Star Wars: Top 10 Things We Love Most About The Star Wars Series

The Force has guided you here.

Since ’77 Star Wars grabbed the interest of most people all over the world. Not long after the first movie’s premiere, the series had already become a cultural phenomenon. Even after nearly forty years the series is still held in high regard for a number of different reasons.

Join me as I count down 10 things about the Star Wars series we love – and why it’s special to us. 

10. Genre mixing universe

It’s a town ruled by scum and villainy. 

The Star Wars universe holds a unique mixture of space opera and fantasy (with some elements of western). There’s a little bit of everything in the series and it’s one of these reasons why Star Wars appeals to a wide variety of people.   

9. The music

Is this theme available as a ring tone? 

Even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, you’ve probably heard some of John Williams’ iconic music. Williams has written many memorable themes from across the films and he’s always been able to uplift a scene with his amazing music. Despite the flaws the movies may have, Williams’ scores have always been considered some of the best aspects of every film – a testament to his skill and ability as a composer. 

8. War

Blow the hell out of it. 

Giving the title, it’s no surprise that epic wars and big battles are a central part of the universe. The original trilogy focused on the war between the rebels and galactic empire, while the prequel trilogy partly focused on the Clone Wars. The upcoming sequel trilogy seems to be focused on the conflict between the revived Republic and the remnants of the Galactic Empire.    

7. Jedi versus Sith

Which side is stronger? 

Both the Jedi and the Sith play pivotal roles in the series – and seeing the two forces clash in a good battle is always fun to watch. As the series progressed, the lightsaber battles became more elaborate and complex - showing the technical improvements as the movies went on. 

6. The space ships

You may fire when ready. 

Star Wars has many different types of interesting ships. The Death Star, Star Destroyers, Rebel ships, Millennium Falcon, all of these and more are iconic ships and each brings a unique sense of style to the universe’s technology.   

5. The droids

Close to the Terminator as you’re going to get. 

Likewise, the series has an equal amount of cool droids. The droids in the universe range from different types – such as astromech, protocol, and assassin. Like the ships, the droids show off the unique technology architecture in the series.    

4. A large unique universe 

Pretty sight. 

The universe presented in the series is extremely huge and diverse – there could literally be countless numbers of expanded universe works and there would still be much of the universe left unexplored. From desert planets, icy planets, sky planets, forest planets, and among others – the universe has hundreds of interesting worlds stories could be set in. 

3. The Force 

Cue training montage. 

The Force is a mysterious energy that drives all life (or most life at least). The Force can be manifested in really cool ways depending on how it’s used. It’s also an interesting question to think and ask “is the Force a good thing for the galaxy or is it dooming it to an endless cycle of war?” 

2. The characters 

Never tell him the odds. 

The series has a large assembly of unique characters – many of who have become very close favorites. Ultimately, I feel it is the characters and their stories why so many people keep coming back to see these movies. As we spend more time watching them we begin to learn more about them and we become more interested in their adventures.  

1. An endless epic tale 

I have a story to tell. 

In a way, the Star Wars universe will never have a definitive end. Even after the movies are long done, there will be more stories to tell in the expanded works. It’s amazing thinking back to when the first movie came out in ’77 and reflecting over on how much it grew since then – and how much it will continue to grow.  

The Star Wars series has lots of appealing qualities so comment below and explain some of the things you love about this universe. 

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