Behind the scenes, the color is a result of  Samuel L. Jackson wanting a purple lightsaber to stand out from the other Jedi at Geonosis.


9. Darth Vader's black hilt lightsaber

Having received the Death Star plans, a Rebel ship is quickly boarded. Soon after, Darth Vader begins to murder all of them with ease. His crimson blade is the only light in the darkness of the hallway, illuminating the malice that is Darth Vader.

Vader's lightsaber is nearly identical to that of Anakin Skywalker's, which is a cruel twist of irony, making it difficult for Vader to grasp. That doesn't stop Vader from using it to decimate his opponents though. In Legends, it originally used a synthetic crystal but underwent extensive modification both to allow Vader an easier time carrying it and to increase the power of the blade. In Canon, his Saber contained the crystal of a Jedi that Vader had killed shortly after his rebirth. Vader corrupted the crystal, turning it red, and forged it into his new lightsaber.


8. Asajj Ventress' curved lightsabers

Obi-Wan Kenobi rushes to face the Sith Assassin, Asajj Ventress, who is more than ready to face him. Her attacks are quick and deadly, though Obi-Wan is more than capable of defending himself. The fight carries them across the base, filling Ventress with rage as she fails to kill the Jedi.

Asajj Ventress possesses two curved lightsaber hilts, each with crimson blades. The hilts are distinct from those of traditional lightsabers and can be combined to form a dual-bladed lightsaber with a unique asymmetrical grip.


7. Darth Maul's double-bladed lightsaber

After making befriending Ezra Miller, Maul steps in to attack the Sith Inquisitors that are attempting to kill Ezra's friends. He easily defeats them, proving himself once again as a force of nature.

Maul's lightsaber has undergone several changes, but it's always recognizable as his. The original lightsaber possessed a symmetrical design, significantly longer than traditional hilts with the ability to ignite one or both sides. The lightsaber he used in Rebels possessed a curved guard and was concealed within a cane to give him the appearance of a peaceful elder.


6. Ezra Bridger's blaster pistol-lightsaber 

Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus face off against the Grand Inquisitor aboard a Star Destroyer. The Grand Inquisitor ignites his lightsaber, expecting an easy fight. Instead, he finds himself caught off guard by Ezra's unorthodox weapon, wielded by Kanan. He is kept on his toes, able to defeat Ezra, but failing against Kanan. Ultimately the Grand Inquisitor is unable to compete against Kanan's assault.

While not a lightsaber gun, Ezra's lightsaber is still a powerful piece of technology. It resembles a fairly standard lightsaber with a hand guard attached. However, that guard is a light blaster pistol capable of taking on enemies at a range that Ezra otherwise couldn't reach. 


5. Dark Rey's hinged double-bladed lightsaber

Rey has journeyed to the remains of the Death Star and found Palpatine's throne. As she takes the sight in, a door opens, ushering her in. Soon after she discovers a Dark Side doppelganger of herself, wielding a strange lightsaber with two blades facing the same direction. The doppelganger then switches the weapon to a more familiar double-bladed form, before attacking Rey.

While seen only for a few moments, Dark Rey has one of the most unique lightsabers in the franchise. In what may be considered the "standard" mode, it functions identically to a normal double-bladed lightsaber. However, she can quickly switch it to a more offensive mode. In this form, both lightsaber blades face the same direction, seemingly allowing Dark Rey to attack with more power than before.


4. Darth Malgus' Sith lightsaber

Jedi Master Denolm Orr and his Padawan Sa'harr Kateen are attempting to retrieve a Jedi Holocron when they are attacked by a Sith seeking to take the Holocron for himself. In a shocking twist, the Sith is killed by Darth Malgus, who then continues to attack the Jedi. Ultimately he defeats Orr and attempts to recruit Sa'harr by showing her how the Jedi had failed her.

While Malgus' lightsaber lacks any hidden functions or a second blade, it still rocks its aesthetic. With a black hilt and silver emitter, the weapon also contains a blade guard resembling two knives. This makes the lightsaber look even cooler when ignited, and all the more Intimidating for his Jedi adversaries.


3. Kylo Ren's cross lightsaber

Already injured, Kylo Ren attempts to take on the traitor Finn. Despite his injury, Kylo's lightsaber skills prove to be far greater than Finn's, leaving the Rebel bleeding in the snow. He then faces off against Rey, who in turn proves her prowess with the weapon. While their fight is stopped from finishing, she leaves Kylo with a deep scar in his face that will haunt him for the remainder of the Trilogy.

Kylo uses a black lightsaber hilt with a cross guard that unleashes two additional smaller blades from either side. One may think this creates a disadvantage, and they would be right. Kylo's lightsaber contains a cracked crystal, which is why it requires two additional ports to vent. Combine this with the reckless way in which he uses it, it is a miracle that Kylo never blew up his lightsaber while still holding onto it.


2. Maris Brood's tonfa lightsabers

On the planet of Felucia, former Jedi Padawan Maris Brood has taken Senator Bail Organa Prisoner. She seeks to use him to lure out the Sith Lord that killed her master, Shaak Ti. Starkiller, now a Jedi himself, confronts Maris. Despite his overwhelming power and affinity for the Dark Side of the Force, Starkiller chooses to spare Maris' life.

Maris' lightsabers strongly resemble tonfa, an Okinawan martial weapon. Traditionally, tonfa are used as batons, but Maris wields them as exotic blades, making her moves unpredictable. The hilts of each lightsaber are longer than normal, with an additional grip placed on each one to allow them to be held in the unorthodox manner that Maris prefers. They are also capable of spinning quickly, helping Maris look more intimidating and disorienting her enemies.


1. Tarre Vizsla's Darksaber

After reuniting with his clan leader, The Armorer, Mandalorian Din Djarin is challenged to a duel by Pax Vizsla. Should Pax win, the Darksaber defaults to his possession, making him Manda'lor. Despite not wanting to keep the weapon, Din accepts the duel, and fight with everything he has. The Darksaber fights too, actively debilitating Din until he can barely lift the blade. Ultimately Din is able to defeat his clan mate, but ironically it is only after losing the Darksaber.

Many people have used the Darksaber, from Death Watch leaders Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul to Imperial Moff Gideon. The weapon was originally made by Mandalorian-Jedi Tarre Vizsla during the Old Republic. Being such a unique individual, a unique kyber crystal called out to him. A black crystal, whose blade possessed a white aura. The hilt he constructed is similar to that of a katana, made of silver metal with black highlights. It is no surprise why this is one of the coolest lightsabers in all of Star Wars.

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